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  1. Well today we’ve tried something, I went out with my husband for one hour to walk. When we came back Pookie was napping, and she has happily greeted us. I guess she felt good that mom and dad went out and left her alone. We felt good too after a walk in the sun. we have decided to do that daily, a good break for us and for her 🤗. IMG_3250.MOV
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  2. That was pretty smart -- to give Pookie her alone time! My Snickers has never been happy when I leave. He is really taking advantage of having me home all day and he's being 'needy' these days. No amount of attention is enough! If he's asleep and I try to quietly slip off to bathroom or something -- he immediately wakes up and starts squeaking! I think your Pookie is amazing to actually demand some alone time!
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