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    Hello all - I’ve recently adopted a female CAG who is aproximatly 18-20 years old. Her name is Maxi and she lived cage bound in the same home since she was a baby. We’ve had her about two months or so at this point and she is very sweet however does not tolerate touching and does not step or nor know how to step up from what I can tell. Anyways, I’m going to start a thread under the general section that will have a few questions in it. Any feedback or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!
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    My 12 year old Cag has never laid an egg but my sun conure has and I left it and she added another then sit on them for several weeks then took 1 away, couple of days later I took another. I was advised by Dave to leave them for if you took them away they will continue to lay to replace it. Be sure to provide some calcium in her diet as laying eggs can deplete their stores.
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    i re-homed a 20-year old Lilac-Headed Amazon a couple of years ago that laid an egg. I was told by a reliable breeder to leave the egg along until the zon no longer cared about it; which I did. Then I removed it and my zon has not laid an egg since then. (thank you Dave007, I still miss you).
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    Greetings Erfan, Ray is right on....Try this for me and as Ray said, keep trying.....Green Leafy Veggies: Kale, no lettuce, mustard greens, corn on the cobb, (once a week) spinach, dandelion greens, collard greens. Carrots, cauliflower with peanut butter (just a dab), snap peas, a good quality seed with no sunflowers such as Top's or Volkman's (on Amazon), raw spaghetti. some cooked pasta, The whole trick is to give them two or three things for six to seven days, they won't starve. Leave the seeds 24/7.....Don't let the fresh food sit in cage more than 2-3 hours. You can try a spoonful of plain low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese daily I promise they won't starve.. Again, this can take days or months You are doing great!
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    I have heard of stories of changing hair stiles that upset a Grey and moving their cage to a new location that would upset them. Corky my grey has lived with change all her life. She has traveled all over the U.S. with us in our motor home and has stayed in hotels, motels, at friends homes and the homes of relatives. She has traveled in our, cars, trucks and SUV`s from the time she was 5 months old; I believe that if they live with change from a young age they know how to roll with punches. We bought Corky a new large travel cage for one of our trips because she found out how to open the doors of all her other cages. She watched me put it together. On a trip in our motor home on the way to see my wife brother In W.V.we were getting off the PA Pike and coming up to the toll both I heard this flap, flap flap and she landed on my shoulder leaned forward looked at the man in the toll both and said HAY DORK.. I pulled over to see how she got out and found that she had dismantled the top of her cage, slid the top over to one side and flew to my shoulder That was the last time I let her watch me put anything of hers together.. If they grow up with change they can be fearless.
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    Ileo=KevinD Been real busy, but if the board has any issues, email me at kevin@maildeploy.com Ill check it. But everything looks good. Keep up the good work helping. Thanks Kevin
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    Hello all - just posted a little introduction thread in the new members section and wanted to hop over here to give the full details on what Maxi has been through in the 18/20 years she’s been around. I am not new to parrots and have worked with them over the years, however I’m very new to AG’s, especially having one in my home so any feedback, tips, etc. would be greatly appreciated. So from what I’ve been told by the woman who owned Maxi, she started out as a hand fed chick purchased from Petco back in the day. She was playful for about a year or so until she started testing her limits. This led to the owner being bitten and created a fear of the bird beak. She has been in the same cage ever since literally only being let out twice in that 17 time frame, one of those times being an accident and led to Maxi living under a couch for several days. As soon as she came here, her cage door was open and only being closed when we left the house. She slowly started coming out and climbing on the door, this further led to her exploring the unused play stand on top of the cage, however she had no clue how to get back in the cage once up there and was stuck for two days on top because she does not allow handleing and is terrified of towels. She had her food and water up there with her, but she eventually figured out how to menuver on the outside of her cage. She now spends a considerable time on top of her cage and in her cage, it’s her choice. Her diet has been completely hanged from a seed/nut diet to veggies, fruits, nuts, pellets, and other random foods she may get from us. She seems very happy now and making progress. However, the only time she will tolerate touch is when she starts doing her little mating dance and begins panting and squeezing, if she is doing this she will let you scratch the back of her neck for what seems like forever but His doesn’t feel right because the more you scratch her neck the more worked up she gets and it doesn’t feel fair for her to get all worked up, but it’s the only way she allows you to touch her, she will even hold your finger and at one point stepped onto my hand but moved as soon as I moved my hand. So that’s where we are right now, any tips or other information you guys might seem useful?
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    Okay, where have all the flowers gone? Do you of this Great Grey Forums realize that some of the most knowledgeable and caring Grey Parronts exist, to offer their knowledge, learning and help just out of their love of parrots?!!!! Okay, then start posting, Talon, Luvparrots,Judy, Ray and Accapella, Greywings, kittykittykitty, Timbersmom, and everyone else I didn't mention..Where's your posts, SRseedburners love your posts, Greytness and everyone I haven't mentioned. Please, if I didn't mention your name, I meant no slight. (Maggie's serving dinner)... Every member is a major and useful contributor to The Grey Forums!
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    Sweet lady....we will be here for you not just for a day, or a week, but for as long as you need us! Old friend, our prayers go to you, Ray, and to all those in need of them...
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    Yes, sadly, life does get in the way sometimes. I have had some sad pet tragedies in the last few weeks. A little on the depressed side, but I will get back here and contribute more in time. Love to everyone ❤️
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    All of us are here for you my true friend... Bless You...
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    The last year and especially the last six months have been very hard on me, but I hope to be back on track soon.. And as always thanks for caring Jay.
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    Hello everyone I'm new to this site, I re homed my 17 year old CAG in August 2017 and I'm enjoying every moment of caring for her. She seemed very ill last night and I was very concerned. She was on the bottom of her cage and would not get up. She seemed to be straining and making croaky squawking noises. All of a sudden an egg appeared much to my relief and surprise! She seems to have bonded with my father and displays mating behavior when interacting with him - which I've tried to discourage but he is a 'bird man' and so 'he knows best'. I wonder if this is why she has went into laying mode? I'm in touch with the previous owner still and she has never done this before. Any advice would be gratefully received! Thank you Leanne
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    Aw thanks. I miss being able to contribute here as often as I would like! But sometimes life gets in the way. I have spent a little time catching up here this evening. I hope to be back on a more regular basis.
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    We miss you.....
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    I have had to revert back to occasional lurker recently due to lack of free time but hopefully my schedule will ease up over the next few weeks and I can go back to commenting on posts rather than just skim reading them when I get a spare minute or two!
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    This is our youngest son, William, he was wounded in Iraq. He remained in the Army for ten years after being wounded until his injuries became debilitating. He left with an Honorable Discharge, his Purple Hearts and other medals...he's one of the heroes...he lives in Germany with two wonderful boys.
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    Whoever told you don’t open the cage is just making the adjustment worse, it will reinforce his fear of humans, if he can’t fly, open the cage while you are around to supervise, he may sit for weeks with the door open, in time he’s going to get curios and may sit on the door. That’s a high first step. i understand the fear and thrashing he probably does of cleaning his cage...but it has to be done...even slow gentle movements by you, soft singing while you do it. And do just the bare necessities, clean the bottom grate and change the paper...let the other stuff go..as he learns that you won’t harm him, you will be able to do his perches. Patience, kindness, gentle humming or singing, and very slow movements so he can see you are not a threat. It will take time, but will work.
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    Keep giving them their fruits and veg`s and in time they will try them.
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    Thanks Kevin, your the best!❤️
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    Hi I got Rosie my African grey in December her wings were clipped they have obviously grown now and I am not sure whether to trim them. Is it cruel she is now flying round a bit and I am a bit scared she will hurt herself. would really appreciate some help. Regards Tilly44
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    In our home all the birds come from other backgrounds, some very good and some traumatic. They each adapt to their new situations in their own way taking what ever time is needed to learn a new households rythms, sounds and sounds. He looks more settled now and is observing quietly I think he will be more comfortable as more time passes. With a Grey never say never.
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    Yes, katana600 and Miss Gilbert are good examples. They've taken 7 years to get used to each other, and their situation was quite bad at the start. Gilbert was a very fearful, untrusting birdy when she first arrived in her new home 7 years ago. They are a good example of what we mean by "grey time". Katana600 decided they were going to let Gilbert make all the decisions as far as how fast they moved, although there were a few times there was a chance to take a leap forward which sometimes paid off, and sometimes not. Through it all we were here to guide and encourage them and they're both quite content, I think, in their relationship now, although there's always room for improvement. We can be here for you as well if you'll let us to encourage you along the way. Maybe it would be a good idea to keep a journal of how you're doing so that you can look back and see the improvements. At least keep a video journal. This video is a big improvement over your last one. Keep up the good work.
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    Thank you Karen. It takes me a lot longer to do regular things and I tire easily but just as Gilbert's progress has been slow and is a game of two steps forward, one backward, onward and upward we trend! I love that you are a grandma of a 2 month old. This week I have been getting antsy waiting for our little one. We are living with our daughter in the Dallas area awaiting the new arrival. I've been here 7 weeks and expect to stay through August. I have to say... since my husband can work from the Dallas office and he is "home" two hours earlier than usual because of the time zone and the easier commute, this wouldn't be a bad place to hang out for a while. Miss Gilbert adapted well and is generally tolerated but has a love/hate relationship with my son-in-law. She has not brought out the heavy artillery yet, she will just make shrieking siren sounds and if he answers back, it is game on! Hahahaha.... He is a pretty smart fella and I have warned him not to start a game he can't win against a parrot because it will end with humiliation and being beat by a parrot.
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    My advice would be to wear earplugs and act like that behavior doesn't startle/bother you. Act normally around the grey until they accept your routine around them.
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    I think it's a big improvement over the last video you posted. At least he's not screaming and clinging to the far wall of the cage to get away from you. He even did a little stretch in front of you. That's a sign he's getting more comfortable with you. What happens if you get a tiny bit closer to the cage? Like Jayd said, it could be years before he is acting friendly towards you, but you're making progress as far as having him not be terrified of you.
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    Good rule of thumb is to end an interaction on a positive note. And if the entire interaction has been positive, end it before you want to and before the parrot ends it. I found that working with my cockatiel became significantly easier when I was ending some trick training or head scritches before he was done with them.
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    With our warmer weather here in Arizona, the fans have come back out of storage and Joe (our Grey - scaredycat) has retreated into hibernation.... In the nine years that we have used fans until we have to use the air conditioner, Joe has HATED the dreaded fans. I have tried different colors, types, etc. but he was never fooled and always beat a hasty retreat when confronted with that dreaded creature. Well, things go slowly in Grey time but we made progress today. Joe actually flew from the safety of his kitchen perches and flew out to share breakfast despite the fact that the fans were out. He did not stay more than 1/2 an hour but that was a MAJOR leap for him... Maggie
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    Thank you Ray, How true....I learned a lot from this man...
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    One of the lessons from my loved amazon Cricket was, talk to your companion and not at them. Try using a soft voice as you sit on a chair or stool next to their cage. Some times sit next to their cage and read or munch on a snack and not say anything. Talk to them like you would talk to your best friend in a calm voice and they will listen. This is about building relationships. They can read your body language and if your tone of voice is calm and soft they will enjoy you being there..
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    Recently he let me sit on the floor front of him , for how long ?
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    Thank you guys , best AG forum I’ve ever seen:)
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    Thank you my friend..laying down is not natural for you or him. If a person continues to do something like this, the only time a Fid will calm down is when you are in this position. A Grey is extremely literal; another important point along the same reasoning is that is you are upset at your Grey, you talk to him in an upset tone of voice and a happy voice when you are happy with him.
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    Can you sit on the floor in front of his cage? That's how I started with Dorian - sitting on the floor in front of his cage talking to him and playing with toys.
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    Erfan, Greys time is counted in weeks and months and years, he need to be back in the room, it might take a year to realize anything,,Please don;t lay beside him, it;setting a bad example, be fluent with him, raise his cage ad leave it alone...Puffed feathers are normal, he's acting normal...You have to live on parrot time.....It could take years before you get the reactions you hope for...Act normal around him....
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    Its up! Its up! Its up! It took myself and my housemate three hours to figure out but we got there in the end. We made a slight mistake when putting the first corner together which affected the roof panels but once we realised and checked the diagram again we fixed it and it went (mostly) without a hitch. The doors were fairly awkward as we had some fixings and no instructions on what they were for. There also wasn't enough space for the inside door to open outwards so it opens inwards with the bolt on the inside. I can get in and out but it might be easy for Alfie or the cats to open it. Will need to monitor that one and maybe get a bit creative there. The weather is still too cold for Alfie to go outside but I'm so pleased it's finally there. I can now continue shopping for toys and perches etc to fill it with. I have to bear in mind that the cats will need to use it too so there may be some larger platforms installed for them to climb. I haven't worked that bit out yet. It is 12ft long, 6ft wide and 6ft tall so lots of space for Alfie to climb and play in. Can't wait for some warmer weather so he can check it out!
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    Good responses, the time of year Spring with the daylight length increasing can be the trigger for egg laying. Good for you adopting her.
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    Poor Maxi has been cage bound for a long time and it will take lots of time and much patience on your part. I'm glad to hear you have changed her diet to a more healthy one but pay attention to what she really likes and use that as treats to get her to do what you want her to do. She has to learn to trust you and that trust must be earned and it may not come easily but give her time and space to go at her pace, greys are notorious for being slow to change but if you are willing to wait the rewards can be great. The mating dance with panting and drooping wings needs to be ignored, you are right to not encourage this as it will only frustrate her more and may lead to bites when she can't get any satisfaction so direct her attention elsewhere to get her mind off that train of thought. Please keep in mind that many greys do not like to be touched very much and if they do its only on their terms, respect her wishes and try again later but more likely she will let you know when she is ready. Move slowly when you are around her as they do not like sudden movements and talk softly to her from time to time, tell her what you are doing and such. Greys are lovely creatures but they are still wild animals, not domesticated like our cats and dogs so they are always in predator mode and on guard. Watch her intently and observe her actions because learning her body language will serve you well in the future. We have a thread on reading body language that will help you be able to tell when to go ahead or stay back so please read thru the many threads here for lots of useful advice.
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    With Cricket when it came to peanut butter, no spoon needed
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    I will change his cage
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    We need all to make the Forum a whole......
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    Thanks so much!!! Everyone has been so helpful. She destroyed a cardboard box last night and all for some head scratches today
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    Sometimes when introducing new toys it helps if you hold the toy at a distance and show the bird how much fun it is. Get excited about it, show them all the colours and materials and talk about it excitedly. Sometimes the curiosity overcomes the fear and the bird shows a bit more interest. Typically if you have something your grey will want to know what it is.... so use this to your advantage when offering new toys. I do similar with Alfie whenever I show him new toys and also when I'm bringing something into the house he might not like. For a while he was scared of the washing basket- I have to carry it past his cage to take laundry to the washing machine and he'd get a bit freaked out about it. So I would cheerfully walk into the room with the basket and explain what it was and where I was going. I would also make a 'ooo' noise to sound excited about it. I do the same kind of noise whenever I introduce something new or 'scary' to him. As a result, when he's looking at something new and working out whether or not he likes it he often goes "oooo!". A few weeks back we had a load of snow and I set him on the window ledge so he could look at it. He stomped up and down in front of the window, eyes pinning, going "ooo!" "oooo!" because he was checking out the changes outside and wasn't sure to make of everything being white. It's always a good idea to start with new items from a distance, as others have mentioned. Watch the reaction of your bird and slowly move it closer. Depending on the bird, this could be done over hours, days or even weeks. Eventually you can get to the point where the toy is hanging near the cage, then on the cage and finally in the cage. Always move at your birds pace. Some are more change adverse than others. They do eventually come round and realise that the shiny new toy ISN'T out to get them!! Bath times... well, that's a whole different ball game. There is a thread somewhere on these forums about bathing parrots... if I find it again I'll post a link but I remember it being quite helpful. Alfie tries to bath in his water bowl, which unsurprisingly doesn't work so well (his butt doesn't fit!). He will tolerate a spray bath for most part- so long as I let him bite the nozzle of the spray bottle a few times so he can show it who's boss. I did buy him a bird bath that hangs inside the cage but he never learned to step inside it. He would sit on the edge and drink from it but would revert back to his regular water bowl when trying to take a bath.... even though the actual bird bath was much larger and big enough for him to walk into. Some birds prefer being sprayed, some prefer a dish of water where they can bathe themselves, some like showers, some like sinks.... it might take a little while to find out what your grey likes best (or will tolerate...) but do persevere with it because regular baths are important... however much they might grumble about them!
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    She’s happy as can be with her peppers!! Haha ❤️ Thanks everyone for the tips I’ll experiment and see how things go.
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    Hello my friend, Singing is great... Talk to him as much as you like, feel comfortable with him. A gray can tell how you feel...
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    Im a little bit confused because I don’t know how long I should speak to him sometimes i sing to him with music in background is it good ?
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    Wow what a great idea! Never thought to put tiles there..my birds live my cabinets. I buy the wooden houses for rabbits and put them on top of my cupboards, they mostly chew them.
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    Well done you for taking in a rescue bird. Others have already given lots of suggestions and far more advice than I could provide. Grey's are fascinating birds and I'm sure Maxi will bring you lots of happiness for many years. The main thing to remember is that everything right now is new to Maxi and it will take her some time to learn about her new home and her new flock. As others have said it's all about patience and "Grey time". She will let you know when she is ready to advance to the next stage of the relationship... Whether it's a head scratch, responding to you vocally or willingly stepping up for then first time. There is a massive amount of information on these forums so feel free to look around and dig into some older threads. And never be afraid to ask questions!