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  1. Hi there and welcome! One inch spacing for medium size birds might be a tad too wide for her, but you can see how she adapts to it. The sooner she is able to have more space to move around in, the better it'll be for her. I'd keep her tiny familiar cage right next to the new one. As all of us CAG owners know, introducing new things to our red fluffy butts is oftentimes met with fear, so you might have to introduce it to her in baby steps. There are some great rope netting for birds that you might want to consider getting for her. Mine love to climb through the holes, hang upside down from it, and just chill on top. I'm SO happy she is now in your care! ❤️
  2. That foot movement is classic! Guess no bites for you today!
  3. Beyond thrilled to see you checking back in! Loved following your journeys over the years!
  4. I wanna to hold that little guy, too! ❤️
  5. MIne aren't microchipped.
  6. As a liquid. The one I used when my conure had his malocclusion is 'Milk Thistle/dandelion liver detox for birds'. It's manufactured by Morning Bird in California.
  7. You might want to look into adding some milk thistle to Alfie's diet. It supports healthy liver functioning and is perfectly safe to use.
  8. That sounds so stressful for both you and Alfie. With such a severe malocclusion, he'll likely need his beak dremmelled in stages in order to redirect its growth. I also think that they should have shaved the beak closest to midline rather than the outside in order to train it to grow midline. The way it is now will encourage more lateral growth. I had this happen to one of my conures and it eventually corrected with staged dremmel sessions. Have you had a blood panel done to ascertain if he has anything going on with his liver? I've read that there can be a correlation between the two.
  9. Welcome back! Has it really been since 2018? You and Dorian have been missed!
  10. OMG that is way too funny! You go Huey!
  11. She is a special one! Look how big those pupils are-she's absolutely loving every single minute of your undivided attention!
  12. Very nice! Can't wait to watch the progression. I'm so envious that you are able to get a harness on her while keeping all your fingers!
  13. My seed blend is quite similar to your Higgins blend.
  14. I have one! It's a Caitec stainless steel swinging perch that has 3 bells hanging down. All 3 of my greys absolutely love it! A bit pricey, but worth every single penny. Stainless Steel Swing with Natural Wood Perch | Caitec Corporation
  15. Only 7 of my birds like to eat pellets in their natural state. I only offer the organic Harrison's pellets. I do make my own birdie bread where I use a food processor to finely grind up the pellets which I use as the bread's 'flour', along with any veggies they normally won't eat. LOL! Daily mine get a large variety of fresh veggies that they normally do eat, sprouts and some fruit in the morning and a small amount of high quality seed/nut/pods/dried fruit mixture that doesn't contain sunflower seeds or peanuts, a few raw nuts (macaws receive more) and pellets.
  16. I have a combination of dragon wood and rope perches. The sandy perches never worked for my flock.
  17. Mine sleep on their perches, although one loves to sleep on top of his hanging stack of wood blocks.
  18. What a beautiful little girl! She's so happy to be receiving her scritches! Thank you for sharing her video.
  19. Hi Akka! Welcome! All of my greys as well as my macaws are going through their molts, too. Just vacuumed up a lot of floofies! Would love to see a pic of Blu!
  20. Maalik loves to fly over to my shoulder so he can observe me making dinner. He gets a fresh veggie while he watches. If I'm not preparing dinner and just hanging, he loves to fly over, put his head down and wait for a long session of head and neck scritches.
  21. Regurgitation is usually a sign of affection. As for tearing toys apart, that's what they normally do, and isn't a sign of aggression. They love to rip and tear things apart and is good stimulation for them as well as a good way for them to keep their beak worn down. Welcome to the site!
  22. Boxes are notorious for promoting nesting/hormonal behavior, so it makes perfect sense.
  23. Definitely sounds like the hormonal love dance. One of my greys immediately starts up as soon as I look at him. Very difficult to hold him because his behavior escalates, no matter what I do. I can't not hold him, so I minimally interact with him while he's being held.
  24. Cardboard strips tucked into the cage bars as well as stringing them onto a stainless steel chain entertain my birdies for hours!
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