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    Having been around death all my life, I think this one is hitting home because we haven't seen this kind of fear since the 1918 Spanish Flu. In the end I believe a bunch of folks will die, same as from the every year influenza, probably more but not by much. I think often times, folks don't think about there own mortality very often, because well.... Its a taboo subject, who wants to think about their death, not many I know of. The truth is we all have that appointment, we just don't know when. Every person owes a debt, and it will be paid if your thinking about it or not, at some point. After all the death I've seen, I would rather like to think it is our mortality that defines us, not to be feared, but rather to remind us to live everyday as it was your last. Take care of those that can't take care of themselves, and do the right things, instead of the wrongs. Were all human, after all.
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    I have a PLEX server with over 700 movies and current TV series. I cant trouble shoot everyone's issues with it, but if you are computer inclined and can figure it out for your self, if you send a request to kevin@maildeploy.com with your email addy, Ill add it to the server and you can get hooked up for free. The server will send you an email to authentic you. I will say this, if you have a gmail account, it will go easier on you.
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    Very well said, Kevin.
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    I am still working...but have stocked up on bird food, frozen veggies and to! Lol. Laying low otherwise, haven’t gone out for anything other than work and groceries. Out state everything is closed anyways, but we are playing it safe here.
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    Hi everybody, I was really thinking about how this Covid pandemic is gonna affect our lives and our birds' lives. Personally I'm respecting the lockdown rules in France and have been staying at home since 2 weeks, only going out once a week to buy the necessities. It's starting to be very difficult, especially not knowing when will this end. Personally I'm not afraid of getting the virus, I have good immunity level and will most probably get sick for a few days and get over it. What scares me and keeps me in is the idea that I migh get the virus and spread it to others unintentionally, thus causing someone's suffering or even death. This is something that I can't bare on my conscience... 2 weeks into the lockdown and I'm not sure how to bare this longer. Even Pookie my grey has started to get stressed. She's not used to us staying at home all the time and it's exciting and stressing her at the same time. I guess she's not getting her siesta as usual as we're around the house all day. Or probably she can feel our stress and our boredom and is only reciprocating. Not sure how to face this... Have you guys noticed any change of behavior in your greys as a result of the lockdown? Looking forward to your comments
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    Hope all of my friends and your feathered friends are safe! There haven't been any posts in a few days, and I was wondering how you all are weathering the covid 19 pandemic. We are continuing much as usual, since my children are no longer school age. We are still babysitting the grandkids and going on much as normal. I must say, Timber doesn't seem concerned about the pandemic at all. He is, in his mind, invincible
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    First first I hope you get well soon, and glad your wife got better. I loved the video you shared ❤️
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    Interesting ill send u an email thanks
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    You are correct, but the logistics is a nightmare, and there are still politics in play. Your no more older then I am LOL, you have wisdom and common sense, that which is sorely lacking in these times.
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    Gracie Mae seems oblivious to your suffering, but then I would expect nothing less! Seriously, did your wife take the hydroxychloriquine/z-pack duo? Are you taking it? Just curious.
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    I'm well thankfully and glad you are too! I'm just practicing social distancing here. Not working. Need to go to grocery store but been putting it off. Thinking of canceling my endocrinologist appt later this month. Snickers has plenty of frozen food for a month or so, but after my fresh produce (apples, carrots, melon and maybe a dozen grapes) run out -- well, I'll have to go to the grocery store whether I want to or not. Have plenty of seed and pellets, but hope I don't have to rely on that. I'm in high risk category, so I'm concerned about the months ahead. At least I already had some of my bulk toilet paper still leftover that I purchased before this all hit. Never would have guessed people would panic buy toilet paper. Overall, blessed with semi-stocked pantry and freezer. May not have exactly what I want to eat, but guess it's time to eat what I already have. Could definitely use some chocolate! lol How is everyone else doing, how is your health, did you get your needed supplies, etc. -- has your life changed much??? Sending good vibes and hopes to all!
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    Alright ladies and gents - I am not sure what has gotten into me but I adopted another grey. Pray for me 😂 Anyone have 3 or more grays? Please drop your most valuable tip or piece of advice below! So now we have Maxi, 43; Jojo, 21; and the newest addition as of today, Morgan, 12. Morgan is the first male parrot I've had. While I feel I am fairly experienced and knowledgeable on greys, I ALWAYS welcome tips, tricks, and advice from others. While I said this before, this will certainly be the last parrot entering my home as they now outnumber me and my partner.
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    1st JoJo and Maxi preening next to each other. This is the closest they have ever gotten and it has not happened since. 2nd is Morgan playing with a toy 3rd is Maxi with her daily Messy Beak 4th is JoJo
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    Well first things first... photos please! 😄 I don't have much advice for you I'm afraid, as I'm a single bird home. But I wish you and your flock all the best! I hope Morgan settles in quickly.
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    We think my wife caught it from a student day before spring break. Assumed it was normal flu but then a few days in the breathing issues started. She tested negative for strep and A&B influenza. No test for C19 here so they started treating her for C19 based on the rattling and inability to breathe deep. I have whatever she had now. She's in the clear now but it's my turn I guess. From happier times a few days ago: 20200319_095735.mp4
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