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    I believe he does. It's difficult for him to trust us yet, but I'm thrilled at how quickly he's becoming acclimated to everything. Five days!
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    He's doing so well. Thank you for the photo updates. Maybe he knows he has hit the jackpot so is making the most of it!
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    He was. Crash landed into a pile of my son's laundry, making it the one time I was appreciative of the messiness in his room!
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    After 3 days here, our little guy has emerged from his cage and stepped up for my son!!! He always knows how to communicate with birds and animals. My heart is full!
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    Hello all. So I went ahead and got an Aviary for my patio. Very cool...built it over the weekend and it is on its way to being a cool little haven for my...soon to be two....African Greys. I was doing my laundry this evening when a guy was telling me about a case of bird mites he got as place.....could feel them on him and see them walking on his phone screen. He had them sprayed for and such...but it raised a major concern for me. I currently have nesting doves directly over the top of my new aviary. Should I run those Doves out of there and clean like a mother? Now that I am going to try to have my birds outside to get sun....now I am worried about them getting mites. Anyone have any experience with this and can help understand what precautions I should take. I am about to make some Doves very unhappy.
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    pandemonium sounds about right. Can that also be applied to a singular grey? Alfie can create enough pandemonium all on his own! 😂
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    I talked to a pro bird-keeper and he suggests limiting the time out there or just waiting until the Doves fledge to really go for it, then take measures to make sure no nesting can continue there. They fledge in a couple weeks or so I'll play things real safe and take care. Thanks for all the responses. Cheers guys!
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    I have an outdoor aviary now and the biggest problem that I have is that the spiders love it and keep building webs everywhere! 🙄 I also have birds landing on it and pooping everywhere as I haven't got the top covered. So before Alfie goes out I spray it down with the hose and then scrub it down with some f10 bird safe disinfectant, diluted at the highest level to kill as much bacteria as possible, then rinse it off with the hose. I'm mostly worried about possible diseases carried by the local birds/wildlife being passed on to Alfie. The hose clears most of the cobwebs... the scrubbing brush gets the rest! It might be over the top but I'd rather make sure I've done everything I can to prevent it.
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    I'll bet he was pretty clumsy! Huey crash-landed into everything for a couple months before he got his muscles and skills built up. He can now turn around in the hallway like GreycieMae. He's not as talented as her but he gets around.
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    I have an outdoor aviary, too. We installed a paneled roof onto it to keep wild bird poop from getting inside the aviary. Took @SRSeedburners panel recommendations, purchased from Home Depot.
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    Thank you! Still lots of trust work left to work towards, but I am utterly amazed by how quickly this happened! He's extremely cage protective, and understandably so. But once he's away from his cage, he was so much better. Sydney was able to take a maiden voyage flight around the room, too. First flight for him in over 8 years!
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    Yeah, I am not planning full time outdoors either so I think it is a reasonable risk to take to give them outside time. I'll take some precautions though.
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    Great pictures. Love seeing the progress, and so fast too. He knows he bought a winning ticket.
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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that! What a sweetheart! He is forever yours....such a resilient precious gift.
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    I have an outdoor aviary & never felt the reason to worry about bird mites. I do not leave them out there full time,but in the last 4 years, the only thing I watch if the wasps that may make it inside which I am right there to make sure they are gone asap.
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    Yeah, I am hoping this is a bit more rare than it seems. However, soooooo protective of my babies. Any possibilities get me worrying like crazy. I am not taking any chances though....going to lay down some plastic over the top of the cage where the dove nest is. When they fledge and vacate, I'll take measures to see they nest somewhere other than above the aviary just to be sure. From what I read, mites do not really want to leave the host bird, so it takes direct contact and some luck anyway. There are some scary links though.
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    I have around 40 pigeons, high-flyer and homing, plus around 60 chickens. Have no idea what a bird mite is. Maybe one of those mythical bs fake news critters. with my pigeons, canker is the problem. my chickens, coccidiossis (sp?). no mites whatsoever.
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    Greetings.. Here's 2 sites that should be able to answer your concerns... https://www.birdmites.org/forum.html https://pets.thenest.com/pet-birds-carry-mites-lice-affect-humans-12972.html
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    Maalik has that business-like 'Hello' thing going on, too. Speaking of Maalik, one of the many things I absolutely love about him is that he'll 'ring the doorbell' as someone is walking up to the front door! His cage is positioned by the front window, so he as a great view of our front yard. We know when packages are arriving, the water is being delivered, and he also helps us screen solicitors!!
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    We're convinced our Huey worked in a call center prior to coming to live here. He has the most business sounding polite "Hello?" I've ever heard. And he only does it when the phone rings.
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    He REALLY is a keeper! ☺️ I'm in love!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
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    Welcome to the forums and thank you for taking in a rescue bird. What is his name? He is a beautiful bird! One thing you will learn quite quickly is a little thing called "grey time". This is the time it takes for a grey to adjust and accept changes. This can be changes in routine, toys, location, people etc etc. Your bird has just undertaken a very big change and at a month in everything is still very new. Your bird is trying to adjust to a new home, a new human, a new routine, new sounds, new toys... everything. This can be a bit overwhelming for a grey as they can be a little change adverse at times. It can take days, weeks or sometimes months for a grey to adapt to these kind of changes and come out of their shell. This is what we call 'grey time'. Some changes may be more readily accepted by the bird than others... so there's no telling how much 'grey time' is needed for different changes. The important thing to remember is that the grey will show you when they are ready to accept a change or a new offering. They will also show you when they are not ready. A lot of this is shown via their body language- so pay attention to what your grey is doing... especially if you receive a nip or a bite...e.g what were the eyes doing, how were the feathers being held? There may be some subtle signs that your bird gives you before he resorts to a bite. Given enough time, you will start to be able to read your birds body language and will be able to know when the bird has had enough or is happy to progress. You will have many amazing years together and it sounds like you are already off to a fantastic start. These forums are full of information so feel free to have a look around. Ask as many questions as you need to- there is always someone here who can help and advise!