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  1. Good bye my friend until we meet again...

  2. Testing dec. 5

  3. Hi


    You said you had a betta in your house. I used to have a crown tail betta ( red and white) years ago but that was a long time ago. He was in a 3 gal tank. A few years ago, I went back to regular tanks. This is a recent make over of my 55 gal. I'm grettz1



  4. If you have your photo in Photobucket, you have 4 link choices. Click the DIRECT link. It will be copied and you can then post that link .

  5. Jeff


    Have you ever tried to post a picture from your photobucket to any forum using the link---( last one on the bottom)?

  6. Hi


    Tell me something, do you use Photobucket? If you do, I wanted to ask a favor but I'll wait for this answer.

  7. hi dave i really need quick help mate emergency to do with my grey

  8. Hi Dave, I need some advice on airpurifiers. I currently own a JWR that has gone bad. I was not so happy with the business practices of that company. I have been looking at machines that also have UV sterilization lights in them. My JWR has one too. I called my vet yesterday and asked if they had any suggestions and they said not to get one with a UV. I am not very confidant that the person talking to me knew much about them. I am aware that no ozone is important. I am looking at some that are a real investment to me. I want the best I can do for my birds health as well as my own. Don't want an expensive mistake though. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou, Val

  9. A city boy, born and raised? Nice! And on Bleeker, so you know about nightly noise! My apartment was on West 11th between 5th and 6th- Gorgeous street, awful apartment. I thought I was lucky getting such a find until I moved in- mice and cockaroches throughout the building (left in 8 months). I currently teach in the East Village/Alphabet City on East 12th and Ave B but I moved back to Staten Island with my parents to try to save. No more city living for me.

  10. Where were you located in the village? I was born and raised there. Bleeker street near Our lady of pompei church.



  11. Judy--small favor


    Just reply to this PM. I wanna see if it also goes to my hotmail and then to my incredimail. I'm having problems with incoming messages ( posts and PMs) Everything is going to my delete box. I made some adjustments and wanna see if it works.

  12. That response was aimed at you. I made a mistake with the name. I put in another name.

    My mistake.


  13. Hi Dave


    I have a 7 month old CAG named pickle, he has been in a bit of bother and landed on the floor and flapped his wings uncontrolably then did the same on his back he clearly did not know what was happening.

    When i picked him up and placed him in the bottom of his cage he got a grip in 10 seconds or so and climed to his purch.


    I am dissapointed to hear this may be a stroke, he is in his cage and acting fine other than a little noise when eating. DO you have any information on this kind of behavior.