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  2. I've had Alfie since he was 11 weeks old but he's never been a big talker. He has learned and 'forgotten' words and phrases over the years. Though I don't think he really forgets them, just chooses not to say them any more. Occasionally he will relearn or remember old words/sayings or he'll come up with something he hasn't said for a long time. My dad taught him to say "Oi! Put the kettle on!" when he was young. He also taught him to say "nag nag nag" to my mum and "naughty naughty!" but he no longer says these phrases. He also learned to say "Widget" (one of my cat's names) but only
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  4. Noblods taken first step is nutrition and flees/mites as i work as a tree surgeon its a possibility
  5. I'm a rehomer so can't really answer the question. I wonder the same though. I've heard Timber say things that have yet to be repeated (at least in my hearing).
  6. I am not a lighting expert and am curious about your question myself. I will say though that I've been using the avian sun light for 7 years with no problems and it seems to do the trick.
  7. Not sure where you live, but My Safe Bird Store carries lights that are approved for avian use. There are a lot of reptile light systems out there which are to be avoided. Just curious if the vet ran a blood panel to rule out the possibility of infections, etc. Any cultures taken?
  8. I wasn't able to open it. I really wanted to see her 'making croutons!'
  9. Any Light Experts here need advice? Been told by vet that we need to get our Rio some UV lights, been looking around and found some GROW lights :D seem to be a cheaper alternative if it suits, my question is would that work for a parrot or is that not the same thing. Omega CFL 300W Bulb Euro Shade Reflector Grow Light Kit Hydroponics Literally half price and from what I understand kind of same thing? if not stronger?
  10. Got him to the VET :) Emotionally vet says he's all good happy birdie. Recommended some nutritious food, uv lamp and gave me some drops to rule out mites... drops seems to help he's got down feathers growing on spots after applying drops so fingers crossed.
  11. Just curious those of you that have your greys since they were born (Or shortly there after) Sukie's first words were "You Know What?" He hasn't said that in years, I was wondering if your grey forgot their first words. I guess they have to make room in their brains for everything else they say, Sukie is probably at 1200 words and sentences at this point, but I cant get him to say his first words. The story is funny because I was sitting in the living room back in the Middle East, and he said it. My wife's cousin was there with me, and when he said it, he
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  13. Hahaha such an awesome video!
  14. Welcome to the forums! I'm afraid I have no knowledge about breeding or rearing parrots so can't offer much advice. Do you know any breeders that are local to you? You might be able to get in touch with them and ask for their advice? Some may be willing to help or even mentor you? It's well worth checking out historical threads here on the forums. Like greytness mentioned, the nursery section is probably the best place to start,
  15. I think just keep encouraging her to exercise and flap her wings etc. Alfie is fully flighted but still enjoys climbing. Sometimes he'll opt to climb when flying would be the easier option. Any form of exercise will be good for her. She might not know how to fly or might not have the confidence to try it.
  16. What a great idea! Glad she's still willing to try new foods...even if you do have to be a little creative in how you present them!
  17. Oh poor Rio :( Grey's are really empathetic, so all the stress and uncertainty of this year would undoubtedly have rubbed off on him. Not saying it's the cause of the feather butchering, but it could be one of many factors. It could be hormones, stress, diet or illness related. I can only echo what others have said- if it was Alfie in this situation then the first thing I would do is contact an avian vet to rule out any illnesses/infection. It's always worth reviewing any changes that have happened in Rio's life/environment recently or around the time his behaviours started chan
  18. My avian vet is 98 miles from my home. Wish they were more common, but in rural areas they certainly aren't.
  19. Frankly if there's an avian vet 60 miles away I'd make the trip. 60 miles really isn't that far. Rio could have an infection that needs treating. Something could be causing him to be very uncomfortable.
  20. Unfortunately we have NO avian vet arround. Literaly nothing within 60 miles radius. thats why im here poking for anything that can help him
  21. Oh no! The first thing I'd do is have a Rio thoroughly checked out by an avian vet to eliminate a physical cause.
  22. Help I think our african grey Rio is starting to mutilate himself. He started to nibble his feathers and now looks like this. Is this depression related mutilation or nutrient deficiency. He also stopped eating all vegetables we give him he just drops them. Before he would fly to us if he sees us peeling potato and eat it all. Would also eat bananas grenadines carrots pretty much any fruit and veg we would give him. Mid summer he stopped eating them we just thought it was a phase. He also became verry uninterested with anything we try and do with him Nothing
  23. Mine especially love the stalks, too! Hanging up foods they won't normally eat really works!
  24. Found Swiss Chard and hung it up from a treat ball. She's eating it!! So far she likes the stalk, but I'll take it!
  25. Timber tolerates my husband as well. They have a relationship, just not like the relationship I have with him. More like sibling rivalry, ha. I think Timber resents any attention I give hubby as attention that should be directed at him, but if I'm out and about Timber is perfectly willing to let hubby feed him, change his papers, and do the scut work. He will also whistle for him and, occasionally, call him asshole
  26. Nice! I still find that finely chopping some greens into yams does the trick for my flock. Hanging up the kale is an excellent way to encouraging some nibbling of its leaves. Have you tried making some birdie bread for her into which you (secretly) add the things she doesn't normally eat? You can create the bread any way you'd like. I finely grind up some pellets into 'flour' and add almond meal, hemp hearts, flaxseed, quinoa, oats, etc. into which I add whatever I have available in the 'fridg. I do add some mashed banana to sweeten it up as well. There are a lot of birdie bre
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