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    In that picture list of zons there is a zon that can fit into any home
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    Hi all, new member here! I have a 15 year old African Grey and yesterday I noticed she has chipped one side of the tip of her beak off. She has no problem eating, doesn't appear to be in pain and when given a cuttlefish bone she ripped it apart with no hesitation, she even nipped me haha. Anyway, this is the first time I have noticed this in the 13 years we have had her, will this grow back like normal? How long will this take if it does? Or will a vet visit be needed to re shape the beak, there was no bleeding involved it's just like part of the tip has come off with her playing or possibly a fall off her perch. As you can see by the images, it's really small but in all these years she has never (touch wood) had any health issues or needed a vet visit. Any help would be great and would put my mind at ease, thanks a lot!
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    The beak is constantly growing and flaking off and this looks normal to me from the pictures you shared, if it had bled then it would have been necessary to visit an avian vet. She is a lovely grey, what is her name?
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    Welcome to the forum! Smokey is adorable! You're going to have so much fun learning about each other. I have 11 birds, but my CAG, Maalik, is very, very special! Enjoy him, and keep those pictures coming! 🙂