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    We have coyote woes here, too. All their natural habitat has been over-developed, so now they're scouring the neighborhoods, hoping to find a sustainable food source. It very sad, actually.
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    Your Grey flock and the chickens are in good hands. Hopefully you can deter that Bobcat around here the Coyotes are more of an issue.
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    OMG! Poor chickens. You have quite the farm thing going on. There's nothing like freshly laid eggs!
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    Chickens? Too many. I have about 30 at the barn and 30 in the backyard. The backyard flock is all Silkies as well as young birds that will eventually end up at the barn. I also have some really small ones in the aviary with Huey and GreycieMae. That situation was forced on me a few nights ago when a bobcat showed up and made off with about 10 chickens. I got two back from the neighbors yard across the road where he hauled them off to and they escaped. I bought a kennel to set up and put them in but I need to find time to get it together and move them out.
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    He's very handsome, feet and all! Love his messy beak, too! How many chickens, etc do you have grazing outside?
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    Teak turned 4 in April. Never had her DNA'd, but I've always leaned towards it being a 'she' simply because a Jardine's breeder said she could tell from the shape of a Jardine's head as to whether it was a boy or girl. Teak is my one and only bird. She'll quietly sit for hours on my shoulder. Unfortunately she had been clipped before fledge, so now she'll only fly when extremely startled.
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    I do sort of remember a Teak. I must be getting old. Our Jardines, Rio, is 3.5 years old and has just gone through another growth spurt. He's dang near as big as a small Grey now and thugs around like he's some badass boss birdy. I used to be able to wrap my fingers all the way around when holding him but he's too big now.
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    The crying isn't over for sure. Thank you for taking my baby in for the best possible result from this. I cry for the happiness he will have when he has all that room to play with other birds. I cry for the hole this wonderful little love leaves in my heart. This baby...he is the best in the world! This one is going to steal your heart like you were blind. You watch.
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    Wait...I'm losing my marbles I guess. I didn't realize you had a Jardines! Or did I?
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    Teak wants to welcome you, Casper, and to let you know that there's plenty of room to play! And even bathe!
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    Elvenking, I know how unbelievably difficult a decision this is for you. We've shared many joyful stories about our greys along with those that presented certain challenges. My heart aches for you knowing that although you've given it your very best, that you weren't able to find harmony. I am honored that you have placed your trust in me and are willing to share his little life with my family. There's a whole lot of activity going on around here each and every day! He'll have our giant aviary to soar around in and will have time to meet and great his new fid family. Maalik loves other birds , so I'm predicting that he and Casper will become the best of friends in time!
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    I really feel for you because I know it's not an easy decision to come to. A few years back (just before I found these forums) I was going through the agonising decision over whether or not I was the best home for Alfie and could give him everything he needs. I know how difficult it is to be in that situation and how tough the decision is to make. I know it's not one you would have made lightly. Thank you for your post and for your honesty. I'm glad you've already found a possible home for Casper!
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    Well, Greytness has stepped up and volunteered to take in my baby and give him a good home with a few other Greys. We are working out the details, but I feel that I cannot do much better than the life he is going to get there.
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    Awesome! Tell us more when you can. Hopefully someone who will let us keep tabs on baby Casper! ❤️
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    I think we may have already completed the mission of finding Casper and outstanding future.
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    Yeah, that is the one thing for sure. I have to know he is going somewhere good. I'll never give him up otherwise. It is truly hard, cause I love him so much.
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    So sorry it didn't work out! I'm not from that area and don't know anyone, but I know you will find the perfect place for Casper.
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    James, you have not updated us on what you may have found out about Larry, what are his test results? The red factor feathers are nothing to be concerned about, my cag has a couple on her neck, she never had any before and most likely will molt out.
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    The red factor means nothing to his health so don't worry about that. Like others have said, what kind of diet is he on? You've done the right thing getting him to a vet, as long as he/she is an avian vet. Let us know what the test results are.
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    Well guys. I have been trying this out and have decided that i make a very tough decision before we get too far down the road here. I am going to seek out another great home for Casper. There are a lot of factors, but I believe that at this time, the best decision for the longevity of everyone is to make sure I get him to a home where someone can dedicate their time to him and give him an area where he is free to roam without consequence. I could keep explaining, but the best of my thoughts and feelings comes down to this. It makes me cry and breaks my heart a ton, but I cannot lead my life with them both, I am stretched to the limits. Having Isaac is already a balancing act with work and life, I was hoping that adding Casper might change that balance for the better, and it is only making my life more unmanageable. So far, things have gone well enough and everyone is okay, just trying to keep things that way. So, I am going to be actively seeking a family for Casper. If you know of anyone in the San Diego area who is looking, now is the time. I am seeking families who won't clip him, have someone home most of the time, no smoking, etc....good GOOD bird homes. I am willing to surrender Casper with his cage and all his toys for 2000 dollars. There will be a barrage of questions and possibly a visit to the home he will go to before any agreements are made to meet him. No bird flippers. Again, I am not in need of getting myself talked out of this. If the emotions I have around Casper and the love I have for him was not enough, nothing can be done. This kept me awake a lot. This is simply the painful course. I believe that Casper is still open and not firmly bonded to anyone yet as he flies between anyone happy to see him. I think he will transition well and I will see to it. Help if you can. I could use any comments that don't make me feel like the worst person in the world. I am trying to do what is best for all in the long term.
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