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    I think that was one of her early ones and is still my favorite. It's so dang true too.
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    Uh huh, not doing it. I can see him shaking his head! Ha.
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    I saw this and thought of Alfie! 🤣
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    Absolutely! I don't actually know where these images originally come from - is it facebook? I can see the credit at the bottom so I'll look it up. I only ever catch them when they get shared on other sites and they don't usually link back to the original post (same as what I've just done!). I'll add a link if I can find the original post. I've seen a few and they are always spot on! This one really rung true for Alfie though! Edit: found it! https://www.facebook.com/FelixLaFollett
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    Alfie has always seemed to pick up male voices easier than female voices. My dad taught him a few words/phrases when he was young. Anything my mum, sister or I tried to teach him was mostly ignored. If my housemate (male) tries to teach Alfie new words/phrases Alfie will often listen and pick them up. I have to work a LOT harder to get Alfie to repeat things that I say. He does say things in my voice, like hello, see you later, bye and night night. He also learned how to say 'what noise' in my voice because I am trying to get him to respond to questions like 'what noise does a duck make' or 'what noise does a chicken make'. So he does listen and can learn female spoken words/phrases... but he always seems to prefer male voices and pick up more words from males than females. He listens a lot more intently to males as well. Whereas with me he will quite often shake his head as if it's a noise he doesn't like. If I lower my voice so it's a bit deeper and say the same phrase/words then he won't shake his head. 😆
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