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  1. Wow that's really interesting. Haha I do the same! I have feathers sticking out of plant pots, in vases, it's now part of the decor!
  2. LOL! What a funny bird! Greycie is so cute!
  3. Oh that's so funny! What a clever little bugger. Awesome video!
  4. Oh my goodness that is such an adorable picture!
  5. Sully enjoys hanging out on my desk while I'm on the computer, and he especially enjoys a good head/neck scratch. He usually starts moving in closer and closer, and begins mouthing my fingers. But this time he took my pinkie a bit too hard! Oooooor maybe I was overreacting (according to him) as he promptly tells me to "settle down."
  6. lol yeah I would have picked "neigh" for a horse sound too lol but he doesn't copy me. My husband does the whole horse sigh noise where you blow your lips, but it sounds more like a fart in my opinion. My husband says that's okay because that works for a horse noise too lol
  7. Hey everyone, I decided to leave the camera rolling the other day to record some of Sully's talking. He's been practicing some animal noises lol [video=youtube;m_YjUTn6O-M]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_YjUTn6O-M&feature=youtu.be
  8. Great picture! I love how he's looking up at the camera. So cute
  9. Yes please that would be great!
  10. I'm from Brantford, about 2 and a half hours away. Would you be interested in parrot-sitting? lol I'd certainly travel the distance for peace of mind and pay you for watching him!
  11. This coming summer I'm planning on going on holidays for a week and have begun my search for a someone to watch Sully while I'm away, and it's already starting to stress me out! I don't have anyone in my family near by that I could have watch him so I've started to search for parrot boarding online and came across several in my area. However this makes me very nervous! The idea of leaving Sully with a complete stranger is a scary thought! Any advice or suggestions would be great! I just don't want to go about this the wrong way and stress Sully out anymore then I know he will be! Thanks! (Anyone from southern Ontario?! lol)
  12. The song is called Song of the Beach by Arcade Fire. Seemed like such a relaxing song to me. And I just use the good ol' fashion Windows Movie Maker. Your computer might have it pre-installed! It's very easy to use
  13. Just a short video of Sully wishing everyone a happy holidays! He hasn't quite mastered the word "Christmas" quite yet (Maybe next year!) but the message is there lol
  14. Just a short video of Sully last summer! We both miss the warm weather!
  15. Sully had an accident awhile back and hurt his eye. I think there's still a thread somewhere on the forum with pictures of when it happened. He was a trooper though and is all healed now but his eye just looks a bit funny
  16. Wow that's amazing! Very special. I see two that stick around my place. I have two feeders for them, one in the front and one in the back because I've read they are pretty territorial. I love sitting outside and hearing their wings go. It's crazy the speed they flap their little wings! Beautiful picture!
  17. I took some pictures of Sully outside enjoying to sun. Hope all your feathered friends are able to soak up some sunshine this summer!
  18. Aw that's so awesome to hear!
  19. lol such funny stories! Sully is definitely the boss of this house. He will tell the dogs to "Go see mom!" or "On the couch!" if they are running around in the living room with too much excitement for his standards. We also have a cat who is VERY vocal and Sully will tell the cat to "Shush!" if she is being too talkative. I've seen him call the cat over with such a sweet "Come here Helena. Kitty, kitty kitty!" voice. Then the moment the cat responds with a meow, Sully will then scold her with a firm "Helena! Shush!"
  20. Yes Sully does this too! He likes to bury his whole head into my hand when he's feeling extra cuddling. So cute eh!
  21. Haha! So friggin cute! She's such a talented girl!
  22. Wow that is the coolest little see-thru box/cage thing! Right after seeing it I jumped over to Amazon.ca to search for something similar! Love the picture. Your yard looks beautiful!
  23. Hey there! Welcome to the forum!
  24. Oh lucky find! I'm sure your parrot will love it! Sully goes nuts for a simple twisted piece of paper, I need to keep my eyes open for something like what you found!
  25. I don't really see touching your parrot as "training" or that there are "steps." It just comes with normal interaction, no? I've never dedicated specific time to that with Sully, my parrot, it just happened naturally as we spent time together, and your parrot bonds/trusts you. And honestly if I stood there for 10-15 mins training him to accept the stroking and fiddling with Sully's wings, he'd tell me off or my hands would get the message! My advice which seems to be working well with Sully is patience and bond on his terms, never push or force him to accept a scratch. I think it's awesome how dedicated you are to forming that bond and how observant you are of his body cues! As you interact with your parrot pay attention to how he responds. Sometimes Sully likes a good scratch, other times not so much. I've learned not to push my love on him lol and he's learned that simply shaking his head no or backing up is enough, the bite isn't necessary. My husband has been working on touching Sully more. I think he gets slightly jealous seeing how Sully will go full rag doll in my hands like a baby lol Anyway, my husband often needs to be reminded to read Sully's more subtle cues, not just dive in for a scratch when HE wants to give Sully a scratch. With birds it's a mutual trust and respect on both parts
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