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    I'm sorry, I can't help you with your profile problem, I haven't changed my profile picture for a decade lol. Thank you for taking in this partially naked little bird. Glad to hear her diet is already improving. I'm afraid you won't be able to start to build trust until after the medication is over. As long as you have to towel her to give meds it's going to be traumatic for her. You've got the right idea in showing her how you are with your other birds and letting her observe her new environment. Trust me, she's processing all this new information at light speed. Don't push the hands on stuff at the start. It'll come in its own time. Sit by the cage and talk to her, read to her, just spend time by her letting her get used to your presence. Make sure the other members of the family spend time around her cage as well. You don't want a bird only you can handle, especially as she's already showing signs of being partial to you. Just let her observe her new home for now. Relationship/trust building takes time. Again, thank you for rescuing this little soul.
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    I am going to repeat what you will see many times on this forum. Greys are unique and very special. They each move at their own pace. This is known as "Grey Time." It is much better to allow the bird to make the first move. Please give her more time and space! You will be rewarded with a much happier and friendly bird.
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    Thank you everyone, so far!! I should be able to get some pictures this weekend. A little update from last night: I made some progress last night. I've noticed she spends a lot of time looking up. There is a large tray on the top of the cage, about 1" from her head. When I got home last night I removed that tray. Now she can see all around her, and it's easier to see her. I did my usual of picking up the Alexandrine a few times to show he's OK with it. I said step up to him. I tried step up on her and got the usual growling, warning open mouth lunges (no bite) and moving away. Then she changed to putting her head down for scratches. I'm thinking this bird is more intelligent than me. By putting her head down she blocks access to her feet!!! All I can do is try to push her head out of the way, which isn't appreciated. My son and I and I spent 45 minutes talk each other, my daughter, the other birds, and her. I would occasionally pick up one of the other birds, using step up. The other progress, major progress, is she is eating the colored ZuPreme pellets without a problem. She ate for at least 10 minutes of the time the cage was open and we were talking to her. Picking up individual pieces, biting, chewing, rotating, biting, chewing, etc. After the 45 minutes by back was sore from bending over so many times. She never stepped up, but she's allowing scratches. Any attempt to touch her feet gets a small growl and she will move away, even up the side of the cage, and put her head down for more scratches, blocking any other attempts to touch her feet. I think she will come around quickly. She sees and hears the 2 other birds in the room. She sees them getting picked up willingly. She is very curious about what is going one. Her eyes were open very wide just about the whole time last night. I may be pushing it, but I'll bet I get her to step up this weekend. We'll be moving her into our room this weekend, where my wife usually is, the TV and the lovebird. But I'm wondering if maybe she should stay in the "flock" with the 2 larger birds for a while. Not sure what to do. Once I get her out of the cage willingly, or she ventures on top, I'd like to move her primary high bar down slightly, maybe only 1-2 inches, but to get her head a little farther away from the bars, but still have access to the food bowls at that level. And she needs some new toys, the existing ones are tired.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum! Bless you for taking this poor, distressed grey and for taking such good care of her. The meds won't go on forever, and she WILL get over it with time. It will probably take lots of time. Hang in there and I believe it will be well worth you time. Greys are slow to trust and slow to adjust, but they get there. God bless
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    I apologize in advance for my lengthy post. I just like to write! :?) First, an explanation of my forum name – CTGull. I am from Connecticut. Simple so far. Gull – I do not have a Seagull, nor am I obsessed with them. I use this name in many guitar forums, in reference to Seagull acoustic guitars. So, yes, I am actually obsessed with seagulls, but the wooden variety with strings on them. And vintage Yamaha FG acoustic guitars, but that’s another story. We’ve had a few birds in the past 10+ years, including a crazy Amazon and a large Cockatoo. They were total opposites! We currently have a Love bird (it LOVES human flesh!!!), and Alexadrine and a mostly naked male Eclectus. The Alexandrine and Eclectus love to step up and come out. We’ve had a couple birds who did not, including the Amazon. I’ve always wanted a Grey. On 5/21/18 I saw an ad in the Free Stuff section of the local CraigsList for an African Grey parrot. I’ve seen ads for parrots before but they have been scams, stealing someone’s name and phone number. Why I have no idea. Both times I contacted the people and they didn’t have a parrot. So I figured this was the same, but I sent an email anyway. As usual, the ad was flagged and disappeared shortly after I saw it. Just before lunch the next day I got a reply to call him if I was interested in the bird. I replied I didn’t feel comfortable talking about the bird at work and I would call when I got out at 3:30pm. So I called and asked a few questions, with the main one being “Why do you want to get rid of the bird?”. His response was, “We just want it gone.” I attempted to process that for a few seconds before responding. And I arranged to meet at 5:30pm. It had been raining all afternoon and was expected to continue until about 7pm. After a 40 minute ride we found their condo, after driving past the street twice. They have a few animals. Who doesn’t?? The bird has chewed off its wing feathers and has down all over its body. What does the bird eat?? A seed/nut mixture!! They say she won’t eat anything else. The worst thing she said was their ferret runs around and sometimes goes on the cage. OMG?????!!!!!!! I didn’t want another basket case but it’s obvious she isn’t wanted there, so we had to take her. A couple of stubby chewed wing feathers were bleeding after a long struggle to get it out of its cage and into an open wire carrier. We load out in the rain and drive home in the rain. When we get home the rain has stopped, but there are a few droplets of blood on my wife’s clothes and her van’s dashboard and door panel. We bring the carrier in and find the blood stop powder. It’s a struggle to get the bird out and restrained enough to apply the powder. But there are at least 3 blood feathers bleeding, however infrequently. My wife is concerned and calls the local 24 hour vet, which also has an avian vet. We ask our 6’3” 18 year old son to bring in and set up the 30” x 30” x 60something” cage by himself. And we’re off. They take the bird as soon as we get there. And we wait 1.5 hours for them to bring her back. (We’re assuming her.) Then we have to wait for the vet to come out to talk to us. Another half hour. Then we BS with the nurse for another half hour. It’s now 10:30pm. They did the same thing we did, but a bit more thorough. They found 5 feathers bleeding. They gave us (I use that term loosely) some meds, including one for pain, that have to be given every 8 hours. They also suggest dropping her off in the morning and leaving her there for a full exam with the avian vet. So the next morning I get up at 4:50am (my usual time), take a shower, and get my wife up, 1.5 hours before she normally gets up. While we would rather have had the bird set up in our bedroom to isolate her, there just isn’t room at the moment so we have her in the Livingroom next to our Alexandrine. I attempted to take out the Alexandrine to show that I’m not a threat. He’s usually more than willing to step up, but it’s 5:20am and all he wants is head scratches. More scratches. And more scratches. I finally come up from behind and get him to step up and show the Grey. I kiss his nose and put him back. I opened the Greys cage and slowly advance my finger towards her. She growls, as usual. Then she drops her head!!!!!! SCRATCHES??? So I gave her scratches. And tried to get her to step up. Lunges, growls, and wants more scratches. Well, I guess that’s progress. A little chasing around the cage ensues before I got her on my hand (with the other hand) and started to pull her out. She’s looking for anywhere to go. Her first choice is my chest. She latches on my shirt, fortunately only getting shirt. I pull her off and the struggle continues to gently restrain her for my wife to give her the meds. My wrist was very scratched up from her needle sharp nails, but no blood was shed. Progress. I put her in the carrier and load it into my wife’s van. She goes to the vet, I go to work. We picked her up that evening. They said she had a good day. She was tough getting out but was bopping around and making noises otherwise, and watching everything that was going on. She even ate a little of the colored ZuPreme pellets, which is what we use. Excellent!! I’ve noticed, and the nurse at the vet mentions, that the bird seems to like me, she watches me a lot and blushes. Hopefully I can use that to my advantage to get her to step up eventually. My wife pays (we must be $600 into this bird!!) and we go home. So far in the less than 24 hours we’ve had her, she’s spent more time at the vet than with us! It was a little struggle to get her out and into her cage. Since it was 6:00pm, we left to get some food. Later I attempted to take her out for her meds. Nope. Not happening. She put up quite a fight. And we had to give up after a few minutes. I AM NOT HAPPY …… I thought we had made some progress, but she was probably tired after a long day of excitement. This morning we prepared for battle. 5:20am again. Again I took out the Alexandrine (didn’t want scratches) and showed him to her. Again she fought to not come out. She ended up falling off the perch and I corralled her on the bottom. She’s not pinning like she wants to kill, she just doesn’t want anything with us taking her out. She got her meds and we went to work. We can’t continue like this. She’s going to get hurt. And never trust us. I had really hoped I’d be able to take her out to put her on a stand to get to know us better. But I can see it’s going to be a struggle. We want to reduce her stress so her feathers will grow back, but if we have to fight to get her out, I don’t see how we’re helping. Obviously, our biggest problem is not being able to handle, or even take out, a growling, feather destructing, and stressed bird. The change of homes can’t help. I don’t think they ever took the bird out. They just opened the cage and let her walk around, and she would go back in eventually. I’m not like that, I’m hands on with our pets. We also have reptiles (lizards & snakes), along with 2 cats and 2 dogs. I can’t see having a pet that can’t be taken out, even if it’s only for a few minutes here and there. Of course, for my enjoyment, not theirs. Obviously, this bird is not enjoying it!!
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    Blessed be the members of this Forum and Blessed be the people of this World who fought for it. Thank you all for all you gave to this Country's Freedom and much more the Freedom of our World.....Pray to the one you call God, and to those who do not believe in a God, give thanks to our Freedom.... Thank You for Your Service... Amen... Rev Jay
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    Hi all ive had my african grey for almost 15 years now but i got him when he was 1 year old most recently i have noticed he is picking at one side of his wing but he has never done this before ? He gets bathed with water out spray bottle sometimes with some aloe vera juice every few days for as long as ive had him and is on a very good diet etc so this is very out of the blue really. Im a first time poster so will try upload a pic and any help/info would really apprecite it thanks
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    The first thing I would do is schedule an avian vet visit for sometimes when a bird starts plucking it means something is amiss, there could be an infection or inflammation in that area. Then if everything checks out ok then look to see what if anything has changed in his environment, it could be something so slight for greys do not like change. Whatever you do don't let it bother you or allow him to see you upset about the plucking for they pick up on our emotions.
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    She's DNA tested confirmed female. No surprise there. This morning she came out of the water bowl door while I got her water. This time she was completely on the side of the cage and didn't volunteer to go back in. I tried to lead her back in but she wanted to hang out. I unfortunately had to force her to step up to get get her back in. Voicing her displeasure set off the Eclectus, not something I wanted to do at 5:30am.
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    Maybe it is just tech folks that like to know why something broke, but...... This forum has been through MANY reiterations and database conversions over the years. Each conversion imports certain fields from the last database, and that was a field imported the last time. The question could not be answered because the database had no = to the question, which was left behind from a previous database conversion. Anyhow, thats why. When the field was deleted from the current DB, the problem went away. I know there are a few tech guys here also, so this is mainly for them, but I digress
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    We have progress!!! 20 years locked up in a cage in a room by herself. After 3 months she sure has come a long way
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    Yes, everyone who served are our heroes. ❤️
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    Hello CTGull and welcome to our family. I am so glad you could give this girl a new forever home and she is making great progress. Poor dear has been thru a lot but with your love and attention she will flourish and make a great addition to your already large flock of animals. Everything in a greys world moves slowly so what may look like slow progress is actually a big deal in grey time, lots of time and patience is needed right now and she will let you know when she is ready for closer or more intimate interaction. She is lovely though she looks a little ratty but I imagine in a years time there could be quite the difference but only time will tell.
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    And I got her to step up after she came out onto the top. Although I don't know at what cost. She was kind of lightly huffing or crying, with her wings slightly open and slightly drooped and a slight shake. I'm thinking I got too touchy and she got "excited". Al she wants is scratches. Out of the cage she went easily from one hand to another, unlike our other 2 birds that are right hand only. She kept looking up at the ceiling. Maybe she's not used to the popcorn ceiling texture. I didn't take her more than a foot from her cage. And put her back after a couple of minutes. Once inside she was back to not wanting to step up. Although she's getting less resistant. A little while later we did it again. Same result.
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    Ha to the "make a profit!" I shudder to think how much money I've spent on Timber since he came to us 6 years ago, but don't regret a penny of it. When he has an inclination to bath, I put a 8x8 glass baking dish (heavy one) on the cage floor. With the encouragement of a few ice cubes he will usually dive in. The dish has "lips" on either end that he can perch on easily.
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    Not so Jay. If you served you are a hero. Thank you for your service!
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    When I came home on liberty in 1964, my girlfriend's father came to me (we were both over 18), and he told me "If you are dressed in your uniform, you cannot take my daughter out". With respect, I replied "Yes sir". The gentleman forgot to realize I had a military haircut and a US NAVY tattoo. This has been burned in my memory for years now. I am no hero but I stood beside those who were and called them brother...
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    There is never a need to apologize. We are all human, we all have drama, issues, problems, and busy things going on in our lives. Sometimes we are in a hurry and post a quick reply...sometimes we just read and don’t contribute....we all make mistakes....ALL are welcome here and ALL are forgiven. You have been a big contributor and for that I will always be thankful. You both are in my prayers as always.
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    More progress today. When I opened the feed door to change her water she came over and poked her head out for scratches. When I had one of the other birds in front over her she came to the front top for scratches. Three times so far. She had previously never left the rear upper bar, other than to get away in the first couple of days.. I hope it's not getting sexual for her. When there were 3 of us talking to her she only looks at me. I can touch her anywhere on her head, as long as I stop on top to give her scratches. She does have a few pin feathers there. She even sometime puts her left foot above her head and opens and closes it to ask for scratches. Any movement towards her feet causes her to shimmy sideways. I'm not pushing it. I bring the other birds over once in a while with them on my finger and say Step Up. She'll get it eventually. Every member of the family have given her scratches too. So it's not just me, but she focuses on me. I'll be honest, we're not giving her the medicine, only the first 2 days. It was for pain and possible infection due to the bleeding blood feathers. I couldn't see upsetting her. She's eating and drinking great. And getting more vocal and moving around her cage more. I'm quite amazed at how easy going she is. I know that could change. But I'm hoping to continue to improve on that. Slowly.
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    Greys are often more timid in new situations than many other parrots, they like to sit back and observe. It is very difficult to build trust (very important to Greys) when her condition requires restraint and medication. Do offer her some fresh veggies and a little fruit. maybe a little pasta or scrambled eggs. Once you are done with the meds you can tale it will give you some insight into Grey time. Gilbert is home katana600 posted a topic in Rescue Bird Haven
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    Welcome. Thank you for rescuing this Grey. I'm not an authority but I know it is necessary to wait for the Grey to make the first move, that is move at Grey Time.