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    Hello everyone!! my baby grey is 9 months old now, and I’ve noticed that he’s had a couple droppings that resemble diarrhea, and one today had a bubble in it. Majority of his droppings are normal! And i have read and re read all the poopology charts etc. But can certain foods be causing this?! His weight hasn’t changed, he talks up a storm and still himself otherwise.
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    So I may have a slightly spoilt bird haha 😂 does anyone else have issues with the step up command when their birds are up on their play tops? I use dried mango to blackmail her down! Where she is in this pic is at the top of my reach (seriously, tippy toes) haha! But I am 5 ft nothing 🤣😜
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    Happy Belated Hatchday Corky, you are one spoiled bird, lucky thing.
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    As it should be! Happy Hatch Day Corky. Every household need s a Diva.
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    Wow, if looks could kill... better to look po'd than pathetic though! Ugh to $35 a week.
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    Oh my gosh, that look! 'Get this contraption off me NOW!'
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    That last pic: "someone is gonna pay when I get out of dis". Ollie, I can't wait to see pics when you are all better and kicking some tail with that leg of yours.
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    Not sure. I'd think that fresh fruits and veggies would cause that over seeds if anything.
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    Just an update : Ollie had his first checkup and bandage change. Here's today's pics! The cone of shame which he manages to chew has to be replaced weekly.. $35 for one.. 🙄
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    Can seeds cause a softer poop? I’ve noticed after his nutriberry treats he has softer droppings!
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    Seem normal to me, green in colour.. no bubbles!
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    It might likely be the diet adjustments. How are his poops today?
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    Yeah it was the first day, and I’ve been kind of playing around with different fruits & veggies to see if I can find something he actually likes!!
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    Hoping Ollie gets well soon.
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    Ollie is being a good sport with his collar of shame but there is no shame and soon it will be a thing of the past, get better quickly.
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    Haha! Funny little tantrum! He's adorable! Poor little dude looks likes hes recovering well
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    Poor Ollie! It is so sad to see them just sitting there when they are usually so active. The good news is it will pass! When Timber was at his lowest point healthwise, it was heart wrenching to see him huddled on the towel in the floor of the hospital cage. The recovery is worth the downtime, though Ollie might not agree with the cone of shame
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    Healing can take time but he is one special bird and so fortunate to be in your family.
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    Oh no, poor sweet thing. I just want to go over there and cuddle the heck out of him. Hope he heals quickly and that he's back to being his old self very soon.
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    Well it is about time. I knew it would be Dee! Who else has much a love for our feathered friends in need. Congratulations Dee!