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  2. A New "FIRST" for Joey

    Just when you think they're settled in and they've got nothing new to show you... Nothing cuter than a soaking wet grey.
  3. Cage

    When I changed Dorian's cage I assembled it where he could see me and it. I did it across the room from him and then moved the cage closer until he got scared, and left it there or a couple of days for him to get used to. I gradually moved the new cage closer to him until I could put it like Jayd said, open door to open door. Let him see you put food and a favourite treat in the food dish, and then wait him out. It may take a while for him to explore the new cage because he's been cage bound. Just be patient. If he's preening in front of you Jayd is right, it means he's getting used to you. It's a very good sign. Keep up the good work!
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  5. Cage

    NONONONONO....lol...He is actually relaxing around you and being to trust you.....do not push him....go slow and keep talking....as time goes on, move closer to his cage. Further on down the line, open his door and sit down next to him while you read out loud to him. When you go to clean his cage, tell him what you will be doing before and during the process. Jayd
  6. Cage

    Good idea I’ll do this , thank you by the way i have a question , why most of the time when i am talking to him he starts preening him self sometimes i think ,maybe when he finds me talking to him says : come on man , what are you talking about let just clean my self this guys is crazy
  7. Cage

    Hi....if it is possible put the cages face-to-face and put the open doors together....you can wait until he moves to the new cage or you or someone can take a perch and guide him to the new one. How about putting his favorite treat and nothing else in the new cage to entice him over...
  8. Jay has a 30 gallon fresh water natural filtering fish tank to help supply much needed humidity. Let me describe the tank first....it has a natural soil bottom, has bottom and mid-level live underwater plants, and it has floating fresh water moss and plants (I cannot remember the name of). It has one, 5" filter (Air pump), LED multi-colored plant lights, the water temp is 76 degrees, PH is 5.5, and I cannot remember the hardness but it is sooooffffftttt water. It is heavily planted with imported almond leaves, aged Chollo cactus chunks, and contains 30+ crystal red shrimp (1/4 - 1 1/4" long), 5 bronze Tetras, one 3" Cory Cat, and 30+ Madagascar Snails. We never change the water (reverse osmosis), instead just top it off. The tank is topless except for the light to aid air exchange. It is 100% pure and drinkable and everyone, including Salsa and Joe, love to watch it. Salsa, who has never found a bath she did not like, including a water cup, has chosen this as not only entertainment, but as a bath and snack place also. She will sit on the rim, and snack off of small baby shrimp and bathe. She will bury her head under the water (blowing bubbles), dip her wings in, and splash. She does this daily, summer and winter alike...Have you ever seen an Amazon bathe in soft water? She has the best, softest, and shiniest feathers around!! Maggie
  9. A New "FIRST" for Joey

  10. After all these years...WOW! Joey never ceases to amaze us....Every time I do dishes, I have two tubs I have for the dishes because I caught Joey trying to drink soapy sink water and eat my sponges (3 LOL...BLEECHH!) Joey loves to keep my company and "tries to help" when I rinse the dishes by grabbing them and tossing them if he can. Well, today...Mr. Joe tried to step inside the rinse water to take a bath (first time in over 10 years since the only way he ever took a bath was in his cage water bowl)...so...I took an 9"x9" Tupperware dish and filled it half full of water and then began rinsing a clean cup while dribbling a little on him in between (I had set the Tupperware next to the rinse water tub). It took about 10 minutes of priming but he began to step into the tub and had a blast! Unfortunately, the video did not come out but, he had a 25 minute bath time and LOVED it! He was dripping wet and feisty afterward....he threw his breakfast dish on the floor, demanded a good nut now, and then turned to demolish his box by the window....and a good time was had by all....Maggie
  11. Cage

    Thank you 🙏🙏 ok good night
  12. Prayers Please...

    I think I'm starting to see why your country has so little faith in a health system administered by the government. They really need to come up here and see how we do it. When I said we haven't the best record with our vets I meant annoyances like the leg/no leg thing I mentioned. I wish you could come to Canada and get care. Forget being a vet, just being a senior would get you better care. I'm so sorry you have to deal with all this stress on top of not being well. I'm seriously sending good thoughts your way. Love, Marguerite
  13. Cage

    I'm going to bed now, but I'll answer tomorrow, K?
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  15. No good...

    Sorry I can't get it too work. Talon, Can you please just remove it? Thank you Jayd
  16. Appearance

    Thank you my friend...
  17. Cage

    Hello guys , I’m going to change his cage and i wonder how i can convince my parrot to go to his new cage ? Because right now his cage is his home and ofc he is still wild , doesn’t let me to be close to him so that i put him there , so any tip guys ??
  18. Appearance

    I will change his cage
  19. Alfie's Aviary

    That’s cool! So you are going to use it for your cats, and Alfie?
  20. No good...

    Can you repost? It doesn’t play
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  22. Prayers Please...

    Thank you very much....I am so glad your dad had such good care the last year and a half of his life. The VA hospital that Jay is assigned to is the same one a vet lit himself on fire because he could not get an appointment. The VA rule book for care and claims is inches thick. You have access to it online and the rule of thumb is proper wording. For example: you must include a nexus letter stating "It's more likely than not that the injury occurred while in the service". Very few doctors are willing to go on record and make this statement. One recourse a vet has, after being denied the first time, is an attorney. Besides the time and money required for a lawyer, the essence of the claim can be lost and you may still lose. From this point, there are government remedies that are dictated by when and how you can proceed. This adds time to the hope that your claim can ever succeed. The sad part is most claims are determined by a VA employee who makes a decision based on guidelines from a VA manual they use. Media would be unacceptable to the VA and bring them down hard on any claims you have in. Thank you so much for the suggestion! A vet's worst enemy is the VA. For example: if your doctor uses the wrong wording, their doctor will contradict all finding and throw it out. Thank you all, Love, Maggie
  23. Prayers Please...

    We have a political satirist up here named Rick Mercer, and he does a bit every week called Rick's Rant. One week it was about how we're treating our veterans. He has a friend who lost his legs below the knees in Afganistan. In order to get disability benefits, every year he has to prove that he's still disabled. Think about that for a second. It's like every year they're asking him to prove that his legs haven't grown back! When my dad was palliative with me the last year and a half of his life it opened him up to a whole lot of care. In home nursing, physio, PSW's twice a day, doctor's calls, oxygen, no cost prescriptions, anything we needed. There's an emphasis here on quality of life in end of life care. It's better than the care you get if you're NOT dying lol. The fact that the VA and your politicians have forms and procedures for complaints about the VA speaks volumes about how often they get complaints. What about trying to get the media involved. A story on the local news might light a fire under their butts.
  24. Alfie's Aviary

    My housemate added a couple of shelves to the aviary this week to give the cats something to climb/jump up to. Both cats have been out there now. They had to go separately as one of them had to have some teeth pulled earlier this week and now the other cat hates him because he came back smelling like vets (and she really doesn't like the smell of vets!). So we're letting things settle. I did try to put both of them out there earlier but she was having none of it so I brought her back inside whilst he explored. Alfie hasn't been out there yet. It's all been a bit crazy with the cats and I've been ill all week with a bad bout of tonsillitis so despite the weather being perfect for him to go outside and play, I just haven't been able to get him out there yet. I have, however, been stockpiling lots of large boings and toys for him to play on once he finally gets out there. Will take photos/videos as soon as I get the opportunity to get him outside and settled in!
  25. Appearance

    Erfan, I am so sorry and I hate to say this; the cage is too small...it has chunks of paint missing which is extremely unhealthy...to properly take care of your baby, you really need to get an appropriate cage. You can go to Walmart.com, Amazon, Foster and Smith's, Cages for Less, etc. Your friend, Jay
  26. Prayers Please...

    There is absolutely no excuse for the way our vets are treated. So sorry you have to go through this!
  27. Appearance

    Here's great my friend....
  28. Appearance

    No but i will where ? Make a new topic or here?
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