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    Ileo=KevinD Been real busy, but if the board has any issues, email me at kevin@maildeploy.com Ill check it. But everything looks good. Keep up the good work helping. Thanks Kevin
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    With all the exciting luxury aviaries springing up, I thought I'd share a nice blueprint for the perfect home floorspace plan that I found. It's perfect!
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    I'm sorry, I can't help you with your profile problem, I haven't changed my profile picture for a decade lol. Thank you for taking in this partially naked little bird. Glad to hear her diet is already improving. I'm afraid you won't be able to start to build trust until after the medication is over. As long as you have to towel her to give meds it's going to be traumatic for her. You've got the right idea in showing her how you are with your other birds and letting her observe her new environment. Trust me, she's processing all this new information at light speed. Don't push the hands on stuff at the start. It'll come in its own time. Sit by the cage and talk to her, read to her, just spend time by her letting her get used to your presence. Make sure the other members of the family spend time around her cage as well. You don't want a bird only you can handle, especially as she's already showing signs of being partial to you. Just let her observe her new home for now. Relationship/trust building takes time. Again, thank you for rescuing this little soul.
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    I have a chance to rehome a Blue and Gold Macaw in need of a home. She is about 25 years old and has been with the same family most of her life. I am thinking seriously about it and I am going to try and meet her this weekend I am told that she is a very good talker and that she is people friendly. We will see what happens.
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    For several years I have been planning on building my fid family an outdoor aviary. Last month we broke ground and poured its foundation, complete with drains. Within the next 2 weeks the materials for the structure should be ready to go! I agonized over what type of mesh to use, and finally decided to go with stainless steel mesh, 1/2x1/2 inch. Galvanized after welding is so much cheaper, but I really worried about my bird's exposure to any zinc remaining on the wires, so I decided to bite the bullet and go with stainless steel. There will be a chute from the side of the aviary that'll be directly attached to my bedroom window. I won't have to carry them out to the aviary in carriers, but will be able to place them inside the chute, and then they can fly right into their bird haven. Size of the aviary is 20x10.
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    OMG today he stepped up when my daughter asked him too! She brought him into my room and put him on my bed next to me!
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    Hello all - I’ve recently adopted a female CAG who is aproximatly 18-20 years old. Her name is Maxi and she lived cage bound in the same home since she was a baby. We’ve had her about two months or so at this point and she is very sweet however does not tolerate touching and does not step or nor know how to step up from what I can tell. Anyways, I’m going to start a thread under the general section that will have a few questions in it. Any feedback or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!
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    Snapped a few photos of Alfie today. He looks like he is posing for them!
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    My 12 year old Cag has never laid an egg but my sun conure has and I left it and she added another then sit on them for several weeks then took 1 away, couple of days later I took another. I was advised by Dave to leave them for if you took them away they will continue to lay to replace it. Be sure to provide some calcium in her diet as laying eggs can deplete their stores.
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    i re-homed a 20-year old Lilac-Headed Amazon a couple of years ago that laid an egg. I was told by a reliable breeder to leave the egg along until the zon no longer cared about it; which I did. Then I removed it and my zon has not laid an egg since then. (thank you Dave007, I still miss you).
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    Oh wow, that's amazing. I think Alfie would probably just throw the spoon at my head. Or maybe throw it across the room and expect me to fetch it for him so he can do it again.
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    Nilah like to use a spoon.
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    Looks good! I think I'm going to investigate this for Alfie. Judygram- do you cook/boil the veggies you buy before serving them to the birds?
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    I feed Volkman's Birdeez Buffet and have for years. It contains dehydrated veggies/fruits. I basically have a concoction where I boil water then throw in a bean cuisine for 15-20 mintues, then I throw in the birdeez buffet (minus the pasta pieces). Let that cook for another 10 minutes then throw in the pasta and some frozen peas and vegetable medley. Makes for a really great parrot buffet! Huey thinks it's the best thing ever. He gets super excited when he sees me in the kitchen making his breakfast!
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    Here you go @Ray P: two quick and dirtys. I'm in the middle of making some cotton climbing nets so don't have time to edit or anything... * Sorry about the size of the video. I haven't figured out what tags this new forum supports yet so I'm stuck with direct embed of the link and it does whatever the heck it wants with it. *
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    The trick is to find something else that your grey likes to destroy. I had a similar problem with Alfie when he discovered the shelves in the living room. He threw everything off the shelves then started chewing them/pulling them apart. I discovered that he loved to destroy cardboard boxes so I found some that fit perfectly on the shelves. Now, when I let him out, I clear all my things off the shelves and leave a few cardboard boxes and toys up there for him. He will happily sit and shred the boxes for hours and leaves the shelf well alone. The chewing is a natural behaviour- you just need to find a way to redirect it to a more desirable object if you can. (e.g boxes, old bits of paper, telephone directories... anything he can chew and shred) Depending on your cabinet- is it possible to tile the tops of them? One of my colleagues also has a grey who loves sitting on the top of the cabinets- so they put tiles on top. Can't be chewed and are also wipe clean! He also fills the space with various toys and boxes to keep his grey busy/distracted.
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    Anything new in a grey's world is out to kill them (in their minds, anyway). You may notice that they are incredibly observant. Sometimes they will sit and observe for a while before being brave enough to edge towards the new thing and give it a prod. Sometimes they may need to observe 'the thing' for a few days before they finally realise it's not actually going to kill them. In regards to the hair... Is she attacking your hair (e.g lunging at it and acting aggressively) or is she just having a gentle poke at you to see what that fluffy stuff on top of your head is? Alfie likes to play with my hair on occasion. They will 'beak' things when checking them out. I'm just curious if it's aggressive or curious behaviour. Sounds like it's aggressive from your post though.
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    Thanks you guys I never knew these birds were so amazing and the joy they bring I'm so happy i was able to rescue him and adopt him and give him the love he deserves
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    Thanks Kevin, your the best!❤️
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    Okay, where have all the flowers gone? Do you of this Great Grey Forums realize that some of the most knowledgeable and caring Grey Parronts exist, to offer their knowledge, learning and help just out of their love of parrots?!!!! Okay, then start posting, Talon, Luvparrots,Judy, Ray and Accapella, Greywings, kittykittykitty, Timbersmom, and everyone else I didn't mention..Where's your posts, SRseedburners love your posts, Greytness and everyone I haven't mentioned. Please, if I didn't mention your name, I meant no slight. (Maggie's serving dinner)... Every member is a major and useful contributor to The Grey Forums!
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    Sweet lady....we will be here for you not just for a day, or a week, but for as long as you need us! Old friend, our prayers go to you, Ray, and to all those in need of them...
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    Wow what a great idea! Never thought to put tiles there..my birds live my cabinets. I buy the wooden houses for rabbits and put them on top of my cupboards, they mostly chew them.
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    We miss you.....
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    Hi all, I've seen a couple of mentions from different sources about dehydrated food for parrots. I read that someone was making their own dehydrated food so they knew where everything had come from and someone else had ordered some in. I've never really heard of this before (or paid it much attention) so I'm just curious about it. If you make or buy dehydrated food, how do you feed it to your birds? Do you feed it as is or do you have to soak it or cook it in some way before it's edible?