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    I wholeheartedly agree.
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    I think you would be the best one to find this one a home rather than ending up on CL. I ignored some hints at taking over some birds and one did end up on CL, Huey's lil buddy. When I heard the same was going to happen to Huey we intervened.
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    Hello All, I am new here with a 16 year old Female Timneh Grey. We rescued her a month ago, and have seen some recent new behavior. Everywhere she sits she fades out or melts or hunches or slouches over after a few mins on a perch or your shoulder or your finger or anywhere she sits. She basically is sitting on her tummy with her feet pulled under her and not upright. Sometimes she hunches so far over her head is lower than her tail. On her perch when she tries to sleep she "melts" forward and then wakes up and catches herself. Sometimes she sleeps with her head turned back in her feathers like normal and and she is fine that way. We look her to the Vet, she did an exam and took a blood test and did a yearly check-up and they said that she had a bacterial yeast infection and gave me an anti fungal and a pain killer to give her. The vet said that she also may have hurt her foot. This was 2 weeks ago, and things have not gotten better. Her balance is terrible, and sometimes she falls off her perch. We moved her into a smaller cage where she is sleeping at night, so that she cannot fall down too far off her perch, and we put a pillow under the perch in her night cage and a towel under her large cage that she is in during the day. Here is a video of her in her day cage : https://streamable.com/2z57k She is eating fine and her poop is fine...She is talking, playing, climbing, taking a bath and acting fine otherwise. I am really stumped and concerned that something is terribly wrong with her. We have a follow up Vet appointment on Friday. Has anyone ever seen this type of posture / behavior? I have attached some photos of her in her smaller night cage. I also have a video I can upload in a little bit that is her in her larger day cage. When I took these photos there were no perches for her to stand on. Just added a couple of pictures of her slouching on her perch in her large day cage.
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    Hi everyone’s, I got home from work tonight to a vm left on my house phone. A women I have bought bird things from who lives a few towns over had given my number to a another woman. This woman left a long message on my answering machine , her elderly parents are ill and are in a nursing home, nd have an approx. 25 year old African grey that is sitting alone in their trailer sits in its cage all day, they’ve had it for 15 years she said, they can’t care for it any longer and she feels sorry for it and has cats dogs and horses so it won’t fit into her household. She wants it to go to someone who has and understands birds. i have cats, dogs and well you know...Nilah...Talon and Rikki. We all know our place in the flock. I do work a lot of hours, some days my birds are in their cages 11 hours..but they get out of their cage time always when I get home until bed, and Sunday is theirs day to have all day out. I’ve aleays felt 3 are enough....but my heart breaks..and I’m torn what to do. He is a male, I have 3 females....I don’t want to disrupt the flock and household...do I just ignore the phone call? I’ve done that once before, but it was just a woman who was looking for a home, not the elderly parents and bird sitting there all day....just looking for feedback from my family here. i tend to make a quick decision based on my heartfelt sympathy for all animals...want to rescue them all...thus my 3 dogs, 2 cats and 3 birds 🙄 Thanks in advance!
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    I agree also.
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    Could you take her to another vet for a second opinion? The fact that she's no better idicates that her previous treatment plan hasn't worked. Fungus is a bear to get rid of, so if she has a fungal infection, she'll need long term medication. She looks like she's feeling badly. My vote is for a second opinion. Do you have a board certified avian vet in your area? Please let us know how she does.
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    I think you did the right thing to make an appointment with an avian vet, looks like she is picking at that area and it could be infected, most times when birds pluck or pick at a certain area it means something there is bothering them and an avian vet will be able to determine what is going on. Hope it turns out to be something easy to deal with.
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    Amazons deserve their own credit....no matter what you call them....Zons, Greenies, Evil Green Chickens, Zonzillas....they will always have a place in our hearts and in the scars they leave upon our bodies. As opposed to a Grey, they are all action with very few words...yet they can talk off an ear off without blinking, and if you are lucky enough, one who is musically inclined, like opera. Once a year, they go into what we call the "FEAR ZONE" and we do what we can to avoid them. Hormonal does not mean harmony in a Zon's life. They are so sweet and within one second, can turn and draw first blood. All joking aside, uuuhhhh, I guess there is no joking. In all sincerity, a Zon can be a very loving and warm companion with years of love and happiness. They have the most beautiful, expressive eyes also. A Zon is definitely self-absorbed...their wants and needs come first, and they are very vocal and expressive in letting you know about their wants and needs. Their companionship cannot be surpassed. They keep going and going and going.... like the Energizer Bunny....They truly are loyal and loving, and they get along well with other parrots in your home. They are masters at entertaining themselves and their slaves.... Here's to the Greenies....YEA!!! Jayd
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    Good to see you post again, sending love and e hugs.
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    I love our Panama amazon! While I can't actually hold him unless he's flown himself into a jam (I'm not the chosen one), I do have a sweet relationship with him. We chat back and forth and I give him treats to coax him back into his cage at night. I can rub his head through the bars without getting nailed. He has an evil laugh, loves to 'roll his R's, sing along to music and terrorize our CAG, Maalik! Harley's very timid, but a true delight! Our home is a better place because of his presence in it.
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    Thank you all for your concern....a lot in our life has changed...so we are adapting the best we can. there is a lot we cannot do that we wish we could. We miss you all greatly. Your concerns and prayers are so greatly appreciated. Maggie and Jayd P.S. Jay did a new post in the Grey Lounge....😉
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    Hi All, Question - my AF fell in the cage during a night thrash. She was at my moms while I was away. When I picked her up it looked like she had a pink small bald spot next to wing bone. Thought I w observe it bf going to doctor. Two weeks later she had a dark spot abive area (not blood) looked like oil. Now the feathers look messy and unkempt. Decided to make appt for tomorrow just in case. She’s never picked her feathers. Any thoughts? Anxious momma in NY Much Appreciated
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    None of us are vets so can only advise what we would do in that situation. This does seem like very strange behaviour and not something which I have witnessed with my own bird. I would pester the vet again and if I wasn't happy with the treatment plan I would find a second avian vet for a second opinion.
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    As Greytness said, make sure you are seeing an avian vet. One comment I'd make is you might want to go to flat perches rather than round. Perching low like that can rub their keel and even split it with time. My TAG has a seizure disorder and a neurological condition, and that's the first thing the avian vet told me to do, get him off round perches.
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    Hi im new to this forum, I have a 2-3 year old african grey that ive had since it was weeks old. I love this bird but he is such a pain in the ass. It seems like he has multiple personality disorder. One second he will be super nice, giving kisses and putting his head down lifting his head feathers for a rub, then 2 seconds after he will bite my finger. At night he is so nice but during the day hes a lunatic. I have the bird in my room, and during the day he screams at the top of his lungs as if he was getting attacked if i dont give him 100% attention, ill put my finger in his cage and hell put his head down again expecting me to rub his head. The only way he stops the screaming is if i leave my room or cover his cage. He can fly, and i'm honestly scared one day hes going to fly to me and pierce my ears or lips, I also dont want to cut his wings because he cracked his breast-plate when he was about a year old when his wings were clipped. Any advice would be appreciated also, has anyone experienced such bipolarity from their grey? ps I let the bird sleep outside of his cage at night , and try to let him out during the day if hes calm.
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    First welcome aboard. Now tell us how this bird came to your house hold and how long he has been with you. Do you know the birds age? It sounds a bit like this bird needs a slower approach and more time to relax and observe the household. That bite may be due to over-stimulation or it may be a way of letting you know he or she is not ready to be touched right then they don't have many ways to let us know. Is this bird in a room where it is included in any activities? They are social and would be a flock member in the wild, now you are his flock so needs to join in even if is just watching the goings on. Talk to him often, sing to him if you like he won't be a critic. Tell him what you intend to do -change the water, vacuum the floor chop veggies for him it helps develop a relationship. These birds are a prey animal rather than a predator so they can be defensive especially when we move rapidly or from above them. Hop0e this gives you a begining to work from. Some of our other members will add to this advice.
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    Hello new forum member and bird owner. My baby grey is 8 weeks old and we are hand feeding her. She just had a vet appointment and she said she was doing great. My wife was concerned that she seems to want to sit down or lay down when she sleeps instead of standing up. I wanted to check to make sure this was because she was an infant ant not something we needed to worry about. Thanks for any and all advice about this and anything else you think we need to know. We are learning and reading up as much as we can as quick as we can. Thanks William
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    Baby greys at that age are clumsy at best, and feel safer lying down to sleep. You'll likely see that behavior switch over within the next 2-3 weeks. If she's eating great, gaining weight and otherwise acting fine, she should be good to go.
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    I think most greys do sleep perched but I have heard of some that will lay or sit down, if your vet says your baby is doing fine then she must be. I have often wondered why they wouldn't be more comfortable resting down instead of staying on a perch, she looks adorable.
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    We inherited Savanna a Yellow Cheek Amazon and she is a very kind and sweet bird. When she steps up she runs up your arm to shoulder level and is content to sit there shewing on your shirt. Loves skritches and ruffles . She has angel wings from a nutritional issue as a baby. The easiest going bird in the house.
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    That's fantastic news! It looks like he's been leaving his feathers alone, too!
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    Hey guys, Im so sorry i have taken this long reply - I actually did reply on another forum.....my apologies. Larry is all good and the blood tests came back perfectly normal. The red feathers are purely just his unique colours, and they have actually starting to fall out of his chest, u can see from this recent pic he still has them on his legs, but the redness has reduced significantly over the last year. Thank you for all your concerns and replies :) James
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    Those little magical baby eyes 😍 I get lots of help during the day 'working' too. The only easy bird is Huey. He likes to sit on his hanging perch in my office and just observe. Yesterday was a rare stressful 16 hour day. By 8pm GreycieMae was hanging upside down off the side of my chair biting the back of my arms, my ribs, even socking me in the back of the head a couple times. Her says "Daddy, enough work! PLAYTIME!!!" Sorry baby girl, gotta pay the bills....
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    Then he got this great idea to work towards removing my readers.
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    Fynn's hanging in my lap while I'm working on my website.