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  1. Thanks I thought this might be good since it has so many different foods. I am still trying with fresh fruits and veggies but he still won't try to even taste.
  2. Where do I find red palm oil and what does it look like? I live in western Alberta here in Canada and I asked at the pet store but they didn't seem to know.
  3. Joey is not happy with trying new foods and would rather not so I am having a hard time getting him to eat anything other than pellets. I found a mixed food called Tropical Carnival made by Brown's. Has anyone tried this or use this? I want a healthy diet for Joey and thought I could use this as I still work on him eating new fruits and veggies.
  4. Thanks My hubby is going to put some ropes, we went and bought some interlocking sponge squares to place on the floor. I also found a closer vet so next week I am going to check it out for my 3 little ones. By changing vets it will save travel time by almost 3 hours. I think the first visit I'll just have them do a check up, nails and beak trim. Then I'll see if I feel good about the vet before I choose to continue to them or not. I also was wondering if anyone knows of a good place to look for plans to make a play stand? The one hubby made for our 2 Quakers (Rexley & Molly) seems
  5. I am not sure why Joey is doing it but once he does he walks to where other are and will nibble on their feet. He doesn't want to be picked up but will if you try a few times. I have offered to get him to step up from his cage he says NO then within a minute jumps at the floor. He won't do step up from his cage but once off the cage he is happy to. He likes to then climb to my shoulder and then he won't let me or anyone move him. Joey scares me when he does it as I fear he will get hurt. I will try to make a soft landing for him and see if he will continue. I hope he stops since he alre
  6. Joey has scared me two time today and it worries me he'll get hurt. He will be on or in his cage with the door open and as you walk by he jumps out. This is not good since I am not even close enough for him to catch. The way his wings are he is also unable to fly so he lands on the floor and I'm afraid he'll get hurt. If this is a game to him or his way to get me to run, he isn't funny. What can I do to stop this?
  7. I'm not sure if this video will post but sure hope so. I'm trying to show off my Joey:)
  8. Thanks, I will try to grab the camera next time to take a few pictures but video is not working for me to post. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong with the video to post but will keep trying
  9. That is so cute thanks for sharing
  10. Today Joey decided he needed a bath so was using his water dish to splash in. Upon seeing this I filled a dish and placed it on my kitchen floor for him to really make a splash. He loved it and I used my hands to splash some too. Joey was making noises and seemed to really enjoy it with his wings spread out. I think he is always full of surprises with what he will do or the noises he makes. I am so happy that he is warming up to all of us and seems to be happy. I am still working on the new foods and I have to be happy he tastes it before it gets tossed.
  11. How can I add a video to show off my Joey?
  12. Thanks so much for all the support and praise but my biggest reward is having all my little ones happy and healthy. They all have come such a long ways from where they were before and I am blessed to have found them
  13. Yes Joey is like a kid, he has a nap then boom full of energy again to play. Hubby bought him a new toy and he almost has it completely torn apart. He sure likes to make all kinds of new sounds too and different voices too. I figured out Joey wants his door open even if he doesn't want to come out and that's when he scratches in the corner to tells us. His chest has many new feathers too but his wings still look like a mess. Joey spreads his wings out now when I spray him and stays in one spot. I think soon I will try to shower him in a sink to see if he'll enjoy it too.
  14. Today I was in my room grabbing the dirty clothes and was missed. Joey was walking down the hall calling out "Hello" my hubby was following behind him laughing. I am so happy Joey is starting to warm up and he looks better too. Joey has about 5 tail feather that are from an inch to 3 inches long. Yuppie he is getting his tail back!
  15. I think you are so right on how animals know when they are being helped. Years ago I found a dog in the ditch That you could see was beat so I took him to the vet and adopted him. The vet was worried about me taking him home since he was a biter and I had small kids but I wouldn't take no for an answer. He became part of the family, was so smart and the best babysitter for our kids. If anyone even raise their voice towards our kids he would be the first to put a stop to it and if one of the kids were sick he'd stay right by them. We had him for over 9 years till he passed away from cancer.
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