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  1. Do you have a website, Greytness? I should check into the freeze dried fruits and veggies just in case. I am able to find fresh fruits and veggies now, however, but the supply is still not quite right, it is hit or miss as to what I can find in the Grocery Store.
  2. We have plenty of frozen fruit and veggies. The freezer is packed full, actually, so I could always feed those. I am high risk as well (Diabetes, Hemochromatosis, Afib and other heart problems,) so the less I am in the grocery store to get exposed to it the better I feel that it wont end up killing me if I wind up catching it.
  3. We went to the Grocery Store once during the day and once at night. Going in the morning seems like a good idea. I will try that. We were able to find toilet Paper and Paper Towels today where before nobody had them so things may be normalizing. The Pelleted Mix I get has dry fruit and Veggies in it, so that may be good enough. Unfortunately Breezy gets upset if he doesnt get Fresh fruits and Veggies every day so he might be mad at me for awhile if I cant get them. He gets loud in the morning when he hears me up and I dont start getting his produce ready right away for him.
  4. I am in the High Risk Group (Diabetes, Heart Disease, Hemochromatosis) but am just being careful as I can. That means only going out when necessary, staying a distance away from people and telling people to back off, I am high risk if they come too close to me if I do absolutely have to go out. People are panicking, it is crazy! The stores in my area are almost empty and get emptied out again as soon as they are restocked. I havent been able to find Flour and other baking supplies since this all started. There are no cleaning or Paper Products to be found in the stores. Fortunately, I am
  5. My State is on lockdown due to the Coronavirus. People are panic buying and food supplies are running low. I am thinking of stocking up on fruits and veggies and firing up my Dehydrator to have a supply of dried Items for Breezy. There was only one package of Raspberries and Grapes left in the store when my Husband went there to get his fresh food. I can still get his Pelleted Mixed Grey Diet I order, but am worried about not being able to get that. I can get Brown Rice still, but heard there is Arsenic in it. He does eat mash and Chop. I am going to Research how to make that balance
  6. Breezy2013


    I dont like Facebook, am no longer on there. I come here regularly, but too many people now seem to be relying on Social Media. I would just as soon leave Facebook and other forms of Social Media. Maybe it is a reflection of my age. Too many young arrogant people on Social Media who are rude and think they know everything. I am older, and dont tolerate disrespect from young people well. I have kept parrots for over forty years, and I dont appreciate some little 18 or 21 year old telling me I am doing things wrong.
  7. Breezy picks up words and Phrases from both me and my husband. He is a very good talker and often repeats things after hearing them only once.
  8. Breezy likes for me to carry him out and look at our tree when we turn the lights on. We did that tonight.
  9. Breezy enjoys shelling his own nuts. It gives him something to do, keeps him busy. He likes a challenge.
  10. I made a Mini Cupcake Liner Puffball Toy with Vine Balls and Beads that is going into a box of toys I am donating to a Rescue. I am almost ready to send that box off, it is just about full. My husband is helping me to make these. Once I am done with the donations I will make Breezy some toys.
  11. Breezy likes the old toss and retrieve, too.
  12. Yes, foot toys are toy parts strung on small lengths of bird safe rope or leather and tied that they hold and turn in their foot and chew. Breezy loves them.
  13. This is a fun room in the forum. It inspired me to make some foot toys for my Timneh Grey. Thanks everyone for the ideas!
  14. Made a toy for Breezy today.  Guess he liked it as it was on the bottom of the cage in pieces when I went in to feed him his dinner.  Went to the store after dinner and when we got home he started peeping and whistling at us.  He wanted his bedtime nut, so I went in the bird room, gave him his nut, which he was happy to eat.  Then I turned off the light and he has gone to bed.

    1. neoow


      That's always a sign of a good toy!

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