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  1. Talon

    We could be rescuing a grey today

    Wow, I,love following the updates. He’s one lucky bird, and you are such an angel for rescuing him
  2. Talon

    We could be rescuing a grey today

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that! What a sweetheart! He is forever yours....such a resilient precious gift.
  3. Talon

    Bird Mites From Doves and Outdoor Aviary

    I have an outdoor aviary & never felt the reason to worry about bird mites. I do not leave them out there full time,but in the last 4 years, the only thing I watch if the wasps that may make it inside which I am right there to make sure they are gone asap.
  4. Talon

    We could be rescuing a grey today

    I agree, wait on the nail filing. This is a critical time for him, what happens these next few weeks will determine how he acts around human touch and handling. Leave him be..
  5. Talon

    Did I go too big?!

    Not too big! I buy macaw cages for my greys. Rabbit toys are cheap, just make sure they are bird safe.
  6. Talon

    We could be rescuing a grey today

    Oh I am soooo happy!! You guys did great. What a sweet bird and so lucky! Thanks for the pics! How heartbreaking to see how he was kept. You are a true angel. Please keep the updates coming!
  7. Talon

    Is ruby really a Rudy? Lol

    There is no way to tell the sex without a dna test.
  8. Go to,your profile and click the small box on the bottom left to download a pic for your avatar
  9. Talon

    Should I Get A Buddy for Issac?

    I am all for another bird. My greys have no use for my Amazon, but knowing they are not alone while I’m at work is a source of comfort for me. They all have their own cages, but I think they like knowing they are a “family”. They don’t preen or play with each other, in fact Talon my grey and my Amazon play chase at times. But they do see very secure in the fact that they have other birds near them.
  10. Talon

    We could be rescuing a grey today

    I hope you can rescue him...prayers
  11. Talon


    Thank you, for those of us who never breed and haven’t seen new babies. That was a fun fact to see!
  12. Talon

    I'm Back !! (The Old Jay)

    Jay...Maggie...you both know how I feel....and WHY I seem "busy" you know what that is about..... You both will always have a special place in my heart...I WILL speak for other members...and if they don't like what I say, they can disappear...but OUR BIRDS HAVE A BETTER LIFE IN OUR HOMES BECAUSE OF THE ADVICE & HELP YOU HAVE OFFERED OVER THE YEARS. I know I have more knowledge because of you..NO ONE can take that away from you & you should be proud of all you have done in life. I am sad you don't recognize all the great threads & posts you have done for our fids. You should be focusing on all the GOOD things you've accomplished here & nothing else. THAT is Gods wish ( and mine ) THANK YOU to the members that took the time out of your busy lives to post in this thread....MOST of you don't know the depth of Jays declining health, I do & have respected his wishes not to discuss it here on the forum, but the fact that he is still able to communicate to Maggie so she can write for him here is a difficult task in itself,. Love to you both as always..<3 ❤️
  13. Talon

    Does your grey curse?

    Well, sadly..Nilah does yell “damn it!” She picked that up from me when I got really mad one day when I broke a much loved possession......😣
  14. Talon

    Springtime Amazon

    Well I guess the good news is Nilah is 9 years old.....so I will be looking forward to year 12....! And she is no doubt bonded to me..which I am fine with...I just feel bad for Talon especially who is kinda on her own cause NIlah is the boss of me 😎
  15. Talon

    Springtime Amazon

    Yes, I am the confident one that keeps the upper hand. I can usually calm her when I start singing to her.....She does actually have her "act" on my shoulder where she actually demonstrates having an amazon orgasm 😱 i(didn't know there was such a thing, but there is with her) Then she goes on her merry way.. I don't have any willing volunteers who will work with me on re-socializing her...so I just have to deal with it. One of the girlfriends is very meek & low confidence... and Nilah can sense that...so she spends no time in my house other than my sons room, when she passes thru, I take Nilah in the bathroom with me & we wait it out there.. The other girlfriend IS self confident, not afraid of her, has tried to offer her snacks over the years etc, Sometimes NIlah is fine with her...mostly in the fall & winter...but spring is a different story. The only weapon of terror we have against Nilah is Zoob-tube that she is fearful of..so my sons girlfriend just carries it around with her everywhere when shes here. Only in the spring will Nilah fly at her, but my son tries to shoo her way...it gets a bit stressful in the house when he brings her home...but only in the spring.... Most importantly...NO-ONE is willing to help the situation in my house cause MOM knows NOTHING...😜