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  1. Greytness

    Baby, it's cold outside!

    You have got to be kidding. Quite frankly, those FB groups can be brutal. The other FB group that we're both members of is a bit tamer, but there's still a few rebel rousers in that group. At least those members get booted for more valid reasons. This pic of GreycieMae is pretty cute though!
  2. Greytness

    Christmas music

    What a great revisit to some timeless holiday classics! My folks adored Bing Crosby holiday hits as well.
  3. Greytness

    Two Greys, One cage???

    One male and one female grey isn't really a good mix in the same cage as they become mature, if you know what I mean. As the others have said, there's no guarantee that they'll get along as they mature. It's always a crap shoot to see which birds cohabitate well together and which ones want to tear each other apart. Greys can become bossy birds, too. When my house ran out of real estate with 13 cages scattered throughout the house, I decided to invest in some extra large double stack cages. Got mine from A&E. They don't really need the height of the cage as much as the width. This is the one I purchased and I absolutely love them! https://www.birdcagesnow.com/products/a-e-cage-co-40x30-classico-double-stack-bird-cage They're nice and roomy! This cage will be a perfect fit where your Tali's cage is right now. I have 3 of them now.
  4. Greytness

    Question from a beginner :)

    You're a good bird mama!
  5. Greytness

    Jayd and Maggie

    I know. I'm concerned, too. Since Thanksgiving she'd drop in a day here or there, but as of late she hasn't been online at all.
  6. Greytness

    Greys live with Cockatiel?

    There's no easy answer to your question. It depends upon the bird's personality, for one. It's truly a crap shoot. I have 13 flighted fids, and 8 must be taken out as solos. I have a group of 3 same size birds that can come out together, and 2 duskie conures that can be out playing together. Part of my situation is that I don't want to take any chances with testing them out together. There could be other groupings that would work, but I'd rather rotate them. For me it's less stressful not having to continuously supervise their interactions.
  7. Greytness

    Clever Baby 😊

    I wish you luck! Haha!😉
  8. Greytness

    Clever Baby 😊

    Oh yes! They absolutely love being just out of reach! There are times when I have to get the ladder to reach Maalik. His cage is something like 6 feet tall. Then, once I'm standing on the ladder, he retreats even further back, again remaining just out of reach. Such smartie pants these guys are!
  9. Greytness

    Play Time is over

    How on earth did that pop chip sales spammer sneak on through? Don't these people have a life??
  10. Greytness

    Grey in the hospital

    Oh my gosh, that look! 'Get this contraption off me NOW!'
  11. Greytness

    A young lady

    Happy hatch day, Corky!
  12. Greytness

    Play Time is over

    And thank you for the holiday interface! It's fun!
  13. Greytness

    Question from a beginner :)

    Not sure. I'd think that fresh fruits and veggies would cause that over seeds if anything.
  14. Greytness

    Play Time is over

    Perfect! Thank you!
  15. Greytness

    Question from a beginner :)