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    Wife is on this weirdo diet, called the Keto diet. Reduced carbs, increased meats and fats and who knows what else. Today's dinner will be a nice red-tailed jungle chicken dish. I got the meat and fat-fatty covered. Me and Huey are anxiously awaiting the result. MmmmMmmmm...goood.
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    Hi, Maggie here....Jay and I had raised and weaned four Amazons. Our payment was our choice of one of the four. So, when they were fledged, we returned them, picked the one we wanted and headed back home. We were talking about what we were going to name our new baby and saying different names. During this conversation, our new Zon never made a sound and I mentioned the name Salsa. All of a sudden, she started chattering and making all kinds of noises. Then, we repeated other names and she was silent. When Jay mentioned Salsa, she started up again. We tried this three or four times....this happened every time we mentioned Salsa, this happened. So, this is how she named herself...LOL Also, when we brought Joe, our Grey home, he had come from an abusive relationship so when we brought him home to Spock, we had decided to go with the same theme (Star Trek) and decided to rename Joe "Jim". For a few weeks, all Joe would say was "Are you okay?" and "Where are you?" when we left the room (Joe was 2 at the time). After a few weeks though, Joe put us in our place after we had addressed him yet again as "Jim". He replied, "I'm Joe". LOL....Maggie
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    Oh look at that adorable little baby face!! Congratulations on bringing Casper home. I've never tried introducing another bird so I don't have much advice for you. I'm only here to coo over baby bird photos. (And Isaac photos as well, of course!!!) Hopefully as Casper learns more about his environment he can start to stick up for himself a bit and they'll both settle in together.
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    Awww, that sweet baby face! Looks like you have a great setup. Once baby gets bigger he'll be able to protect himself. I had to keep the reins on GreycieMae until Huey came out of his shell. He then stamped his authority and he's the only bird she can't bully. Greys can definitely take care of themselves against each other - when full grown.
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    Our Grey Huey is 21 and was not a flyer. We got him on Dec 1st of 2017 and by end of January he was flying, not real graceful but flying...lots of crash landings. I started him out by just giving him a toss onto our bed over and over. Once he got the idea, he started trying to fly on his own and we had some scary moments as he had some very hard landings. I spent about a month flying out of my chair to go provide a landing arm for him when he would launch himself because he was not real good about hitting his landing rope/etc. and would then crash hard. Eventually he's gotten very good at hitting landings and rarely crashes anymore. He's even flown down our hallway and turned and came back which is pretty amazing for such a large bird. He'll never be super acrobatic like our Greycie that learned as a baby but he's a flyer now.
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    Too true! When I joined these forums I had gone through the thought process of whether I was the best caregiver for Alfie and whether he would be better off in a different home. I was living alone and working crazy hours plus studying and not giving him the attention he needed or deserved. I spoke with family and friends at great length but every time I thought about giving him.uo it reduced me to tears. Instead, I knew I had to make some big changes in order to improve things for Alfie. It wasn't his fault that I chose to study whilst working full time. It wasn't his fault that I was taking more on at work and therefore working longer hours. It wasn't his fault that his cage wasn't in the best place in the house. It's been a journey and I am still trying to do my best for Alfie. He's been with me since he was 11 weeks old and he's now 15 years old. We have many more years together and I am always trying to improve the time we have together and his environment. I am by no means perfect but I am trying. I know I would have instantly regretted giving him up and I'm pleased that I made the decision to stay. I am also glad that I found these forums around that time as it has been a massive help along the way. 😊
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    Newbie here! I just adopted a new grey last night.
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    Thank you for taking in and rescuing this poor bird from such an awful environment. Sit back, relax and get ready for many wonderful years of learning about your new addition and enjoying his company. I'm going to steal something I wrote on another introductory post as I think it may be helpful here: "One thing you will learn quite quickly is a little thing called "grey time". This is the time it takes for a grey to adjust and accept changes. This can be changes in routine, toys, location, people etc etc. Your bird has just undertaken a very big change and everything is still very new. Your bird is trying to adjust to a new home, new humans, a new routine, new sounds, new toys... everything. This can be a bit overwhelming for a grey as they can be a little change adverse at times. It can take days, weeks or sometimes months for a grey to adapt to these kind of changes and come out of their shell. This is what we call 'grey time'. Some changes may be more readily accepted by the bird than others... so there's no telling how much 'grey time' is needed for different changes. The important thing to remember is that the grey will show you when they are ready to accept a change or a new offering. They will also show you when they are not ready. A lot of this is shown via their body language- so pay attention to what your grey is doing... especially if you receive a nip or a bite...e.g what were the eyes doing, how were the feathers being held? There may be some subtle signs that your bird gives you before he resorts to a bite. Given enough time, you will start to be able to read your birds body language and will be able to know when the bird has had enough or is happy to progress." Allow your bird time to settle in and get used to the comings and goings of his new home. Talk to him often, tell him what you're doing, tell him why you're doing it. Maybe read some books to him or ask your children to read to him. This helps him get used to you being around him and gets him used to all of your voices. He probably doesn't like the dowel rod because he's never seen it before and it's coming straight at him. He will probably bite it in protest of it coming near him. Again, it's going to take 'grey time' for him to get used to it. There is a massive amount of information on these forums available to you so please feel free to look around and use the search tool. If you don't find an answer to your questions then ask - someone will be able to help out. In regards to vets- ALWAYS take your bird to an avian vet. Never take them to a 'regular' vet who isn't qualified or trained in avian care. They won't necessarily know how to handle your bird or treat him and this can lead to unnecessary stress for the bird or incorrect advice being given. I recommend looking into what foods are/aren't safe for your bird. Start giving him some different choices of foods. It may take a little while to wean him off a purely seed based diet but do persevere. He'll find something he likes eventually! Lastly, we like photos. As and when you're able to, we would love to see some photos of your new feathered friend.
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    Hello! Welcome! Congratulations on your new addition!
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    Okay, so I will be posting some pictures in a while, but I wanted to get the current status of affairs out there. This weekend, I brought a new grey into the home. Casper is just about 13 weeks and beginning to take his first flights. So at first, Isaac was pretty curious as expected. Slowly approaching. Then Isaac seemed to want to feed him. Then like....trying to nibble at his toes kind of...not playfully...but more like not even knowing what this new thing was and probing for a response. Then it looked like he wanted to pry the beak off of Casper. So.....so far have to keep them separate or under heavy supervision. I can;t figure out what Isaac thinks, but I feel like Casper needs to get his bearings more and well as Isaac getting comfortable with a new bird in the house. On all other fronts, Isaac seems like business as usual, the encounters are precarious. If anyone has any advice on how to get Isaac to play nice, pass it along. I'll post some pics when I get back from lunch.
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    Cuteness overload, what an adorable baby grey, looks like things are going well for you with the new addition, just let things progress naturally and see if a relationship develops between the two.
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    Time and supervision. What an adorable little guy is Casper. Congrats on the newbie.
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    Congratulations on your new baby and best of luck on the interaction! Having only one, I have no advice for you.
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    For now, I am just going to be patient and let them interact under supervision. I will keep reinforcing that Isaac should just be sweet. LOL. It'll take some time, but we have it. i'm doing all kinds of stuff with new baby that I wish I had done with Isaac, showering with me being one of them. Isaac loves the new set up, Casper is as curious as ever. Things are going good. Advice is welcome though.
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    Please keep his progress updated for us all, it is a beautiful thing.
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    I'd say it is nesting behavior, he is trying to get it under him to sit on it, this is the time of year that hormones are raging or he could be trying to mate with it, in any case I'd take it away for now and maybe let him have it later on this year. You don't want him getting all hot and bothered and then he might take out his frustrations on you, it is cute to watch.
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    I got a new grey yest. He is not home yet, should get ready in few weeks
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    Wow, I,love following the updates. He’s one lucky bird, and you are such an angel for rescuing him
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    Beautiful baby! He's sure making fast progress. He's probably thrilled to have finally landed in a good home.
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    A Happy note... (Facebook)
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    I say some.... I made quite a lot...! But I'm freezing it and taking it out when it's needed so it should last a while. I went shopping and bought an assortment of fruit/veg to throw into it. I basically grabbed anything that was available from the shelves. I got: sweet red pepper peas (I shelled these) sweetcorn (removed from the cob) sugar snap peas (left whole) kale butternut squash (only half used) apples mango beetroot carrots brocoli sweet potato blueberries The nuts are to sprinkle on top of his food or to use as a treat. These weren't mixed into the chop. It took roughly 2 hours... or thereabouts... but that was with various distractions. It's the hottest day of the year so far today and the kitchen is the hottest room in the house, so I did have to keep stepping away to have a drink and cool down from time to time. I got 19 bags (plus whatever I chucked in his bowl already) out of it! Alfie hasn't tried it yet so I'm not sure if I have the beak of approval yet. I've dabbled with chop on and off before but this is the first time I've made a biiig batch of it like this. Most of it normally ends up on the walls and floors. I'm hoping that Alfie takes to it I can sneak more veggies into his diet. (he's very picky!)
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    Hello! Welcome to the forums! There is one 'rule' you need to follow here... We need to see photos!! 😁 Haha How old is your grey? Have you got a name for him/her? How exciting!! Bet you can't wait!
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    Hello Congo and welcome to our family. The others have given you some excellent advice, as said grey time is slow so take it easy and be very patient with him as he settles into his new home. As you learn his body language you can avoid most bites but even the best of us will get one occasionally so don't let it bother you, most of the time its our fault.
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    After 3 days here, our little guy has emerged from his cage and stepped up for my son!!! He always knows how to communicate with birds and animals. My heart is full!