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    I've been rescuing birds for almost 50 years, Worked for SPCA. Have handled all kinds of birds, parrots, raptors, waterfowl, pigeons, passerines, wild backyard birds & others.


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    I have 10 birds...1 Timneh Grey, 2 Cockatiels, 1 Lovebird, 1 Parrotlet, 5 budgies


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    Retired from Animal Welfare & Rescue (SPCA)
  1. As someone who is evacuating tomorrow, from Hurricane Irma, I agree with Ray. (I always agree with Ray!) I'm taking my flock with me, and have made appropriate plans for their comfort and survival. Thanks for reminding us all.
  2. Here in Florida, we're getting ready for Irma. Looking like it could pass us by, or could be worst storm in recorded history. Nice choice!? End of the World conspiracies, anyone ? 8) (Just trying to make light of a terrible situation.)
  3. Bailey has all those looks also. But yesterday, I caught him chewing on the arm of my recliner, and yelled, "What are you doing??" He looked up at me, and then moved his eyes downward, avoiding my look. Like a little kid caught doing something he shouldn't, while I continued chastising him. Of course, two minutes later, it was like nothing had ever happened.
  4. As we, in the USA, observe Memorial Day, today, I am mindful of a dear friend and mentor who served in the US Army Signal Corps, working with pigeons in WWII. On Memorial Day, he would fly two flags at half mast. One for the fallen Service men and women. And one for the homing pigeons shot out of the sky delivering important information to troops. And the fallen horses, killed bringing their brave warriors into battle. Plus, the dogs that have given their lives protecting and serving their countrymen. Please remember those departed heroes today, as well. Some gave all, all gave some.
  5. How great is that?!? My little guys would love that place, and eventually come back to me. I'd still be waiting for Bailey to come down. 8(
  6. My guy loves pistachios & pecans. He also he loves to chew up almond shells, but, not the nuts. All nuts unsalted, of course!
  7. Redirection is the best "discipline" with these guys. Good thinking!
  8. I've never heard of them breeding either. I'd guess that the female was stimulated to lay, and the eggs are sterile. I, too, am curious about what Dave has to say.
  9. Yesterday, 95 countries agreed to include African Grey Parrots on the CITES list! Banning the capture, trade and commerce of wild African Greys. The World Parrot Trust was a large factor in this. All the online petitions, and several other groups, helped make this happen. A friend of mine is involved with the Trust, and called me last night with the news, from South Africa. How great is that!
  10. Ray, I love the colors of that pic!
  11. My vote is that she's Congo. A beautiful Congo. 8)
  12. I join my colleagues in welcoming you. You came here to learn more about Smokey? Is he/she friendly to you?
  13. In the past, I have taken in a few birds with a similar wound/problem. A temporary solution, (as long as the bird will tolerate it) is to take a new, unused white sock. Cut off the toe, and cut down the other end some. Pull it over the bird, wrapping him/her in a mummy-like cocoon, leaving enough room for the feet and head to not be impeded by the "sleeve". It will keep the wings from spreading. Many birds will fight this, as holding their wings down is very unnatural, and counters any flight response to danger/fear/etc. Use the Aloe with this. And, remember what you are taking away from the b
  14. Talon is right. Leg bands are for breeders to identify the lineage of a particular bird. Unless that breeders records are used, the numbers & letters tell anyone nothing. She is also right to cut them off, BY A VETERINARIAN. Of the many birds that have passed through my rescue, I have always had leg bands removed. Particularly after seeing several birds without feet or legs from bands getting caught on things.
  15. She's depressed about losing your grandmother. Eventually you'll fill that void. She needs time to grieve and move on. I've had some success with pluckers by redirecting that energy with shreddable "toys". Like paper cups, plastic drinking straws, little cardboard boxes, small paper plates, things like that. Also, preening "toys", like short lengths of rope to unravel, strings tied together, strips of cloth tied together, things like that. These guys love untying knots. Plucking is difficult to stop, and some birds never stop. But keep trying with other things to keep her beak busy.
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