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    Maalik's stuck on a phrase my son always says to him: 'Hi Chicken!" After which he burps.
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    If you have a wild caught grey then you really need to take it slow, this bird has been ripped from where it called home in the wild and now it is spending his days in a cage, that is a huge difference. As others have said grey time is slow time and that means weeks, months and maybe even years before you can gain his trust. When you sit nearby his cage don't ignore him as that hate to be ignored, talk to him, read a book to him in a soft voice, let him get used to you being around, believe me he will want to be by your side when he does learn to trust you. Take it slow and easy, when he allows you to be closer offer him a treat, something he loves. Please do read thru some of the threads to get more ideas and suggestions that worked for others with similar situations but don't get discouraged by the lack of visible progress as it is in baby steps, it will require great amounts of patience but trust me the reward will be ever so sweet no matter how long it takes.
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    A couple things you can almost count on with greys. 1. They will get stuck on a sound or phrase that you don't like. 2. They will not say the things you want them to say. Just don't react in any way when your bird says the phrase you want to get rid of and he'll eventually get tired of it and move on to the next favourite.
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    Alfie learned how to yell my name in my dad's voice recently because my dad was helping out in the garden and kept calling me when he needed a hand or wanted something. It caught me out the first time as I thought my dad was back in my house calling me!
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    First, I am sorry to hear of your Dad's passing, we wish we didn't have to say goodbye to our parents but that time comes and we deal with it the best way we can, lots of good memories will help ease the pain and I have lost both parents so I know what you are going thru. Second, I don't know what you need to apologize for, the only thing I can think of is because of the new format not many people sign in and post anymore, this forum used to bustle with activity but is fairly quiet now, I think it will eventually pick up when a few things settle down. You have done us a great service so forgetaboutit.
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    Not sure how I missed this post. I thought nothing gets past me. Apparently one did. I'm glad I caught it, that toy looks right up GreycieMae and Huey's alley. Easy to make too. I'm on it. I make something kind of similar out of wood that I cut into thin slices. But that requires busting out the miter saw. Cardboard - much easier to deal with.
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    This is a rough one. I'm not finding anything in your post, other than the 'rough iron cages' you mentioned that could be leading to a zinc poisoning. My first question when it comes to vets, since people believe they are miracle workers - are you sure she is seeing an avian vet? You mentioned your vet 'has avian vets'. They either certified or not. I'm only shooting in the dark here that they actually know what heavy metal ratio to look for. This is a really good article I bookmarked years ago when I was agonizing over using GAW wire in my outdoor aviary. It's talks about chronic vs. acute zinc poisoning and you are definitely describing the chronic. There are some ideas in there about where it may be coming from: http://www.birdsnways.com/wisdom/ww14eiii.htm
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    I'm glad you found it helpful! Keep asking questions and keep reading the forums. Everyone here will be happy to help. Answers might be slow as we are a little quiet around here at times but there are many knowledgeable members here who WILL help when they see your posts.
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    The last vet's comments weren't very helpful because, as you mentioned, sunlight through a window won't do much good at all. Avian sun lights are a good investment if your bird is not going to be able to go outside much/at all.
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    Help PHOEBE Stuck repeating...... Hello and Thank you already for taking time to read Phoebe, is are 2yr old African Grey.SHE REPEATS EVERYTHING.From telling Jokes to singing top country songs She does voices,yells at the dogs to get off furniture etc etc well I recently have been telling her whats doggy do,whats kitty do,whats santa do etc and now she is stuck on whats birdy do ? All day every day I try to tell her whats doggy do or anything to change the subject she will answer then say WHAT BIRDY DO ? Its is all day and yes I tried to teach her a new one and nope right back at it ? My question is Why and can I help her to move on ?
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    Food from someone else's dish always tastes better!
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    Greys will pick and choose what they like to repeat, sometimes its the way it is said that they like but there is not much you can do to discourage the repeating of certain words but ignore it and definitely do not laugh or give any reaction when the particular word or words are repeated as that will only encourage them to continue.
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    Your your answer was really beautiful , actually it changed my point of view . Thank you so much 😊
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    Alfie is not much of a talker. He prefers sounds (and the more obnoxious, the better as far as he is concerned!!). But he will fixate on certain noises for a while, so I don't think it's unusual. At the moment he does a whistle which sounds a little like R2D2 from star wars. He loves that one right now. But next week it might be a squeak or some other noise.
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    Ok so I feel way better now Thought I messed her up really bad or something ! She is soooo smart I swear einstein the grey on youtube has not nothing on my girl (serious) maybe she is to smart gets her and me in trouble (later story) Thanks for the quick response
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    They do get stuck on their favorites. Our Huey won't shut it about going to take a 'shower' with mama. He loves to go 'shower'. It's all he asks about right now. I'm waiting to see if he'll move on from that too.
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    I know a new format can be shocking, and sometimes I take things personal. I should have not taken them personal, but understood that it would be hard on everyone. I know new things are hard to except, and I am sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings. But the truth of the mater was change or die. My father passed this week, and I got a new perspective on things. Sometimes it is not being right, but doing what needs to be done and helping people through the change. We are creatures of habits, same as our Grey's, and sometimes you need to have compassion and understanding. To those of you that were upset, I am truly sorry. But as Grey's do, slowly you will adapt. I didn't do these things for fun, they just needed to be done. K
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    Just popping in, and want to extend my sympathy with regard to the passing of your dad. It doesn't matter what age we are, while our parents are living, we are still someone's child. It is so sad and also a bit daunting when the day(s) arrive where that is no longer the case. I don't know if you still have your mother, but I hope that you can find comfort in family and friends during this sad time. With regard to the new format of the site? I love it! So modern, easy to navigate, and am delighted that I now feel the site is much more secure. Thank you for all of your hard work, having built and maintained several websites myself, I appreciate that it is no small task and often a thankless one. You are appreciated!
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    Here's another version of the cardboard toy I make for Dorian. It uses more cardboard because I use smaller beads between the pieces. I'm saving this one for when he goes to the bird sitter at the end of the month. Should keep him busy for two days!
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    Kevin, I am so very sorry for the sudden loss of your father. As you know, I lost mine 1 year ago, and it does make you see life with different eyes. Always know he is watching over you and I am sure incredibly proud of you and all you do for others. As as for this site, you know how I feel about all the work you did to save us. I disagree with Judy, this site was quiet before the change and it has been picking up little by little. People are busier these days with so many other social media sites..so we aren’t always the first choice, but since you have made us so mobile friendly, hopefully members will start to take advantage of that and post more! If anyone was upset...the shame on them! God Bless ❤️
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    My thoughts, prayers and love ❤️ to you both. This is so heartbreaking...Jayd has such a wealth of information and always keeps our minds going thinking about what’s best for our fids. Thank you Maggie for all you do and continued to do for Jayd, you are a true angel
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    Sending love and good thoughts your way. Love you both.
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    It's a bedroom window that used to open to the outside. We just close the window and put the blinds down, but that doesn't stop them from knocking incessantly when they know you're in there.
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    I did take a look into the noise ordinance laws, which have been loosely written. I spoke with a lady who was very helpful. She said that if a noise complaint has been lodged, they will send someone near the property to assess the level of noise. If things are quiet, they then close the case. If more than 2 neighbors lodge a complaint, then the noise merits being considered a nuisance. There could be a fine. I only have the birds out in the aviary in small groups while I'm here. If Dexter or Shaylor, my 2 macaws get themselves going, then I bring them inside. The other birds really aren't problematic decibel-wise.
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    Turns out the three implicated foods were all tested to be safe and untainted so I suspect maybe something in the home was at fault. Ingesting bad foods does not kill so quickly it takes hours or weeks in some cases not minutes it is still a very tragic loss remaining unexplained. Hope they did a necropsy.
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    Sending prayer and positive thoughts, hugs for you both.
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    So sorry to hear about the loss of your dad. Loosing a parent is one of the most difficult life experiences to endure. May your memories of him shine bright during this time of great sorrow.
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    Sorry to hear about your Dad. My Dad is 80 this year and it's been a long time knowing that any day could be his last. I was very angry with my Dad for many many years and am glad that I have been able to bury the hatchet sometime in the last decade.
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    Here's some photos of our fids. We miss them all
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    Hello, I too have a 2 yr old male timneh named charlie that i got at 3 months old from florida, i live in washington as well. Bought him from a bird farm from the owner dave, wonder if its the same place you got your girl? Anyway, charlie just loves my husband andy, always wants to be on or near him. Andy gives charlie a lot of time during the day but when enough is enough he puts charlie in his cage for awhile. I also have a male and a female congo. Charlie loves to dive bomb them and knock them off their perches, he likes to make sure they know he is boss in the house. The congos prefer not to fly, they like walking on the floor. Wing clipping did nothing good for charlie the one and only time i did it. He became depressed and cried a lot. He even just threw himself off his cage sometimes knowing he couldn't fly. I decided wing clipping was not for my greys. The cage thing..... i found that if you place the travel cage in a place they can check it out, in time they will explore it and get comfortable with it to where you won't have a problem putting her in it. It may take a week or longer maybe, just set tbe travel cage out for her to explore so shes not afraid of it. I'm in oak harbor btw.
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    Haha aw bless him. Looks like he's having so much fun! Alfie loves cardboard too. I let him out of his cage the other day and he looked like he was going to fly to me. So I put my arm out and he flew straight at me... only to curve off at the last second to land on his shelf instead... where his cardboard box was....
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    I love in Scotland. How can I test if the cage itself is safe? I have checked it and see no rust or worn down parts
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    Where do you live hopea2?
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    Hi, the vet is a qualified avian vet there are two at the practice and I check. The cage is a wrought iron cage sorry for the miss spelling, so it shouldn't be galvanised or that was what I was lead to believe. Her cages were all replaced when the original blood work came back which were bought as parrot cages but I wasn't sure of their composition. Thank you very much for the article I will read it now.
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    Ignore and find a phrase you would like.
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    Well unfortunately they catch the parrots from the nest and smuggle them in my country so these parrots are not at a good condition actually i posted my wild caught African grey growls. By the way, thanks 🙏 for answering.
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    Maggie here...Today, I was resting and Joe climbed down from my shoulder to Salsa's cage (FIRST TIME EVER!) and entered it, proceeding to snack in Salsa's seed cup while Salsa looked down in horror from her cornered perch in her cage at her uninvited and unwelcome house guest. Luckily, I happened to have my phone on me and was able to snap off a couple of poor shots before Salsa made a hasty departure the long way across her cage...hahahahaha!
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    Maggie, thanks for the pics. These kids (fids?) are too much.
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    I'd say it is very common. When Timber learns a word or phrase he really likes, that is all you hear for awhile. It's like he savors saying it. The good news is that so far, it has never lasted for more than a couple of weeks. Then he'll move on to other words or noises.
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    I’m so jealous! It’s beautiful!
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    Sorry about your Dad. I lost mine 5 years ago and got so stuck in my grief that I had to go to our local hospice organization for grief counselling. Learn from my example and don't be afraid to reach out for help with your grieving if you think you need it, or even if you just think it would be helpful. As for the apology, I totally understand that a change was needed. I am, however, change resistant (see above note about grieving lol), so I may have been visiting and posting less as of late. I will try to correct MY behaviour, because I know the only way I will get used to the changes is if I use them. I've been around the forum long enough to remember our last format change (anyone here remember 'karma' points), and I was just as resistant to change then. I'm sorry if you've been getting some undeserved grief. As someone way wiser than me once said, the only thing that never changes is change. Thank you for all you have done to keep this forum running.
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    We have feeding cages setup in the living room. It just became insanity trying to eat with them. When we eat, they get a seed treat or something that they really like - usually only dinner time.
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    I commented about the loss of your dad but not your apology. I thought I missed something and didn't want to show my ignorance. If you are talking about the site, it is far better than it was! Sorry if anyone was giving you grief about your good work. Change is difficult sometimes, but we were having so many problems with the old site that it was necessary. I'm just glad you had the knowledge and willingness to do it!
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    You can do the same thing in an oven on very low temp overnight, it works well.
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    So sorry to hear about your dad. Prayers for you and the family.
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    Hi, I hoping you might be able to give some advice or have some tips I can use regarding my African grey parrot Mackenzie. I have had her since she was 12 weeks old and she is now coming up for 4 years old. For over a year we have been having a massive problem with zinc toxicity levels. At first what happened was she started to clip her feathers and we were concerned as she is a very well socialised bird and is out of her cage for at least 10 hours a day when we work and then at weekends out all the time. That is why the alarm bells started to ring when she started to clip her feathers so I booked an appointment that Friday but by the next day she had bald spots so got the quickest appointment which was the Wednesday. The vet we take her to does have specific avian vets. They did an x-ray, took bloods and did a check-up. We told the vet our care routine and husbandry and they told us to prepare for the worst as there was a high chance it could be a type of infection which they described to be similar to aids, they couldn’t see it being anything else due to how she is cared for. They called a week later shocked and said that she had a score of 65 for zinc in her body, they told me anything under 40 was fine but above it was toxic. They started her on an oral medication that would bind the zinc and it would get excreted out. The then told me to have a look at her environment and see if I can find the source. I got rid of all her toys, got her new play stands in the house, bought new cages, and covered anything metal in the environment. As you can imagine it cost a fortune, but that didn’t matter what mattered was getting her healthy. At this point Mackenzie could no longer fly, she was miserable and we were too. Ever since then she doesn’t have the confidence she used to. After all those changes the vet took her bloods again. While at that visit the vet had to remove stuck quills in the skin to encourage new feather growth. The bloods came back and she was in the normal range but the vet said to give it another 5 days of treatment just to make sure it’s down and told we wouldn’t need to go back. A week or two past and the feather clipping started again. We took her back to the vet and she took the bloods again and she started to talk about her possibly having got into a bad habit of clipping. The blood results came back and it showed the zinc was going up again. We again started the medication and returned again for more bloods. This time we got a different vet and he was insisting that all her problems were down to her being hormonal even though we kept telling him that the clipping started with the zinc. A week later the vet called and asked us to start injecting her with a different medication 5 day on and 5 off then back for more bloods. We did as instructed twice a day 5 days on and off. Mackenzie did amazingly. After the bloods again, the zinc was in the healthy and the feathers started to grow. A few weeks later it started again and we got our usual vet back and she told us to do more injections before getting the blood work back. When the results came back the zinc was back. We at this point were completely down as we were trying everything we could. We then went on holiday for a week, which of course Mackenzie came for but de to her not having feathers she couldn’t come out in her back pack for walks. The vet liked this idea of her being out of the environment to see if it made a difference, sadly not as the feather clipping continued on holiday. This continued for a couple more months. Eventually the vet said she would like Mackenzie to stay at the practice for a week. This was not something we wanted as I had only spent 2 nights a year away from her at this point as she came all holidays etc. She went in and they continued her injections which they found difficult as she wasn’t going to be as forgiving with them as she is with us. You guessed it, made no difference and they learned nothing. Since then she has had numerous blood test, feather pulls and an extra x-ray and still nothing. We did get to a point her feather all came back bar the wing ones though they weren’t far away. Sadly a few weeks later it all started again. At this point our vet is on maternity leave and she has told us to for the next few months routinely treat her with medication to try and keep on top of things and bring her for bloods in march. I have followed this and she is clipping her feathers still in between treatments as it is still 5 days on and 5 days off. We have removed everything and replaced it, changed her diet by removing different fruit, removed nuts, she only gets bottled water (we have very good tap water in Scotland, even so before all this she was getting tap filtered water) and now I have even moved into my own house (lived with parents before) and it is still happening. The routine was everyday before work I would take her to my mum and dads while I am working so she has a lot of company with them and my brothers. That left only two possible things we could think of that was causing the problem, my mums rabbit cage as sometimes Mackenzie would fly on it or her travel cage we used to take her to my parents thought that was not to be the culprit as the full zinc issue started when she wasn’t out as much due to winter. We made the decision at Christmas not to take her to my parents and she was left in my house permanently for a month to see if we could trace the root problem. For two weeks now, the feathers have slowly started to come in but as of two says ago the clipping has started again. I am making an appointment for this week to get her blood work done as I am really not happy. The vet told us that some parrots are far more sensitive to zinc than others and one parrot could take what Mackenzie has and it wont impact them but another one will be like Mackenzie. I am at my wits end it has been horrible to watch my full of life 2-year-old parrot that flew and was a trouble maker turn into a bald sad bird. She has learned to say over and stretch her head to where she wants to go so we will take her. I am really needing help finding something to stop this. I know you guys have years of knowledge and experience and just hope you might have an idea. She is fed tropican high potency pellets as her main diet now with parrot chop daily. She gets bottled water and her water is treated with a probiotic once a week and a multi vitamin and calcium once a week too. She has a uvb bulb that is changed every 10 months. She now only has java wood play stands and has access to 4 rough iron cages, one she doesn’t use at this time of year as it is her garden cage and the other one she hasn’t been in since October as it is her holiday abode. She used to get a bath twice a week but now its just a misting twice a week as she isn’t comfortable going down low for her bath since she can’t fly. She did used to get almonds or walnuts as a treat but at the moment she is off them as we continue our trial and error. She has toys in her cage and if she is ever left a lone she has the radio put on. We use a diluted vinegar solution for cleaning her cage which is spot cleaned daily and full cleaned weekly. I think that is everything but if there is something you would like clarification on I am more than happy to answer. It has been very difficult and I am desperate for her to get better.
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    Hi hopea2, some cages made in China (wrought-iron/powder coated) contains zinc. Thank you!
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    Jury's still out on the cameras. That looks really pricey! Wish I'd been born thrifty with my hands as you were!
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    Nope. By the following day. It was fabricated into sections elsewhere and will be installed in a day. My aviary won't have closed walls. All SS mesh, with steel corregated panel for half of the roof, and the other half the Suntuf panels you'd recommended that I use.
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    I understand there was a spam problem. Found the offending permission issue, and I think I tagged all the forums for read only for guests, if I missed one let me know..