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    Ileo=KevinD Been real busy, but if the board has any issues, email me at kevin@maildeploy.com Ill check it. But everything looks good. Keep up the good work helping. Thanks Kevin
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    With all the exciting luxury aviaries springing up, I thought I'd share a nice blueprint for the perfect home floorspace plan that I found. It's perfect!
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    For several years I have been planning on building my fid family an outdoor aviary. Last month we broke ground and poured its foundation, complete with drains. Within the next 2 weeks the materials for the structure should be ready to go! I agonized over what type of mesh to use, and finally decided to go with stainless steel mesh, 1/2x1/2 inch. Galvanized after welding is so much cheaper, but I really worried about my bird's exposure to any zinc remaining on the wires, so I decided to bite the bullet and go with stainless steel. There will be a chute from the side of the aviary that'll be directly attached to my bedroom window. I won't have to carry them out to the aviary in carriers, but will be able to place them inside the chute, and then they can fly right into their bird haven. Size of the aviary is 20x10.
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    OMG today he stepped up when my daughter asked him too! She brought him into my room and put him on my bed next to me!
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    Hello all - I’ve recently adopted a female CAG who is aproximatly 18-20 years old. Her name is Maxi and she lived cage bound in the same home since she was a baby. We’ve had her about two months or so at this point and she is very sweet however does not tolerate touching and does not step or nor know how to step up from what I can tell. Anyways, I’m going to start a thread under the general section that will have a few questions in it. Any feedback or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!
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    Snapped a few photos of Alfie today. He looks like he is posing for them!
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    My 12 year old Cag has never laid an egg but my sun conure has and I left it and she added another then sit on them for several weeks then took 1 away, couple of days later I took another. I was advised by Dave to leave them for if you took them away they will continue to lay to replace it. Be sure to provide some calcium in her diet as laying eggs can deplete their stores.
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    i re-homed a 20-year old Lilac-Headed Amazon a couple of years ago that laid an egg. I was told by a reliable breeder to leave the egg along until the zon no longer cared about it; which I did. Then I removed it and my zon has not laid an egg since then. (thank you Dave007, I still miss you).
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    Oh wow, that's amazing. I think Alfie would probably just throw the spoon at my head. Or maybe throw it across the room and expect me to fetch it for him so he can do it again.
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    Nilah like to use a spoon.
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    Looks good! I think I'm going to investigate this for Alfie. Judygram- do you cook/boil the veggies you buy before serving them to the birds?
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    I feed Volkman's Birdeez Buffet and have for years. It contains dehydrated veggies/fruits. I basically have a concoction where I boil water then throw in a bean cuisine for 15-20 mintues, then I throw in the birdeez buffet (minus the pasta pieces). Let that cook for another 10 minutes then throw in the pasta and some frozen peas and vegetable medley. Makes for a really great parrot buffet! Huey thinks it's the best thing ever. He gets super excited when he sees me in the kitchen making his breakfast!
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    People sometimes think about what they don't have, but I submit to you, think on those things you do have. Friends, Family, Health and a myriad of things I could list here. As an example, I thank God I have sight, and hearing and just the ability to walk around as a normal human everyday. Be thankful for what everyone takes for granted. The place I returned from, most folks don't have that luxury. Be Thankful for the time you have to spend with the folks that are alive and you still have the time to make amends, for one day you will not. But most of all give thanks to God for giving you one more day to do the right thing. I pray for the ones we lost, I hope their families can find a way to be thankful for there efforts in keeping everyone safe as can be. And most of all I am thankful for each and everyone of you for helping me get Sukei home.
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    Here you go @Ray P: two quick and dirtys. I'm in the middle of making some cotton climbing nets so don't have time to edit or anything... * Sorry about the size of the video. I haven't figured out what tags this new forum supports yet so I'm stuck with direct embed of the link and it does whatever the heck it wants with it. *
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    The trick is to find something else that your grey likes to destroy. I had a similar problem with Alfie when he discovered the shelves in the living room. He threw everything off the shelves then started chewing them/pulling them apart. I discovered that he loved to destroy cardboard boxes so I found some that fit perfectly on the shelves. Now, when I let him out, I clear all my things off the shelves and leave a few cardboard boxes and toys up there for him. He will happily sit and shred the boxes for hours and leaves the shelf well alone. The chewing is a natural behaviour- you just need to find a way to redirect it to a more desirable object if you can. (e.g boxes, old bits of paper, telephone directories... anything he can chew and shred) Depending on your cabinet- is it possible to tile the tops of them? One of my colleagues also has a grey who loves sitting on the top of the cabinets- so they put tiles on top. Can't be chewed and are also wipe clean! He also fills the space with various toys and boxes to keep his grey busy/distracted.
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    My sweet little girl becomes a young lady today and turns seventeen. She has been the center of our life from the day we first saw her. We have spent seventeen years turning her into the most awesome brat you will ever see in your life. She is a very outgoing and is loved by all our friends. She lights up the room with her personality and always welcomes guest into our home Happy hatch day my sweet little girl.
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    Hey! Hey! Pretty Lady. Have a beautiful day and make sure your Parronts know whose the Boss!!! ray
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    Happy Hatchday Corky!!! She looks like a sweet baby.
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    Looks like a couple pics didnt make the upload. This first pic, Huey just gave her that pasta she was all too willing to take from him.
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    A need to support the end of removing parrots from the wild in all countries if we can work together on that issue.
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    Walls and roof are fully enclosed on the 'littles' room as I call it. It's trimmed out on the inside but still needs some finishing on the outside. Also waiting for the tiling tie-in and then it can be painted and the door put on. Inside: Outside: And the Greybie GreycieMae's room. Did I mention that working with insulation is an itchy job?
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    Wow, I really don't know what to say, was going to stay anonymous, but thank you and all of you here for helping Sukei and I. What was said technically was SPOT on. You have no idea how close you came to loosing everything. I have no problem answering questions, or fixing/adding wanted additional functions as time allows. That being said, the current status of things is I have an IPB engineer working on some of the proprietary issues with the re indexing and post DB conversion issues that I cannot address. When the core issues are solved, Ill be glad to address any requests I can. In trying to address "The Looks" of the place, which is generally the biggest complaint with a format change, there are 6 different flavors to choose from. Choose from themes at the bottom of the page. I will say this though, I am much more receptive to positive requests/comments than negative ones. Thanks again Talon, the pleasure was all mine in keeping the place going. Great write up all around K
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    If you have a wild caught grey then you really need to take it slow, this bird has been ripped from where it called home in the wild and now it is spending his days in a cage, that is a huge difference. As others have said grey time is slow time and that means weeks, months and maybe even years before you can gain his trust. When you sit nearby his cage don't ignore him as that hate to be ignored, talk to him, read a book to him in a soft voice, let him get used to you being around, believe me he will want to be by your side when he does learn to trust you. Take it slow and easy, when he allows you to be closer offer him a treat, something he loves. Please do read thru some of the threads to get more ideas and suggestions that worked for others with similar situations but don't get discouraged by the lack of visible progress as it is in baby steps, it will require great amounts of patience but trust me the reward will be ever so sweet no matter how long it takes.
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    Welcome back!!!! Now for some pics! Way back when I had three birds and that was it for us. Now at 6 birds I say, what the hell, they've taken over!
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    I often think of Sukie , like boxing match, we just completed round 1 through 6. Were still standing, thanks to alot of the advice I got here. NOW it's time to finish the fight. You guys will probably giggle when I tell, you, but I got an idea from thanksgiving, and the Turkey Pardon. I figure my Department Of Defense Clearance should be worth more then just working for the very entity that has caused this much pain in the A&* So I used some of my contacts, and have an open dialog with the White House. Probably not worth the paper it is written on, however, will make a GREAT conversation piece. Ill probably have to do the high dollar lawyer route to get this finished. NOW that got me thinking, are there any Grey issues you guys have that you want to get into the public light? No need to waste a good chance, and some possible free news coverage, if it goes that far. Also understand, Im not doing this because I want to, but because I am forced to. The more the merrier, if you guys have issues...