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  1. For me... It's to help folk. Sharing is learning twice.. And one of my favorite quotes from the Fab 4. "The love you get is equal to the love.. you make." Forums I belong to. Greyforum (Wonderful Loving People) Mylespaul (Gibson les Pauls) Strat Talk (Fender Stratocasters) 1911 forum (firearms) AR15 (firearms) DPreview (cameras)
  2. Wow, just wow.. on many levels.
  3. I'm playing my black Les Paul Standard. Really all I ever do these days...
  4. Hi Joe, Where abouts in South Florida. That's where I am at the moment..
  5. I'm removing all the references to that personal matter. This was not the place to discuss it and I'm sorry for all involved
  6. Hi Ray, Wow you read all my posts. Well thanks. I hope I didn't waste much of your time.. I have had nothing but bad luck with birds. My European Starling died with a neck tumor. My Dusty Conure was killed by my dogs Rocky and Cody and Caesar Flew the coup. I think I should reevaluate owning them
  7. I won't soon forget you. You will forever remain in my memory as the best thing that ever happened to me and sadly the worst too. I can only hope things change in your mind.

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