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  1. Help PHOEBE Stuck repeating......

    Maalik's stuck on a phrase my son always says to him: 'Hi Chicken!" After which he burps.
  2. Filled with stress. My neighbor...

    I did take a look into the noise ordinance laws, which have been loosely written. I spoke with a lady who was very helpful. She said that if a noise complaint has been lodged, they will send someone near the property to assess the level of noise. If things are quiet, they then close the case. If more than 2 neighbors lodge a complaint, then the noise merits being considered a nuisance. There could be a fine. I only have the birds out in the aviary in small groups while I'm here. If Dexter or Shaylor, my 2 macaws get themselves going, then I bring them inside. The other birds really aren't problematic decibel-wise.
  3. Today, for the first time, I had one of our macaws out in the new aviary. He wasn't any more noisy than he's been before, but for whatever reason my neighbor poked her head over our fence to speak with my son, saying that there's a noise ordinance and to take the bird inside. She's never ever complained about our birds before, so this took my completely by surprise. I've spent 2 years planning, saving, and finally building the aviary of my dreams. We don't live in a HOA, either. Her dogs bark incessantly while they're out, and the neighbors on the other side have very noisy dogs. My bird's call was infrequent, albeit loud, yet that put her over the edge. Am wondering what my rights are. I tried looking up our local city noise ordinance, which was vaguely written with respect to animals. Feeling very sad and quite stressed that I won't be able to utilize our aviary as I'd dreamed.
  4. Outdoor aviary is in progress!

    Unfortunately my camera won't let me upload anything. Think I might have to replace the cord or something. All I can say with regards to the cost is that I paid top dollar for the materials. Everything's stainless steel with zinc free marine paint.
  5. Outdoor aviary is in progress!

    Thanks! Note the Suntuff panels going up there? Thanks to you!
  6. I want to apologize

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your dad. Loosing a parent is one of the most difficult life experiences to endure. May your memories of him shine bright during this time of great sorrow.
  7. Outdoor aviary is in progress!

    Well, here's a sneak peak at my new aviary!!! They could have everything completed, except for a minor alteration, by the end of today!
  8. Outdoor aviary is in progress!

    All the panels have been brought over. They'll begin installation on Monday! The only thing that isn't the way I'd envisioned it is with regards to the double door holding area. It's huge. It's the size of a small aviary. I'll post pictures next week. Very excited!!!
  9. Outdoor aviary is in progress!

    Well darn. They've moved the installation date to either Thursday or Friday. Hoping they won't reschedule it again!
  10. Outdoor aviary is in progress!

    Jury's still out on the cameras. That looks really pricey! Wish I'd been born thrifty with my hands as you were!
  11. Outdoor aviary is in progress!

    Nope. By the following day. It was fabricated into sections elsewhere and will be installed in a day. My aviary won't have closed walls. All SS mesh, with steel corregated panel for half of the roof, and the other half the Suntuf panels you'd recommended that I use.
  12. Outdoor aviary is in progress!

    Monday is installation day! Woot! Woot!
  13. Wing Clipping Help & Very Fearful Bird

    Frankly I believe that clipping her will add to her stress. Right now she's able to remove herself from situations that frighten her. Imagine her stress amplified once she discovers she can't take care of herself by way of flight anymore. Could result in her becoming a stress plucker. Poppy has chosen you, which is what Greys do. They simply adore their chosen one, and they do what their instincts tell them to do, which is to be with their person. My Maalik has chosen my son, but I'm his close second. Maalik won't have anything to do with 3 other family members, and the 4th he hates, simply because my son extended his negativity towards him. These Greys pick up energies big time, and do not forget that energy. In the case of my son, Maalik will dive bomb him whenever his back is turned towards him. Solution? When my son's in the room, he faces him at all times. Otherwise he goes elsewhere in the house. Bird behavior is extremely complex. In order to understand them, we must try to place ourselves into their worlds, looking out and seeing things from their point of view. I believe that Poppy senses your discomfort, which could be amping up her perceptions of things. I have 11 birds, some of which will freak out whenever a stranger passes by their cage. They can definitely identify strangers, who I think they see as scary prey.
  14. Security cameras

    Both. Once my birds are using the outside aviary, I'd like to have a security camera pointed towards its entrance. I'd also like to have one to watch the birds while they're using the aviary.
  15. Death of Dave007

    I'd never seen a picture of Dave. Thanks for sharing it with us.