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  1. I've tried to convert mine to pellets but after a lengthy time I had to give her the seed mixture so she'd eat. I tried putting a little juice or spice on the pellets, mixing them with the seeds in different amounts. Nothing worked for months. Why do they put so many things in the seed mix that she won't eat? She's never liked the dried fruit or vegetables but will eat fresh. I end up throwing a lot away and it's a waste of money. She never eats the pumpkin seeds that are in almost all the mixes or the tiny white seeds. What should I do? Nothing works and she's 20. She used to eat the pellets for years. I don't remember why I switched a few years ago.
  2. Mine started at 11 months and she's 20 now. I really didn't teach her. She began saying things she heard. She mostly copied the sounds of things she heard like the telephone, and other appliances . The more time you interact with them and just have them near you the better they seem to talk.
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