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    Welcome to our family and it is so heartening to hear your bird from previous custody still remembers you, why I just read on the internet that a cat that had been missing for 10 years remembered his owner when reunited with them. These birds are amazing creatures and bring so much joy into our lives, I am so glad you have him again and this time forever.
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    Anyone know? She used to post some pretty entertaining stories of her grey Inara (HRH).
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    ๐Ÿ™„ As some of you already know and as some may find out, as our Greys grow older, they sometimes do 180s....Joe, is eating food now that he refused to for years. Yesterday, he ate cooked broccoli and carrot tops. He has always loved hard boiled eggs but now has refused to eat them, looking at me like I am offering him some cyanide...Yesterday, I gave him green beans but I forgot, he will not eat green beans on Sundays, only on Tuesdays and Saturdays...๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜ They also respond to new comments and situations around the house. When Jay stands up, Joe makes a "Raspberry" sound (that's embarrassing)๐Ÿ˜œ....Since day 1, Jay has told Joe "Papa loves Joe!" The other day, Joe yelled out "PoppO!" and then laughed.๐Ÿ˜...he will still say "Papa, I love you" but more often than not, goes with "PoppO".... Joe also comes up with extraordinary comments to situations around him as if he fully understands and has a comment about it....Yesterday evening, all was quiet in the house except for the nightly news in the background. Jay was on the computer, I was doing dishes, and Joe was standing by the window watching the beautiful sunset. When the business news was announced, commenting on the major drop in the stock market, Joe perked up, stretched his neck, and said "HUH???"....๐ŸคฃIt was so classic and too funny....as if he knew....
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    Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers...Kittykittykitty (Howardine) also says thank you....she is having a slow recovery and is still at a rehab center. Bless you all, Rev. Jayd and Maggie
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    Welcome to our family! Beautiful pics and beautiful greys! I look forward to hearing more about them!
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    Hello and welcome to our family. You have beautiful greys and I love the names.
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    Poor Howardine, she has certainly had her troubles and I wish her a speedy recovery.
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    You will need to distract him with toys or something else and ignore him until he stops as you don't want to encourage this behavior. My grey will do the same thing with my hubby, she loves him and just tolerates me even though she is my bird but you take what you get. Get some small toys you can hand to him to play with to get his mind off of trying to mate with you and be careful of where you touch him as certain places like around the wings and down the back tend to get them excited, just stick to head rubs.
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    I have purchased a 12 year old African Grey. He has really bonded with, but I canโ€™t hold him without him trying to feed me. Thatโ€™s all he wants to do. What can I do to help stop this
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    Generally, when people find horses unintelligent it's a translation/communication issue. The ungulate brain developed and acts differently than most brains we humans learn to deal with, and their communication is 97% body language, so can be hard to miss or easy to misinterepret. I've spent 30 years with horses, and 20 doing rescue. I find their logic unparralled and their instincts unmatched. That mare I referred to was hands down the most intelligent and well rounded being I've ever come across, humans included (not that they're hard to outshine).
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    We have horses too. And I consider them to have peanut brains compared to our Greys. If then can remember, you can bet our Greys can remember!
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    Oh yes, we have had horses for 25 years...I know exactly the scenario you right about...witnessed it several times. I find horses and greys are very very much alike in their behavior, their reactions, etc. No two other species are more alike.
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    Right now we're just introducing one new food at a time, so I can watch his poos and reactions. He's regularly eating pellets for breakfast now, if somewhat reluctantly. Veggies are next. Until yesterday he was even refusing plums. Luckily I work from home so can take frequent breaks to coax him. Also, he gets to throw his discards at me while I'm trying to work. ๐Ÿคฃ
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    Right. It had never crossed my mind that he could forget me, unless there's a Grey version of dementia. Not parrot related, so please forgive me; but one of my most satisfying "yes, animals have memories, too" experiences was with my best mare (had her from when I was 14 until she passed when I was 31). Now granted, this mare was off the high end of most charts, but this moment stood out: I had just moved her to a new pasture closer to my new home (she was 22 at the time), and the property owner wasn't too experienced with horses or their behavior, so he invited all his friends to see the new addition on the day of her arrival, without informing me that there would be a welcoming party. I pull up with the trailer, and my mare is none too pleased, *at all*, to be greeted by an entire crowd of new people. She exits the trailer with an angry flourish and promptly goes into full blown show-off fake tantrum mode (strong, ancient Arab/Saddlebred lines, so she's a pro at showy tantrums). She's successfully scaring the crap out of everyone watching, who all expected some old, used-up mare, and she and I are just having a blast. I'm letting her scream and run in circles around me, she's doing her best demon impression: teeth bared, nostrils flaring, neck tense and high, eyes rolling, legs flashing, effortlessy gliding, and everyone just keeps backing further and further away. (I was in control at all times, this was not unsafe, and no one, including myself or my mare was in any danger. Purely psychological fear, no physical threat or chance of injury- just to be clear. This was typical of her. All show. If I had asked her to stand she would have calmed it down to slowly trotting in place instantly.) Then all of a sudden she just stops and stares at one lady. The stare lasted maybe a split second, and back into show-off mode she goes, but it grabbed my attention as it was totally out of character. A few minutes later I grill the woman my mare singled out, and it turned out she met her once, just prior to my purchasing her, to try her out. The entire test run had lasted five minutes before the lady decided the mare was too hot for her and declined. So, my mare remembered her from one brief test drive eleven years prior. So, yeah, never doubted Willy would recognize me immediately.
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    Oh my! Just saw this thread. I am so sorry for her...prayers and best wishes for her. Please keep us posted. โ™ฅ๏ธ
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    Get well soon Kitty. Prayers coming your way.
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