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  1. HRH Inara is just not one for scritches and much touching to begin with. She is way too much of a busy body (we call her Gladys Kravitz). She loves perching on my upper arm so that she can look into my eyes while we chat. She does love to have her toes massaged (who doesn't?!!) and she loves beak rubs and preening my hair. She also shows 'gurge love to both myself and my Joe without any touching, just when she is feeling very content and happy to see one of us. Loved reading about your Timmy playing and saying, "Gonna Getcha!" adorable!
  2. bwhahaha -- loved it!
  3. Yes! HRH Inara is the love of my life, but I gotta tell ya notsomuch at 6:15 a.m. in the winter! I am a nightbird and my two parrots of my past (r.i.p. a 'zon and CAG) both were quiet in the mornings until I would get up. When HRH wakes up, *everybody* wakes up! So I drag myself up, greet her cheerful, "Good morning," with a smile and equally cheerful reply even though I don't feel like it, and we start the day. Other times, when I am sick or exhausted, same thing. However, after having spent a combined 30 years living with parrots, I am fine letting her entertain herself on those times/d
  4. She just makes my heart melt every time! ❤️
  5. Ray, they really do help keep us centered, don't they. I just can't imagine the depth of your loss and I am so glad that you and Corky have each other as you both learn to navigate these new skies together. HRH came to me about a year after the death of my sister. Having her to focus on helped bring me slowly back to the surface. It is so good to have you back. You were one of the first people to make me feel at home here those several years ago. <3 Neoow, thank you. HRH's language usage still blows me away too. I feel that she landed here with me during a perfect "sweet spot," neurolo
  6. Good morning, forum family! Just got back from Ireland, and *this* year, HRH and Joe (or Joes as she calls him) survived even better than last year. I love that after all this time, she and Joe have bonded so closely. My big trip last year as well as having been followed with a lot of out of town trips in order to help care for an aging relative put them both in the position to have to just deal. Best thing ever. She now loves dividing her time between the two of us. She was always friendly toward Joe, but now has a very true bond with him. She can't wait for him to come home from work ea
  7. Inara


    HRH Inara Sugar Bear (she calls me Tickle Bear, so I started calling her Sugar Bear in reply) Sweetiebird Booboo
  8. Inara? Her Royal Highness. Brilliant, funny, sweet, and empathetic.
  9. Inara


    Happy 9 years from me and HRH Inara ❤️
  10. These photos say it all, and melt my heart. ❤️
  11. It is heartbreaking to contemplate, and devastating to see. My first Grey, Lestat, was a huge wild caught Congo that I rescued in the 70s. He was in terrible shape. As he healed he became such a majestic bird and I loved hearing him make the native sounds from his homeland. I always contemplated what his life in the wild was like and how traumatizing and confusing it had to be for him to wind up living indoors where he was further abused and neglected. When the two of us got together, I expected nothing from him and just wanted him to heal and live the rest of his life in peace. As much as I h
  12. Looks very cool, and is great to see Alfie so interested.
  13. @huginn so nice to know that your birdie is doing well, and is likely just copying your head tics. They do love us so much and learn from us and I think it is sweet as all get out that your Grey wanted to be like you.
  14. I would suggest that you read the "Bird Food" forum here. Lots of great information all the way around complete with a list of what never to feed your birdies.
  15. Oh that Huey is quite the Casanova! What a sweetie he is (well, to the ladies at least). HRH Inara hates to miss a "meeting." Whenever Joe and I are together in another room, it's not long before we here her wings flap or her little feet on the wood floors, making her way to the "meeting" and no doubt a bit miffed that she did not get the memo!
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