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  1. Talon

    We Are !!!

    Thank you Jayd and Ray for this thread. You are absolutely correct! I will put my brain to good use and come up with a new thread. With 3 parrots, I have lots to share.
  2. Talon

    Alfie's Aviary

    That’s wonderful! You gave me thoughts for my indoor cat !
  3. Talon


    So sorry....rest up....we look forward to keeping up with you
  4. Talon

    GreycieMae's Sunroom-Aviary

    Oh my goodness! Good thing you found it out now tho....now Gracie Mae says...get back to work
  5. Talon


    Oh my gosh!!! I am so sorry ...I have a lot of personal trauma going on in my life and missed this...I am so very sorry this happened. But thank God you did what you had to to save their lives. How lucky you are to have rescued them..that is the only reason I keep carriers next to their cages with pillow cases for that very reason. i have no doubt that in HIS grey time....he will come around. That was some pretty severe trauma he went thru...I’m sure he is in shock still...remember..he doesn’t understand WHAT happened and WHY you did what you did...he has to come to terms with what in his mind..YOU did to him....and what happened..just the alarms going off are enough to set my birds into a panic...he had a lot more he went thru..... You may have to start from square one again...sitting next to his cage...singing to him...talking softly....reading to him in a quiet voice...just loving him as you do...and giving him space....but on HIS terms.....not yours....and PATIENCE will be key here.... please keep us updated...his is our family too
  6. Talon

    No good...

    it might play on a computer or laptop. I’m on my iPad
  7. Talon

    Alfie's Aviary

    That’s cool! So you are going to use it for your cats, and Alfie?
  8. Talon

    No good...

    Can you repost? It doesn’t play
  9. Talon

    Prayers Please...

    Handsome! You must be so proud! Thank him for his service and know he is in my prayers.
  10. Talon


    Whoever told you don’t open the cage is just making the adjustment worse, it will reinforce his fear of humans, if he can’t fly, open the cage while you are around to supervise, he may sit for weeks with the door open, in time he’s going to get curios and may sit on the door. That’s a high first step. i understand the fear and thrashing he probably does of cleaning his cage...but it has to be done...even slow gentle movements by you, soft singing while you do it. And do just the bare necessities, clean the bottom grate and change the paper...let the other stuff go..as he learns that you won’t harm him, you will be able to do his perches. Patience, kindness, gentle humming or singing, and very slow movements so he can see you are not a threat. It will take time, but will work.
  11. Thanks Kevin, your the best!❤️
  12. Talon

    Need tips and tricks!

    Oh my, she was adorable. I am so sorry for your loss. This is heartbreaking..😥
  13. Talon

    GIT "R" DONE

    Yes, sadly, life does get in the way sometimes. I have had some sad pet tragedies in the last few weeks. A little on the depressed side, but I will get back here and contribute more in time. Love to everyone ❤️
  14. Wow what a great idea! Never thought to put tiles there..my birds live my cabinets. I buy the wooden houses for rabbits and put them on top of my cupboards, they mostly chew them.
  15. Talon

    New CAG owner in Minneapolis

    Hello and Welcome to our family. What a beauty you have there. Thank you for,posting a pic! Looking forward to hearing more!