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    When a Amazon bonds its forever and very strong. We had a very large house. It was a log cabin. Crickets cage was in the family room that was between our great room and the master bed room. The master was on a upper level over the garage and had steps with a balcony that over looked the family room. When ever the wife wanted something she would come to the door of the great room and yell hay Ray and I would come out on to the balcony to see wat she wanted. My computer was in the master bed room so I was up there a lot. One day I thought I heard the wife call hay Ray so I went to the balcony to see what sew wanted. The wife was not there, but Cricket yelled Hi. When ever the wife yelled hay Ray I came to the balcony. From that point on when ever I was at my computer and Cricket wanted extra attention she would yell HAY Ray and when I came out of the bed room she would yell hi. I would always come down and giver some special time. Over the years this went on hundreds times .I always tried to make sure she never felt left out. It`s not the big things you remember. It`s the little things that that you remember that are important.
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    Haha perfect! They always learn how to get more attention! Alfie caught me out in a similar way a couple of years back. My dad had been visiting the house a lot to renovate the back garden. He would come through the house to use the bathroom or make a cup of tea etc. If he wanted me for something he would stick his head round the door and call my name and I would come downstairs to see what he wanted. One day my dad decided to pack up and head home and told me he was leaving. I heard him drive off. About a half hour later I heard him yell my name from downstairs. I assumed he must have forgotten something so went downstairs to see what he wanted... he wasn't there. The car wasn't there... it was Alfie. 😄 For a good few weeks after Alfie would yell my name in my dad's voice. It was absolutely spot on and when my dad was visiting to continue working in the garden I often had difficulties figuring out who was actually calling me. He used to yell my name when he was younger because we lived with my parents at the time. My mum would yell up the stairs and I, being a grumpy teenager at the time, would yell "what" in quite a grumpy tone. Alfie learned to yell my name in my mum's voice and also responded with my grumpy sounding 'what'. It did make us laugh, but also made me realise that I probably needed to respond in a nicer way when called!
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    I would love to learn more about Cricket and it's good that you feel ready to talk about her. I don't really know much about Amazons as I've never done much research into them. I've seen lots of videos where they are talking up a storm or singing etc. They do seem like the class clown of the parrot species. I also understand that they can be quite intense- I don't want to say difficult to handle but if they get cranky about something- watch out! 😂 Mind you- the same could be said for most parrots!!
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    Yeah I've heard of a few birds that do this. Some like their food softer so will dunk it in water before eating.
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    Smartest one out there. For sure.
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    Timber is a "dunker" even with soft foods sometime. He will drop something (like a quarter piece of toast with peanut butter) in his water bowl then pick at the pieces and eat them. Nasty I say, but he seems to enjoy it.
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    Thanx Judy, no more salt for my Girl. 👍
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    So I noticed my 19 week old grey soaking corn and other hard bits in water to make them soft before cracking and eating. Is this laziness or she's the smartest one out there...
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    I would love to have an Amazon. As I've said in other threads, I don't feel that I have the time and attention to devote to multiple birds since Timber's illness. Makes me sad! Maybe someday I will feel differently.
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