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    Jayd and Maggie, I wish you both peace and comfort.
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    Hi, My name is Bob. I live in Thailand about 100 km southwest of Bangkok. I am an American and my wife is Thai who teaches English to grades 9 to 12. We have 4 Sun Conures and just recently got to African Grays. I join this forum to learn about the taken care of African Gray parrots. I originally had two Sun Conures and 8 months ago they became the parents of two children. I will try to attach a photo if I figure out how. 1. The first picture on left is our first two Sun Conures 2. The second picture is our 2 African Grays 3. The third picture is the family of sun conures.
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    Glad Ollie isn't going to lose the foot or his life! We've had some close calls here too involving doors. Can never be too careful.
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    Me either! Although I don't encourage bad words..I was proud of my sons comeback to her! Even the vet said that was inappropriate & completely wrong to say. Hopefully that employee will get a talking to...you don't say that to someone until & unless a Dr has seen Ollie.
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    Pain relief and comfort. you are both loved with respect and admired. Holding your hands through this electric media and sending gentle hugs.
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    My heart is filled with such sadness. Lifting you and Jay up in prayer.
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    Oh. Maggie.... I'm so sad, but I understand your decision. God Bless and may Jay and you know how much you are loved by this family. As always, your in my prayers ❤️❤️
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    Praying for you and Jayd. Please remember to ask for any help you need. Don't forget your self-care! I don't know if there is anything I can do to help, but please ask! You are both very much loved here!
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    Maggie, my prayers and love to you both. Please give Jayd a hug from me..❤️ Remember we are always here for you..♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
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    He's in the best of hands. Sending you prayers of strength, Maggie.
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    Please keep us in the loop, Maggie. Hopefully the antibiotics will do its magic on whatever infection he's been battling. Sending healing thoughts and prayers
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    We are thegars and we are a retired couple that have the extreme pleasure of sharing our home with Debbie a now 2 year old CAG...We got her when she was only 14 weeks old and a clumsy clown! Today she is a flighted chatterbox that never ceases to amaze us with her vocabulary and antics...
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    On the subject of leg rings... do any of you find your Greys constantly playing with it, biting at it. Lol sorry or do y'all even have bands on ur greys 😆😊 Random pic of the day haha! She loves my earrings, and nibbling on my ear lobes lol ... she's my little weirdo 😂
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    How's he doing today?
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    Even one footed birds can have a very happy life, they adapt better than we do.
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    Hey y'all, thanks for your replies yeah I absolutely love her little red feather! I do hope it grows back red when she molts 😁 and yeah I totally had that same thought about making it easy to ID her if she ever loses her leg ring.. or gets nicked
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    Red feathers give her more character! Plus a great way to ID her if ever needed
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    This is such great news! When I read they were discussing euthanizing him, I just couldn't believe that.
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    Oh my! Prayers for Ollie and for provision for the cost of his care.
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    Thank you I will read read read anything to make sure I am doing all I can
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    Hi Jojo1! First of all, welcome! And thank you for reaching out to adopt this deserving grey! There are a lot of great cages on the market. But first I'd find out if she has a tendency to fall off her perch with her seizure activity, as that would determine how tall of a cage I'd get. Or, you could get a tall cage and place her perches lower until you figure out how things go for her. I have 2 prevue Hendrix cages; one for my CAG, and one for my macaw. It's a tall cage: https://prevuepet.com/product/642/empire-large-bird-cage-3157 but it works great for all their hanging toys. My CAGs love to swing and dangle from their toys. A fresh diet will be vital, but may take your new baby awhile to transition over to it. Here is a great article dealing with teas for our birds. Perhaps there will be a blend that will help with seizure activity: https://birdtalksubscribe.com/blogs/news/why-tea-is-so-great-for-parrots I mentioned this FB forum to another new member, Joannie, here, which has great information for feeding your baby a healthy raw diet. It's a closed group, so you'll have to request access to it: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AVIANRAW/?ref=bookmarks If you join, please go to their 'files' to read all about sprouting, raw diets and avian teas. First and foremost, I would make certain your grey begins receiving foods rich in vitamin A. They are prone to becoming A deficient. Yams and sweet potatoes are great for that. Also, red palm oil is awesome for them. Greys are very slow to warm up to people, with some taking months to years to fully acclimate to their new caregiver. Patience is everything! Looking forward to reading all about your new baby!
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    CAGS learn to say words later than TAGs. So by around a year they usually start sounding out words. When Fynn turned 5 months old, that's when an entire barrage of sounds, whistles and clicks came out of him!
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    Welcome Tali! One recommendation I have for you is that you begin harness training your baby while she's young. That way, if you should decide on letting her have her wings back, you can then take her everywhere outside with you via harness. Once they're older they don't readily accept the harness. Babies are snuggly! I have a 7 month old baby plus 2 other adult CAGS.
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    Maggie, please tell Jayd that I have him in my thoughts and I hope the move to hospice is a positive one. In my experience they are very good at caring for pain, so hopefully Jayd gets some relief. E-hugs to you both.
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    Prayers for strength, peace and healing for you and Jayd. God bless.