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    Here is another question, I read the the occasional "The Parrot Bit Me Thing" but how do you stop a Biting parrot, bites everyone and everything. He will give you a sweet kiss on the bowed head, a light and gentle touch to anyone, but if you try and touch him, he will bite the shit out of anyone. Its not person specific. As long as he is doing the sweet kiss on the bowed head, its fine......but fingers are beef jerky, whats up with that? The bird is spoiled, gets bathes 1 time a day, gets 2 hours in direct sunlight, gets fresh vegetables and fruits, high dollar parrot food with vitamins and minerals, filtered water, toys peanuts and is only left alone 3 hours a day in the cage, and out the rest of the day. For those three hours he watches his favorite tv show spongebob square pants on a high def 4k tv He even sings, "Who lives in the pineapple under the sea" He talks likes no ones business, his cage is cleaned 3 times a day, but he just wants to bite. Any suggestions? Oh and he is a precision biter, nails me ever time in the same spot so many times I've got a scar now on my right hand above my thumb right in the web of my hand LOL I wish I was him, and he had to go to work LOL
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