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    No they won't give a refund and they have kept the Cites certificate that they asked me to return (like an honest fool i sent it to them with another £31) I struggle to understand how an organisation which is set up to protect endangered species makes it so difficult when another potential breeding bird is born (again not that Ella will be going anywhere as a breeder) but i do wonder what will become of her when we are no longer around, just got to hope one of the family would offer her a safe home, when a bird is not registered it has no value and has to be gifted and probably abused because there is no financial loss. As a side note Cites expected me to contact the previous owners of the male bird to find out who had removed his ring and illegally changed his certificate but it's obvious they would just say it wasn't them and as i have no proof there is no point in chasing it up and i will have to take the loss on the chin. Please check if you purchase a bird that it's paperwork is in order and that some cheating so and so hasn't tried to alter anything.
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    Thx. Why am I not surprised at that you have 5 well behaved (presumably non AG) and one naughty, chewing Grey! Fortunately I have actually found someone in SA that stocks them and in the process of ordering, but it's good to get positive feedback from an actual user. From what I can see they are essentially 10 or 12 mm flat braid with a little buckle. When I get one I intend to measure it to death so that when the enviable happens (chewed) I know how to repair or totally replace if necessary.
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    4We have had Vannah 3 weeks now, and she is settling in ok. She allows me to pick her up off of her cage occasionally, and from the floor any time. I can put her food in her cage without nips, and she knows when to go inside at night. She won't always allow me to put her in the cage at night. She also enjoys sitting with me and getting her head scratched. She's willinging to try a new perch too as long as I don't leave her on it. Here's the problem... she won't do any of this for my husband. In her previous home her favorite in the house was a man, and his wife was tolerated, but was not liked. On Vannah's first night here she didn't want to go in her cage, so my husband tried to make her (without success). I feel like this might be part of his problem. Now when Vannah and I are cuddling he will try to come in and pet her or pick her up from me. He will also try to do something with her that she generally does with me. She doesn't like that either. Now she has changed her willingness to do things with me when he is around. She will give him "kisses" though. We need her to be at least compliant with stepping up for him and allowing him to feed her. How do you think we should go about this? We don't want him to become completely alienated from her. His solution is to be firm about his requests and continue until she complies. He isn't mean, but you can tell she isn't happy about it. I think there is probably a better way. Is it possible that her initial bedtime experience is causing this? Will she forgive him?
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    Greys are quirky. Once they bond with a human, they oftentimes don't want anything to do with anyone else. It's something that he may have to accept over time, but for now it's too early to know. I'd suggest that he do more talking and treating rather than actual physical touching until she relaxes around him.
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    The aviator is probably the most used and recommended harness. I have 6 of them, one for each bird. Our Grey will constantly chew on hers unless I keep her very distracted, so I've had to buy a few of them for her.
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    I have asked for user experience of this on the Grey Lounge, and would appreciate if anybody reading this can help. One that seems to have good reviews on Google is the "Aviator" from "parrot university". Believe it or not there is even a Wikipedia article on the subject (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parrot_harness) with a pic of one bird riding on motorbike on a perch with a harness in Taiwan. When she was young I used to try giving her longer flights on our estate grounds. Only she disappeared completely one day, even though she never went up only along and down. I searched everywhere until it was dark and was distraught. Up at dawn the next day I found her by her red tail, clinging onto reeds by the side of the little lake we have. My guess is she landed there out of sight and did not move except to climb up. I never tried it again after that. Ironically we also have a group of about 6 ringtail parakeets living wild on the residential estate (apparently there are little groups of them all over Johannesburg) and just the other day our bird table got visited by a lovebird.
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    Oooooooh, that sounds cool as hell! A flight leash! The big question is, can you get the harness on your bird and keep all your fingers? Even if I could, I would still worry about predators. Hello, anxiety! We're fortunate enough that our living room as a high ceiling with an upstairs balcony. So whenever I take Timmy upstairs, I toss him, and he flies up to said balcony. Then I gotta run and get his perch before he poops!
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