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    Yes he will need to have a fecal run at the Vets it is possible he may have been exposed to e coli, salmonella, giardia and other less common health concerns. I have seen birds who lived in rodent infested areas get very ill form both e coli and salmonella, even die if not treated. Poor Grey bird he will need to learn what healthy food is again. Do offer some fresh veggies maybe a little soft scrambled egg and you can offer coconut water or diluted Gatorade or pedialyte to help him recover from the heat and dehydration. Congratulations on the save that is one fortunate landing for him. Blessings on your son and family for your persistence. A few weeks of good food and some baths he will be a new bird, looks better than he could look considering his recent lifestyle.
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    Such good news! Well done to you and your son for persevering and rescuing the little guy. I hope he has a very speedy road to recovery!
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    OH! Thank you for rescuing him! He is a love and will repay you many times over.
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    Here he is. Skin and bones, but we're going to be fixing that real soon.
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    He has him!!! Is on his way back with this poor little guy. When my son got there, he found the grey locked inside a shed with holes cut out of the sides. There were rat droppings everywhere, and the entire shed wreaked of rat urine. The bird's food and water dishes were bone dry. No toys or perches anywhere. The poor bird was panting heavily, to the point where my son felt he could have stroked if he'd waited any longer to rescue him. He brought him into the house where he immediately threw up onto his hand, poor thing. He sprayed him down with some cool water and offered him some food, but he was too stressed to eat. Apparently he's 12 years old and belonged to the man's wife before she passed away from cancer 6-7 years ago. Here's to new beginnings, Sydney! ❤️
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    Screens on all doors and windows works for me. I have had my flighted greys since 2007.
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    Sounds like this was meant to be. Yay for the rat for getting things done! 🤣 Rats are actually pretty clean lil varmits. I have rats all over in my chicken and pigeon loft and my pigeons never contract anything from them. Canker is all I deal with and that's a common pigeon disease that they don't get from anything else. You know pictures are mandatory now! I can't wait to hear how this story ends, sweet I hope. Is Isaac's Dad still in the picture?
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    Update on our rescuing efforts. And it's good news!!! We're going to be able to bring him in after all. Apparently the rat infestation has become so bad from all the scattered seed around his outside cage that one had gotten inside their house and ran across his son's chest while he was sleeping. That was the last straw! So he'll be quarantined in my son's room while we rehabilitate and look for his forever home. What kinds of diseases, if any, might this poor bird have gotten from being around the rats? Looking forward to giving him a better life.
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    The access to this forum got very flaky a while back so I have been away. But It now it all seems to be hunky dory 🙂
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    Hi. I am a new member and a new Dad to an adopted older CAG. Have only had him for almost a month. My necessary visits to the adoption center went very well. He doesn't like females so I (male) had no problem handling him. First 24 hours at home went well, but the second day he was stepping up to me and for no reason he chomped on my hand and drew blood. My unfortunate reaction was to pull away and this had him fall to the ground. Not sure if something spooked him? So, now, we are in the process of building trust again. Have been doing target training and lots of treats. His diet from his previous owner was all seed so have been slowly trying to change him to a better diet. Will be a long process.
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    Helping... inspecting... official taste tester...!! Lovely photo!
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    Looks like you have a nice setup for him. I would say he's asking to slow things down a little with his new situation. They always settle down, it just may take a while. It took our Huey about 6 months to come out of his shell.
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    Not too big! I buy macaw cages for my greys. Rabbit toys are cheap, just make sure they are bird safe.
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    Oh the poor thing. Such horrid conditions. At least he is safe now and will get all of the care and attention he needs. I'm sure he will settle down eventually and quickly realise he has landed on his feet!
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    Like the others have said the bigger the better, they need plenty of room to be able to open the wings and flap without touching the bars. I second the addition of a nice heavy duty bell, no grey should have to go without a bell, they will ring that thing and play fight with it, even take out their frustrations on it, a definite must for a grey. You can also check the baby section of stores for toys for your bird, lots of them are safe for birds but sometimes just ordinary items in a home make good toys, sometimes just a box will keep them busy for a while.
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    I think he looks like a keeper! 🤪
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    Well, he's out of that shithole. Let's rehab and see what happens. If you lived here I'd probably entertain the idea. That's funny you say you're up to 11. In my pea-brain I think I'm still at three, but when I count beaks, I count 8. How the hell does this happen? 🤣
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    Seeing as how you are in the U.K., you can easily get the chain fly screens over there. They work wonders to stop a bird from flying through an open door. This is what we used on the back door where I lost Tinkerbell twice. Once I put the chain screen up, she won't fly through the door. In case you're wondering, she flew through the door trying to find me. Once I was in the back yard cleaning cages with the door open and she managed to pull her bird room door open and flew out of the house looking for me. Fortunately I was about 50 feet outside and she flew right to me. The second time I was going through the door and had no idea she was in the living room. She landed on me as I was exiting the door.
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    I usually buy toys to get the parts, like the one you see in the pic. Then it's simply cutting wood blocks or whatever to refill. Since my Greybie is a wood block chipper, I refill with wood. I have another one that loves to chip cardboard. As you can imagine, she's easy to make toys for out of a plain old cardboard box.
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    Mandatory: a nice stainless bell (bird safe type). Maybe some stainless hanging spoons. My GreycieMae's favorite toy is one I use a miter saw to refill all the time. She can destroy it in a day. It's made from wood blocks and straws on a stainless skewer rod. I don't have many toys in their cages as my birds are rarely caged but here's a shot of the toy I make for her and the little nibblets she leaves behind 🤣:
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    This is my new grey Ruby she is supposedly 5-7 years old I know it’s hard to tell but does anyone have a educated guess she is so sweet and seems to be trying so hard to talk to me any tips on keeping her happy?
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    I am new here and will be getting a baby shortly. Any help advise will be appreciated.
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    Congratulations on your new baby! And may I be one of the first to welcome you to Grey Forums! The behavior you have described is actually a loving gesture of his wanting to share his food with you. Sounds like he's warming up quickly to you, which is great! I'm not sure what your plans are with his cage, but my recommendation is that when you're able, to get him something bigger. Greys love space to play, flap their wings, swing, etc. etc. This particular cage is actually intended for much smaller birds. Again, welcome to the forum, and keep on posting!
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    Very tearful. May God be with you always. May all the beautiful feathered angels you have nurtured here be there to help guide you home when it is your time.