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    Today we welcome Fynn into our hearts and home! Fynn (formerly Casper) is a gentle little sweetheart. Confident, curious and so darn adorable in every way! While my heart is filled with sadness, knowing his first owner gave it his all to make things work, and whose heart is now broken having to rehome him, we are both focused on moving forward. My door will always be open to him for visitation rights! I'm absolutely amazed at how quickly little babies can become acclimated to new surroundings. He's already met all the birdies, has flown laps around our bird room and outdoor aviary, munched down on a healthy bowl of chop, shredded a few toys, and has already wiggled himself into our hearts. Welcome to your new home, Fynn!
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    Hello Crdavis and welcome to our family. Its good you have done research before bringing one of these awesome creatures into your home, it will help you in the coming weeks, months and years you share with this new companion. My advice is to open the cage door and allow your bird to come out on her own when she is ready, they like to do things on their terms and she may want to interact with the family right off the bat but if not let her decide if she wants to come out or off the cage. Greys are flock animals and want to be with their family, with you being part of the family. I would really like you to leave her wings unclipped, most of us here are of that opinion, birds were meant to fly and if you can manage keeping the doors and windows closed when she is out to prevent any escapes then she will be a happier bird. There is nothing like hearing the flap of wings when your bird is coming to find you or just enjoying the freedom of flight. The main thing is to just let her make the decisions on when she wants closer interaction with you and take it slow and easy for grey time is slow and it takes time and lots of patience on our part to not rush it with them, trust is earned and that can take a while.
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    His feet are 4 inches front toe-tip to back toe-tip...Isaac's are something like 3.5 ....measure yours. This baby has giant feet. It's amazingly cute though He is like spider-man in bird form. Never fails to snag the perch. Super outgoing personality. The most curious of explorers. Have you seen flap time yet? Kind of figuring that if you have, you'll know what I mean by "flap time". Ha! Anyway, no matter how you slice it, when you bat an eye his way, he does nothing but make you happy and fill your heart with joy. A new baby exploring the world and having a lot of fun...being allowed not to be afraid. It's an experience that forever warms your heart, and you feel touched by this gift from the universe that you can share such a precious time with such a precious life. My daughter and I share a beautiful bond around this baby that we are truly grateful for. We are gonna have to go see him soon. Thanks for loving him. He is the most innocent soul when you watch him. All you see is the magic of life as you stare at whatever he does. Every living and breathing motion is filled with the magic that makes life so beautiful. Each little pout as cute as the last. Beautiful curiosity. Adorable questioning glares. He's an ever flowing tap into what makes living the most beautiful thing of all. It's a true gift to share in the youth of a precious creature such as an African Grey. They really are like children to me. This was the most difficult thing I have ever had to do in my life. I cannot remember having to turn on my heart when it was so strong. But I am glad he is going to be happy and loved. Thank you for giving him love and I hope he carries your heart away the way he has ours.
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    I will see to it, Elvenking.
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    Thank you for taking the time to reply. I was hoping it was a phase that will pass. I love her dearly.
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    Hi everyone. I’m new here and also about to be a new CAG owner. I’m super excited and ready to have this lifelong companion. I have done much research and ready to dive in. But I have read different ways of handling bringing home ur new baby. I have found a baby that’s 5yrs old. But so she gets used to me and my family I have read to let her sit in her cage and let her get familiar with us for several days. But then I’ve also read to let her get on top of her cage and that she would adapt to how we do things. The only issue is that she has not had her wings clipped for some reason. Any suggestions on how to handle her for the first several days when we get her home. TIA
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    Definitely keep blinds down and cover any mirrors. Also if you have any hanging chains from ceiling lights/fans, put something on them that are very visible. We've had a new bird fly right through a chain and it wasn't pretty but she's ok.
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    If you have any doubts I wouldn't use it. If the play stand is for indoor use then I don't think you need to varnish it...? Your bird will probably want to remodel the playstand by chewing parts of it, so I probably wouldn't run the risk, just in case.
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    I would steer clear of the varnish too no matter what they say. Raw wood is best.
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    Ah those baby eyes, they get me every time, looks like Fynn is going to be so loved in his new home.
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    My baby is going to be happy.
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    His feet are actually ginormous. Bigger than my other 2 CAG's feet, that's for sure. They're like little CAG clown feet!
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    He's beautiful! I was so glad you could take him.
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    There's just something about that face and those feets that makes me melt. I'm powerless when it comes to that Grey charm.
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    Such an adorable baby bird. Glad he's settling in so well!
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    Welcome to the forums!
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    Hello Gil and welcome to our family. When your grey lays eggs I would leave them for her to sit on, for one reason if you take them away she will only lay more to replace them and that could leave her with a calcium deficiency, it is better to allow her to sit on them until she shows less interest in them. You can also replace them with fake ones that will not be broken or cause a stink that real ones might, you can easily find them, just google fake grey eggs. Greys can be moody when nesting and sitting on eggs but she should return to normal when the hormones settle down.
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    Hello! Welcome to the forums! Aw I'm so excited for you and your new addition! Just take your time and be patient with your bird. Changing homes is a big deal with lots of new people, places and routines to figure out. Greys CAN be fairly change adverse, so it's usually best to work at the birds pace. If she seems confident enough then let her out. If she is visibly scared or anxious then let her settle in for a day or so. Wing clipping is a personal preference. I believe the owner needs to make that choice based on the bird itself and the environment they are in. My bird, Alfie, is fully flighted- and I am super cautious about doors and windows. It works just fine for us and I've never personally had a reason to clip Alfie's wings. If she is already able to fly then you might be taking a bit of a risk by trimming her wings as she might try and launch off as normal and drop like a stone after a trim. So long as she is safe and family members are careful about doors and windows then you should be able to keep her fully flighted. If you do decide to trim her wings then I would suggest a VERY light trim in the first instance to let her get used to the change. Otherwise she could potentially injure herself if she falls or crash lands.
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    As I always say, when in doubt err on the side of safety, it could possibly be safe but who wants to risk their beloved companion's life on this one man's statement, besides it is probably going to be chewed on and possibly some ingested, so what it is not the best looking thing, your bird will put her own touches on it perhaps. If your bird plays on it and enjoys it then its the best looking item in the house IMO.
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    Thank you so much judygram!!! That is a relief to know. I will let u know how it goes tmrw!!! I get her today but I’m sure I’ll be sitting and talking to her and won’t have time to let u know today 😂. I’m obsessed already!!! And ok about the wings. We have a large open house that she can fly around in. I just thought it was best for inside birds to have their wings clipped. I learn something new everyday! Thanks again 💕
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    Why use varnish in the first place, its not needed on wood that is intended for birds to be standing on, the varnish could make it more slippery for your bird.
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    Fynn is having lots of fun as are we! My daughter had him out this afternoon and he kept flying into my office to see what I was up to. I'd return him to my daughter, but in a flash he was right back for another little visit! He's a fantastic little eater. Today he had broccoli, carrots, yams, English peas, baby chard greens, sugar snap peas, corn, a sprinkling of raw hemp seeds and ancient grains, microgreens, my home made birdie bread, banana, grape, and blueberries. He tried everything and ate most of his lunch. Little crop has a nice bulge to it, too! Elvenking is right. His innocence pulls you in deeply. Wish he could stay that way. Haha! Well, we'll savor every single precious little baby moment while it lasts. I've ordered an avatar harness for him. Going to see if we can acclimate him to wearing it so that he could take walks with us. Our other birds were too old when we'd introduced it to them. It was a definite no go.
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    It is nice to be a part of the forum. I have had my grey for 23 years. I fed her shortly after she was born. She has been so much fun. My bird laid egg about a month and half ago. She has done this periodically for several years. I moved about approximately three months ago. I ordered a new cage and she seemed to settle in well. After laying the egg, we took it out. She had some new toys and loved to chew them up. One of the toys had little wooden balls that fell to the bottom of the cage. She started sitting on them. I let her do this a few days, but read some things and decided to take them out. Since then, she had ground up her toys and put them in a bowl. She has buried her head in the bowl for several weeks. She is very guarded and wont stray far from the bowl. She has become a little aggressive and wont let me pet like she always loved. I welcome any feedback or suggestions. Should I remove the fruit bowl for the time being. She gets a combination of sunlight through a window and full spectrum light for 12 hours. Please help. Thank you and I happy to be a member. I have added a pic of her with her head in the bowl.
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    I had the casters break off on my first cage. I bought replacements from HD/Lowes and pounded them right in. They're a lot stronger than the el'cheapo originals.