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    Hello, my male African Grey, Sushi, shakes a lot like that. Heat and humidity is good in the room, a heater is not far but not close to him. I don't understand why. He has fruits, veggies, pellets and seeds. 20200110_202349.mp4
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    It's probably a little difficult to determine if there is an issue from that video alone. I echo the above and say it just looks like he is sleepy and preparing for a nap. Please also be aware that we are not vets and therefore would be unable to diagnose any health issue on these forums. If the behaviour is new and unusual and you have any concerns then I would recommend getting in touch with an avian specialist vet. If he is lethargic and has stopped eating and behaving normally then this is usually a sign that something is wrong. Is he eating ok? Pooping ok? Otherwise behaving normally? Is he playing and moving around as normal? Greys do shiver/quiver - usually on their chest. According to some sources this is a sign of "emotion". However, when coupled with other symptoms then it could also be a sign that something isn't right. If in doubt, consult with a specialist vet.
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    Nothing in the video indicates an issue from what I can see. Do you have plenty of toys and stuff for your Grey to play with? He just looks a little sleepy at the moment. Is he like that all the time or just a nap time?
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    Yeah... He out smarts me every time! 😂
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    Happy New Year, Grey Family!
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