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    parront of 2 dusky conures, one pineapple GCC, one Panama Amazon, one CAG, one BHC, one Ekki one Jardine's, one scarlet, one miligold and one Meyers parrot


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  1. Greytness

    We could be rescuing a grey today

    His friend will attempt to offer him some fresh food from time to time. Right now he's on an all sunflower seed diet. Grrrrr.
  2. Greytness

    We could be rescuing a grey today

    Well...it was a no go. Apparently my son's friend went to his neighbor directly without having my son there. My son is amazing with getting what he wants, and am saddened that his friend didn't wait to have him along. We'll try again another day.
  3. Greytness

    Should I Get A Buddy for Issac?

    Oh my gosh, Isaac's Dad. I just mentioned you for the very first time ever in another thread!
  4. Greytness

    We could be rescuing a grey today

    If all goes according to plan, I just might know someone who would take him. He actually used to be a member of this board: Isaac's dad. He just started looking for another grey to keep Isaac company, so the timing could be right!
  5. Greytness

    We could be rescuing a grey today

    Thank you everyone. My son's friend who is neighbors with this guy was working late today, so they'll try to speak with him within the next few days. We have an extra cage here, so that's good. My son will be taking him into his room for quarantine precautions if we're able to get him to relinquish him.
  6. Several years ago, my son brought to my attention a neglected grey living nearby. The owners keep it in a rusted cage outside with very little protection from the elements. Apparently they only feed him seeds. My son mentioned that there are rat feces all around the cage, and that the owners never pay any attention to it. Unfortunately they weren't willing to part ways with him. Fast forward to yesterday. My son tearfully brought up the ongoing sad living conditions of this neglected grey. Apparently the owner now has early onset dementia, and often forgets to feed the poor thing. The owner's neighbor is a friend of my son's., and both he and my son plan to go over there within the next few days to see if he'd relinquish the grey to my son. His plan is to rehabilitate him and then find him a loving home. I'll keep you posted if we get him.
  7. Greytness

    Introduce your pets

    But I can give you the short version of the list, which includes 3 of my kids' pets: Maalik(of course!) CAG, Shaylor-miligold macaw, Dexter-scarlet macaw, Teak-lesser Jardines, Chloe-Meyers, Skittles-pineapple GCC, Walter-BHC, Niko and Gizo-duskie conures, Harley- Panama amazon, Ziggy-male eclectus, Leyna, Ella and Gunnar-german shepherds, Tilly-domestic cat, and my kids' 3 guinea pigs. Does my son's tarantula also count?
  8. Greytness

    Introduce your pets

    I've always wanted a Bengal cat! They are incredibly smart, drop dead gorgeous, and such very active cats!
  9. Greytness

    Introduce your pets

    We have a total of 19 birds and pets, so sadly my portion of this thread would turn out extremely long!
  10. Greytness

    Photos of Alfie

    Alfie's adorbs! Although he looks like he's throwing in some grey shade in that one second up from the bottom!
  11. Greytness

    I'm Back !! (The Old Jay)

    Jayd, I lost my closest, most dearest friend to MS at the tender young age of 40. Her battle began as a teen, although none of us knew what was going on with her at the time. Through it all, she always kept her sense of humor, and was first to reach out to others in need. I learned so much about life through her, especially the precious value of life itself. Our world has been made a better place because of you and all that you have accomplished. Thank you for everything, and for being you!
  12. Greytness

    I'm Back !! (The Old Jay)

    Oh my goodness, this makes me so very sad. I had no idea, Jay, as I'm only an intermittent participant on this board. Sending you warmth and strength. May you be surrounded by love always.
  13. Greytness

    Salsa Sings

    Amazons love to sing! Our panama amazon is always singing along with us, operatic style!
  14. Your story is so awesome! I commend you for all you have done for these precious babies over the years! Wish there were more people out there like you!
  15. My goodness! What beautiful birds! If this is 'some', then how many birds have shared your home with you over the years? I especially love how the CAG loves visiting with the other birds.