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    Our Grey Huey is 21 and was not a flyer. We got him on Dec 1st of 2017 and by end of January he was flying, not real graceful but flying...lots of crash landings. I started him out by just giving him a toss onto our bed over and over. Once he got the idea, he started trying to fly on his own and we had some scary moments as he had some very hard landings. I spent about a month flying out of my chair to go provide a landing arm for him when he would launch himself because he was not real good about hitting his landing rope/etc. and would then crash hard. Eventually he's gotten very good at hitting landings and rarely crashes anymore. He's even flown down our hallway and turned and came back which is pretty amazing for such a large bird. He'll never be super acrobatic like our Greycie that learned as a baby but he's a flyer now.
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    Please keep his progress updated for us all, it is a beautiful thing.
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    Common sense answer, smart person. Roof works as well if you use plastic make certain your greys cannot chew on it.
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    So very true ❤️
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    Birds have very little reserve strength so if you see any health issues best to at least call a Veterinarian to avoid serious developments..
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    I bought such chips for my dog. She was very pleased. My friend also advised me other small pet supplies. Now I buy all of them and my Disy looks so happy😊
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    If all goes according to plan, I just might know someone who would take him. He actually used to be a member of this board: Isaac's dad. He just started looking for another grey to keep Isaac company, so the timing could be right!
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    Prayers in getting this poor bird.