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    I want to start this thread off on the right foot. #1 I am not an advocate for shouldering a parrot. #2 I am not an advocate against shouldering a parrot. When a relationship is strong and the time is right it is a beautiful thing; But you can`t rush into this. Weather you shoulder your parrot or do not shoulder your parrot is your decision. It`s not right for everyone. My left shoulder was her shoulder of choice. If I let her I think she would have spent her whole life there. She would climb up there and preen her feathers and enjoy the world around her, The one thing she would always do is get close to my head and lean against it and coo into my ear. God I miss that !!! .
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    Beautiful pictures Ray! Thanks for sharing
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    I've updated the Facebook post with a couple of video updates as Ella is now 0n 30ml of formula 4 times a day now and she has started to sprout her little red tail feathers plus she is preening herself all the time now. I also would like to say although i'm posting updates quite regularly on FB i do not want to encourage anyone who has no experience to take on a chick that is not weaned, this might sound like do as i say not as i do but i have been OCD with video's, forums and general googling, books etc and we triple check everything we do with Ella's food temperature, disinfecting everything hands, feeding utensils and clean bedding after every feed. It's not easy believe me and you need a lot of expensive equipment already to hand before starting. So unless there is no choice then let someone else do the hard work and better still if you can visit the breeder and ask if you can help feed the chick supervised then thats defo the way to go. The Nursery on this forum has some excellent advice on hand rearing and also check https://www.africangreybabyparrot.co.uk/index.php/12_weeks_progress/?k=:2:: another great reference plus read everything you can before you do anything. Rob & Carol.
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    I just cleared the "Validating Requests" table after responding to and accepting the few folks that looked like they were legit. If you REALLY want to get in here, then send a note as described in the earlier posts. There were over 2500 pending, and I received two requests to be let in. Clean slate. AGAIN, I apologize,but you have spammers to thank for this tight policy.
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