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      I am proud to announce that the beautiful African grey, shown next to Greyforums on our home page is our beloved Sukei!  Our guardian angel KevinD has saved our grey family so that we may continue to share in the bond we have with our finds. This honor is well deserved, and I am thrilled to have Sukei as our Official Greyforums Mascot!  ♥️


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    Exactly!!! Believe me all you hard work is appreciated>:> Jill D
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    Greetings! Spock here typing for Jayd.... As some of you may recall, our oldest son passed away a few years ago and we keep his urn on the end of the long L-shaped bar that separates the living room from the kitchen next to the wall. It is a plain, unassuming grey marble urn a little over a foot in diameter. Quite a few times, unexpectedly, and never knowing when, Joe, our Grey, will fly over toward the urn and land about three feet away. He bends forward with his head turned to the right (Like he is bowing) and walks sideways while talking to Jayson "Hello, How are you?, Give me a kiss..." When he reaches Jayson, he touches his beak to the urn while making kissing sounds and asks him "How are you?" The last time that he did this, he did something unusual...he mumbled something to him, paused, cocked his head, and answered "Okay". Then he said, "Gotta go now...okay. See you later. I love you". When he backed up approximately three feet away, he gave him another kiss, said "Bye-bye" and flew away...like nothing happened... Only you can interpret this as you see fit...we take some comfort every time this happens....Grey cognition is amazing! In some of your research and study into Greys, a number of references can be found regarding telepathy... P.S. this has been re-written three times due to tears...LOL
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    Posted July 6, 2012 (edited) [Pistachio] Did you find it? Yeah Buddy, it was easier then we thought, I watched Spock do it. How ya feeling Buddy? Okay, had a anxiety attack last night but okay now. At least they don't happen as often. These Big-ones won't hurt us like the other did. I know, I just can't forget. They blew that foul stuff at my beaker and I'd go crazy and fling myself and it hurt...I still hurt! I know Bud but things have been good for a while. You haven't bitten the Big-ones for a long time. Yeah [lol] you yell out "NO Buddy don't Bite". Hows your back Pistachio? It don't hurt hasn't for a long time. I heard Mama Big-One tell Papa they played like I was a daisy, pulling the feathers out one at a time saying "I love him, I love him not". After the first few times, it hurt so bad I just can't remember any more. Then I just started pulling them out of my chest myself because I hurt so bad. I wish you weren't afraid to fly Buddy. When I go into the other room, there's these big birds and they are majestic and they let me fly with them until I get tired and have to land. Mama Big-one gently picks me up off the floor and brings me back to you. You know she always brings us good food and that wet stuff she sprays on me makes my skin feel so good. Do you want me to preen you, okay Buddy? That feels really good! Buddy, why do you call "Kitty, kitty, kitty". There's no kitty here.... Hehehe...it sounds good...Anyways, that little black thing without wings comes running into the room. Once I pooped on his head and he likes the little treats I throw down for him. There's good feathered friends here...... Posted July 8, 2012 Thanks! Hi...'Stash here...we were with those druggie bas---- for so long, that the white coat big one said that Buddy can only get so well.and he is just about there. All we can do is not spook him and keep him comfortable. He has flashbacks and I cuddle with him and tell him "Be nice". The other day I took him a bite of my apple. I hear the big ones say they can see how much I love him. You ought to hear Buddy talk in the morning. He says "Good morning!", "I love you", "Whatcha want"...for a Mitred Conure he is pretty good. He used to say "Wanna get some crack?" and cuss with the best of them but he doesn't say that anymore. Me, I'm a pretty good talker...in my high squeaky voice I say "good morning, Buddy, be good! Be nice. Hello."...thank you. It's nice knowing we have friends out there. Pistachio
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    Re-reading brings back a lot of memories.
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    I have been watching your addition of the sunroom, it looks incredible! We won't be doing anything about the pigs until after deer season. The deer seem to know our house is their safe zone and bed here at night. I do not want to disrupt them and drive them away so, you and the pigs can have a date next year!! I posted that picture on Facebook, you may have seen it there. Yup, she does have me wrapped around her finger without a doubt! She has been pretty cranky lately, I am chalking it up to hormones.
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    Those guys look like they need a nice dinner date with me. However, I'm not sure if you've seen my GreycieMae's Sunroom/Aviary thread...I'm up to my eyeballs in construction. Actually as of yesterday I'm up to my eyeballs in pink insulation and it itches like crazy!!! This was supposed to be done around mid-October. I'm estimating next Christmas now just to be safe. It's looks like Frita( the Grey?) has you totally whipped. They have that power you know. I do whatever is demanded of me. I swear I've seen that picture of your niece before. Did you post it here? I'm wondering if I saw it on the news? Such a sad sad situation.
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    Frito is so overcome with love, your niece and Tamale are beautiful!!
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    Okay. I got this picture thing now! This is Frito! Also, Tamale with the last picture I took of my niece! What else have you not seen that ramble on about? Lol the chickens, goats, new dog, new cats?
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    A true food critic, don't allow him to watch Gordon Ramsey he may pick up some very critical commentary.
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    Maggie/Spock here...The other day, I made Jay his favorite tofu scramble with spinach, mushrooms, finely chopped celery and carrots, and finely chopped tofu and since I was running behind, I fed our fids some of this too for their hot meal with brown rice on the side. Joe was so excited and dived into his plate and took a big bite, lifted his head with his mouth wide open, let the food fall out of his mouth, shook his head to get rid of the rest of the food, reared his head back and looked at me as if saying "What the HELL was that????".... Then he flew away and turned his back to me...ROLOL...I tried to make peace by offering him some scrambled egg but he just gave me the evil eye...I wasn't going to fool HIM twice!
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    We have a master on the main, so we moved Gil's cage in there. She is quite annoyed by us watching television after her 8:30 bedtime. At least when the little one arrives in four days, she, Java and the dogs will have a safe haven with a door that locks. She only has a week to deal with different time schedules. Thanks for the tips and hints. I will try them. I really think the Keppra is giving me brain freeze. At least I am chill about anything that comes my way. Last week, I was having so much trouble at PT, my doctor ordered an MRI for a potential tear in the rotator cuff or the muscles she reattached to my collarbone. She also ordered a neck x-ray and wondered why one hasn't been done sooner. A little chunk of bone was pulled off a vertebra by a ligament. She said there is nothing they can do about it and it will eventually tether with scar tissue and may take months and months and will hurt until that time. So. I feel a little validated about complaining about my neck. She pointed out that my first cervical vertebra failed to do something prior to birth. I think she said failure to segment. She said that is associated with neurological defects so once I am back on my feet, I will check into it. Again I feel validated because I have mentioned to 7 different neurologists since 2002 that when I lift my arms and turn my head, or turn my head to the right for an extended period of time that is when I have seizures. They have each given me a wave of dismissal. It is just the position I was in for about six minutes waiting for a traffic light and for David to take a right turn when the first injury happened in July. In all this recovery and discovery, I have come to appreciate Miss Gilbert even more than ever. She has the funniest, crankiest disposition of anyone since the cartoon Maxine. When David works from home he has to go outside because she hears his voice and screams for help and says "Nooooo" and they are becoming more certain that it's me shouting rather than the parrot.
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    Crushing loss it is a shame she isn't able to see how valued she was to her friends as well as family. Hugs all around.
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    We all know who's the boss in your house!!!
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    So sorry about your niece. I've struggled with bouts of suicidal depression since my teens. (I'm bi-polar). As dark as it has gotten, I've always been blessed with 5% of my brain that's been able to reason out what my killing myself would do to my friends and family, but it's been very bad at times. I've been on a med now that has stabilized my mood for the past three years. You really believe that other people will be better off without you around, that you matter little in other people's lives. I'm sorry your niece lost this battle. I hope her family isn't blaming themselves. It's an insidious and evil illness and sometimes, despite everyone's best efforts, it wins.
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    I'm very sorry for your terrible loss. It really is nice to hear from you, I enjoy the updates, nutmy, you have a lot on your plate, hopefully things will calm down a bit.
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    Great to hear from you again. I was getting fearful that you were dropping off the forums like so many do. I love reading these long-going threads, I always look forward to seeing them pop-up. Sorry to hear about your niece.
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    I am hoping things are getting back to normal again. (well as close to normal as our life can be anyway). I am really not sure if I have written what has been really going on. It has been a very tough few months. A week before our friend moved in, our beautiful niece killed herself. It made us understand why, after the long struggle to buy this home and despite all the odds against us we got. It was so we could be here for Pats brother and wife when they needed us. We got a call on Oct 2nd asking for that help. It has been a whirlwind ever since. All the kids on the rodeo team were and still are just incredible. The did a tribute for Olivia at the last rodeo where her boyfriend rode her horse out during the opening and then when barrel racing started, her best friend walked her horse out and walked the barrels in her honor. This is how they retire a horse and show respect to the fallen rider. Most beautiful thing I have ever seen. As for the birdies, they have been less than happy with us gone so much. They may rethink those feelings one day when I do get back to the full swing of being here for them and annoying them with my constant attention. lol Bongo is back in the main rooms with us again so he has gotten a little bit less mad at me. Not much but I will take a little. Frito is still an angel, except the biting. We had a great thing going but then with the mayhem around us, she has gotten nippy with me. This too shall pass
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    How well I know that look and reaction.
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    For those of you that don't seem to understand the reasons behind our new format....let me clear things up. First off, we have been having severe security issues with the forum for a long time now. We have been battling hackers, malware, viruses etc. Many times the forum has been down in the last few years due to hackers getting in and wreaking havoc. The private message system has not worked on many occasions. The front page stopped working, posting videos and pictures has become almost impossible. Things would just disappear. I was continually contacting the tech guys asking for them to fix this or that, letting them know we were down and inaccessible. Even GOOGLE didn't want you in Greyforums..when GOOGLE gives you a deceptive warning, it's for good reason, not just because... Members may not be aware, but Greyforums doesn't make a dime by paying the money it does to keep this forum up and running. It is strictly run by voulunteers helping out here. So getting the tech support we needed which cost $$, well, we were not a priority when you don't generate income. It was only a matter of a short time, before our forum was inoperable due to the malicious activity in the background because we lacked a secure site to say the least . It wasn't a matter of IF that happened, it was a matter of WHEN that happened, and all content would be lost forever. WE here at GREYFORUMS, are LUCKY enough to have a member who wanted to pay it forward....to THANK members .....to show his HEARTFELT GRATITUDE for all the advice and support he was given in trying to bring his grey into the US. Fighting the red tape and difficulties for years, which I can't even comprehend, but that is a greyt father, a dedicated grey owner. Yes, I am talking about KevinD, Sukie's dad. That's one lucky grey I might add. Kevin came to our rescue as well, he spent countless months trying to save Greyforums and continually being turned down. I am grateful for his relentlessness, he didn't give up on Sukie, and he didn't give up on Greyforums. And it would have been real easy to go somewhere else where another grey forum was in place that worked properly. He spent countless hours, and days cleaning out the viruses and garbage that has accumulated in the back end. Then begins the process of setting up a new server, new hosting site, a new server etc. when did he do this? On his nights and weekends when he wasn't at his full time job. Taking time asway from his grey to help us. He would answer my many emails and phone calls in an instant. ALWAYS putting us, this GREYFORUM family ahead of his own time. And not to mention the $$ he has spent on this site, making sure we had what we needed to move forward making it secure and giving us a mobile site which is something we have never had. I will I'll be forever indebted to him for his kindness and generosity. There aren't many people who are so giving in the works these days. Most want something in return, but not Kevin. is the forum different? Of course it is. That's what we wanted, a new look. Many of you don't know, but we went thru a huge format change many years ago as well. It seemed foreign at first, but in time as you learned things, you loved it and found it quite easy. This will be the same process. Due to the severity of the damage that was done to the site, it will take time to get everything up and running perfectly, things need to be added, tweaked etc. I would hope you would hang in there and be PATIENT with the process and the people trying to help. It angers me to see rude comments in the chat box complaining like this is a paid site where we are entitled to perfection. So I ask all members to be PATIENT. We will get everything working in time. Perfection doesn't happen over night I too work full time and then some. So writing a tutorial is something I am working on and hope to post over the weekend. So, hang in there, don't worry about people finding us, there is a redirect. If your still getting a deceptive warning, Clean out your cache, your history and delete your old bookmark. GOOGLE us, and find the page you want and bookmark it. And mostly, be THANKFUL to Kevin that there is a GREYFORUMS
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    KevinD, thank you for saving GreyForums. I don't know what I'd do without this forum, where I can brag, vent, and share what it's like living with one of these little grey tyrants.
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    There may be something to it. These birds, and animals in general, may be more connected other realms more than we allow ourselves. Always something to think about.
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    You have to experience and believe in related incidents to understand. Bless Spock and the special relationship your son and he share.
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    let's see if I can now do this.
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    Clove oil is another toothache remedy.
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    Turmeric root is an excellent pain killer for a painful tooth, just apply a little bit to the tooth. May help if this ever happens again.
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    Tough times with a brighter path ahead of him then,
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    Thank You...Check out "For the birds"
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    Western medicine is mainly pill pushing from big pharma. It took me a while but I found an internal medicine physician that I use as my main doctor that is NOT a pill pusher. Example: I had an abscess above a failed root canal several years ago that required some serious antibiotics to kill what was going on above that tooth when the dentist pulled it out. Several weeks post tooth-extraction I was curled up in bed with the worst pain I've had in a long time. My internal med doc said she has seen this with those types of antibiotics and put me on a month of probiotics to get my gut flora back in order. She's good.
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    Play it again, Jayd, play it again.
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    Wow, it's taken 15 years for someone to figure that out? Sure shakes your faith in our medical system! Timber gets annoyed when I stay up later than he wants too. If I dawdle too long, he starts picking up food with his foot and flinging it. It took me awhile to figure out what that meant, being the super-slow humanoid I am, but I finally got it!
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    I believe it is a Pride of Barbados. I was hoping it could stay because it would really appreciate the warmer enclosure during the winter and wouldn't die back to the ground every year. I've seen pics where they start to look like small trees. SHooot. I need to find some safe jungle style plants for GreycieMae to sit in and proclaim herself Queen of the African savannah sunroom.
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    If the one near the wall is a Rose that is a safe plant not certain if the other is Pride of Barbados the seeds are toxic a form of hydrocyanic acid and the pods containing the seeds are heavy in tannins.
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    It seems he is still watching over you all, glad you have a go between.
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    Wouldn't you just know he would be a stinker when you have someone else in the house? Actually it sounds like he has released some old baggage and is settling in just fine with you after all these years together. I love that he is becoming more confident although it is more challenging for you. On Murphchick's post I saw that you struggle with bipolar and I for one am so grateful for that 5 percent that keeps you going when things are dark. I will never forget the comfort of hearing your voice as you sang the words "just breathe" after I lost Juno. It may seem sometimes that you are alone, but the fact is you send ripples of encouragement and gentle spirit of goodness out and it makes a difference in the lives of others. I do understand about being alone, being in pain and its a hard road, with no easy answers. I would love for a new development to allow you to be carefree, full of the best life has to offer and with no pain. I have no doubt Dorian loves you just the way you are. I feel that way about my friends too.
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    This happens to be one of my absolutely favorite photos. My wife and I both noticed that with the roof on and the windows installed, it feels kind of like being in the Colorado mountains for some reason?!? Whatever, it feels different in the 'room' now and Miss GreycieMae is going to love it! She's going to have her own personal little jungle!
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    Windows are installed! The 12ft sliding glass door is going to be one of the last things we put on. Don't want to bust that thing moving stuff in and out. That would suck!
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    So sorry about your niece! Prayers for you and the family.
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    Alfie has claimed the two shelves in the living room as his, so when he's out of the cage all the ornaments come down and his cardboard boxes and toys go up. He then spends loads of time making it rain cardboard onto the sofa below. It's his favourite place to be!
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    Pretty girl, looks playful.
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    Ginger should also be helpful.
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    I had hoped the seizures and the falls were behind you, as I am sure you did, also. I'm glad you have someone to do Thanksgiving cooking. And children CAN be monsters!
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    Oh gosh, so much has happened and really... nothing at all. Since I couldn't be alone with our grandson for a trip we had promised so our kids could go on their first vacation, David flew to Houston, fetched the little beast and brought him to our house for ten days. I kid about him being a beast, he is adorable, but on his feet, into mischief and all boy. David O was just over eighteen months when he got here. He was a wild little beast. I moved Gil and Java to the stacked "breeder" style cage so Gilbert was out of reach of little fingers. David O ran from the kitchen up to the cage and smacked it so hard Gil fell off her perch. Then I heard a word our three year old neighbor called my husband when he was home last year and bothered our daily fun. I was in the dining room when I heard the commotion and then I heard Gilbert say "Butt HOLE!" We said nothing. The baby was surprised enough he didn't fuss with the cage again and hopefully he did not pick up Gilbert's language. I'm half way through recovery and in theory I should expect to be able to use my arm again next month. I have had a few setbacks, a couple of seizures and falls so I am proceeding slowly. I do all my physical therapy stretches and weight training and sometimes it takes me all day. I don't have the same brain power, I feel like I used to have 24 cylinders and now I have only one. Hubby says this is the optimal time for him to challenge me to a game of Scrabble but he is afraid I might win and he would be humiliated. I miss my mind a little. Hopefully we can reduce the seizure meds at the next visit. But all in all, things are looking up from last month. My family is gathering here at our house for Thanksgiving and my son in law has offered to do all the cooking. I trust him and it will be fun.
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    Now she can soar!
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    I said it before, Ill say it again, that is dedication. Just WOW
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    OMG, I am impressed, and I am not easily impressed.