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  1. RPO is essentially vitamin A and fat. I put a half pea sized amount onto their food. Some of my birds (I have 13!) go right for it to eat first. The Sprout People have great sprouting equipment and supplies. You can certainly go overboard getting all their stuff, but the basic sprouting trays and their certified sprouts will get you going. It's all about regular rinsing and serving them just as it sprouts; not when they've grown long. If she likes any soft foods like sweet potatoes, you can hide so many nutritional goodies chopped up into it. My crew doesn't like the leafie gr
  2. The only thing I'm aware of is the need to bump up her calcium intake. If the egg was taken away from her, she could double clutch. Many swap out a dummy egg for the one laid. They'll nest on it for awhile before losing interest. It also helps to reduce the double clutching. Did she actually see the vet?
  3. Sounds like you're on the right path! Start with steamed, but very slowly decrease the amount of time the veggies are steamed until they can eventually be served raw. Red Palm Oil is rich in vitamin A, which CAGS need. Low A can contribute to poor feathering for one. I buy Nutiva Organic Red Palm Oil (Amazon) because it;s grown on family farms, so it doesn't destroy the natural habitats. Many forests have been decimated through farming RPO. I cook my grains. Steel cut oats, tricolored quinoa, brown rice are great. I also sprinkle flaxseeds, chia seeds and hemp seeds onto their banana
  4. Yes, her diet sounds like it hasn't been very good, and may be contributing to her poor feathers. Switching her slowly over to a raw diet while slowly reducing the other foods will be ideal. Her diet should primarily be fresh raw vegetables, some fruit, some nuts, a high quality pellet, and some seeds without the sunflower seeds and peanuts. Sprouts, organic grains, and organic red palm oil should be added to her diet as well. Does she like sugar snap peas? All mine adore them! They also really like yams into which I finely chop dandelion greens, kale and other organic leafy greens. They
  5. Welcome! Wow! What a nice intro to your furry and feathered family! May I ask what type of diet she's been on before you and now? There may be some dietary adjustments that could help her moving forward.
  6. You're right. The price of CAGS has gone through the roof in recent years. Love the idea of adoption!
  7. Hmmm. Not sure about that one. Have you tried doing a Google search to see what comes up? I do recall seeing a chart of safe plants and trees on the internet way back when.
  8. Their tail feathers are usually red, so it doesn't sound abnormal to me.
  9. I can't even imagine having to make that decision. Can someone foster her until you return, or will you not be returning? Perhaps a sanctuary in the interim if you can't find the right person to care for her?
  10. Oh, I feel your pain. One of my 3 greys, a rescue, is a non stop love machine to me, his bell and toys. It's 24/7. I just purchased a tea that's supposed to help lesson their drive, but I haven't steeped any for him yet. It's an avian tea product from Graywood Manor.
  11. I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet baby. I know of another person who bought their gray in Dubai and it also had the same disease as yours did. She was told that it's common for places to sell sick birds there. As Timbersmom has said, this disease is extremely infectious. If you have any other birds everything needs to be cleaned and sanitized. Everything. The virus remains on surfaces for a long time, so please refrain from getting any other birds for now. Again, I'm so very sorry. You did everything you could. But, unfortunately, there is no cure.
  12. Maalik loved to say 'I'm a cute bird!" when he was first putting phrases together, but I haven't heard him say that in a very long time.
  13. Not sure where you live, but My Safe Bird Store carries lights that are approved for avian use. There are a lot of reptile light systems out there which are to be avoided. Just curious if the vet ran a blood panel to rule out the possibility of infections, etc. Any cultures taken?
  14. I wasn't able to open it. I really wanted to see her 'making croutons!'
  15. Frankly if there's an avian vet 60 miles away I'd make the trip. 60 miles really isn't that far. Rio could have an infection that needs treating. Something could be causing him to be very uncomfortable.
  16. Mine especially love the stalks, too! Hanging up foods they won't normally eat really works!
  17. Nice! I still find that finely chopping some greens into yams does the trick for my flock. Hanging up the kale is an excellent way to encouraging some nibbling of its leaves. Have you tried making some birdie bread for her into which you (secretly) add the things she doesn't normally eat? You can create the bread any way you'd like. I finely grind up some pellets into 'flour' and add almond meal, hemp hearts, flaxseed, quinoa, oats, etc. into which I add whatever I have available in the 'fridg. I do add some mashed banana to sweeten it up as well. There are a lot of birdie bre
  18. She may not ever choose to fly after, who knows how long, she hadn't flown. As long as you encourage activities that allow her to move, climb and flap that's really all you can do at this point. If she tolerates standing on your husband's arm with you a little ways away, it may give her an incentive to fly over to her chosen one.
  19. I was wondering how things have been going with Vannah and you guys! It may take months, if not years, for her to 'tolerate' your husband. Our youngest gray tolerates me, even though I've been trying to win him over for 2 years now. We're definitely making progress, albeit slow! But it's progress. I accept whatever bond he's willing to make with me, even though I wish it were more. He's a one person bird, choosing my daughter as his 'one and only'.
  20. That's called red factor. Some greys have a lot of red feathers while some only have a feather or two. Personally I think it gives them a bit of character! It's perfectly fine.
  21. I would check the stickies under 'Nursery'
  22. I believe he already has a baby and is now in the midst of seeking advice. As Talon says there's a wealth of knowledge in the files here that you can tap into.
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