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    When it comes to living with a Amazon there are many stories out there and a lot of them not so good. In many ways Zons and Greys are a lot alike in that relationships are built and not a given. You can pat a dog on his head and he will be as happy as a sissy in boys camp. Not so with a parrot. It`s work to develop a relationship and more work to keep it strong. Zons have a reputation of not being the easiest to live with. You need some big parrot experience to develop a respect and loving relationship with a Zon. They want to always be in control of their surroundings and seam to respect people with self confidence. It has taken me years to get over the loss of Cricket and to talk about her. So I would like share some of my memories of my special Amazon Cricket in my upcoming post. We will call it my home run relationship with my Zon. Greys and Amazons are awesome companions each in their own special way.
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