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  1. GC180

    What happened to Inara?

    Anyone know? She used to post some pretty entertaining stories of her grey Inara (HRH).
  2. GC180

    Thoughts of Isaac

    Awesome video! You should upload more.
  3. GC180

    I'm angry too!

    One of the many reasons why I have no faith in humanity. This species is nothing more than a glorified virus.
  4. GC180

    Who moved my flock member?!

    Your stories always crack me up. LOL. :-)
  5. GC180

    Brutus is Gone -- My Worst Nightmare!

    I just logged on to this forum after a few days, so I only just read this thread now. Thank goodness Brutus is back home!
  6. GC180

    The Smell of Greys

    If you've ever gone into a shop that sells fabrics for making curtains, that's what my ringneck smells like! She literally smells like a new curtain! Like the material and fabric they use to make curtains and linens etc.
  7. GC180

    From twos to threes :)

    LOL "get out"... Hilarious! It's nice to see that she's so well loved and looked after, she's just as lucky to have you as you are to have her.
  8. GC180

    Pippi Longstockings

    Funny! I laughed. Does HRH mean her royal highness?
  9. GC180

    Telling a Date You Own Birds

    Why would the type of pet you have make you less desirable? He's not going out with the parrot, he's going out with a person! And would you really want to date a guy who has that type of mentality? I'm a guy and I don't like cats or dogs, but that doesn't mean I won't date someone if they own cats or dogs.
  10. GC180

    Two cool videos

    Ok so they're videos of some crows, but just watch! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUiGEDnf5e4
  11. Is a peregrine falcon out of the question? I like the big raptors! But on a more realistic note, I'd like blue and gold macaw or even another grey.
  12. GC180

    Sully being Weird

    Yes that's what I thought too.
  13. GC180

    Photo bomb ace

    I LOL'd :-) Funny video.
  14. GC180

    this video is so cute

    Ok I'll try to get some videos. I did post pics in my introduction but that was some time ago. Edit: http://www.greyforums.net/forums/showthread.php?199612-GC180-s-flock...
  15. GC180

    this video is so cute

    My Mynah (Milo) looks exactly like this. And speaks really well. He also seems to understand what certain words and phrases mean, and when they should be used. They're really underestimated birds.