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  1. Breezy likes for me to carry him out and look at our tree when we turn the lights on. We did that tonight.
  2. Breezy enjoys shelling his own nuts. It gives him something to do, keeps him busy. He likes a challenge.
  3. I made a Mini Cupcake Liner Puffball Toy with Vine Balls and Beads that is going into a box of toys I am donating to a Rescue. I am almost ready to send that box off, it is just about full. My husband is helping me to make these. Once I am done with the donations I will make Breezy some toys.
  4. Breezy likes the old toss and retrieve, too.
  5. Yes, foot toys are toy parts strung on small lengths of bird safe rope or leather and tied that they hold and turn in their foot and chew. Breezy loves them.
  6. This is a fun room in the forum. It inspired me to make some foot toys for my Timneh Grey. Thanks everyone for the ideas!
  7. Made a toy for Breezy today.  Guess he liked it as it was on the bottom of the cage in pieces when I went in to feed him his dinner.  Went to the store after dinner and when we got home he started peeping and whistling at us.  He wanted his bedtime nut, so I went in the bird room, gave him his nut, which he was happy to eat.  Then I turned off the light and he has gone to bed.

    1. neoow


      That's always a sign of a good toy!

  8. Fed Breezy his breakfast.  He was hungry.  Will let out the dog, then I think I am going back to bed for a bit.  Didnt sleep well last night at all.

  9. Breezy is out in the diningroom with me watching my husband as he does some work at the diningroom table.  He seems happy and is talking and peeping at us.  Fed him lunch a little while ago.  He got a couple of nutriberries, fruit and veggies.  He also got a spoonful of Higgins cooked diet, the Spice Market flavor.

  10. I have lost many dogs, cats and two large parrots over the years and they are all different, with unique personalities. A new pet is just that. A new pet. A new pet can never replace a pet you have lost. They are totally new and themselves since every animal is different. Your new kittens are very cute. Hope you enjoy them. I know the stillness and quiet in the house after I lose a pet is unbearable, and after grieving a bit I am ready to welcome another one.
  11. Breezy was just asking me to come out.  When I went in his room he was clinging to the front of the cage so I opened to door, stepped him up, and now he is in the dining room with me.  He seems happy, since he is grinding his beak.

  12. Think I remember you, too. Glad to be able to get back on here. I love my Grey. He is really smart.
  13. Thank you! I have had Breezy since he was sixteen weeks old and for a long time was having trouble logging in here. Not sure why, but I changed my Password and now it is working.
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