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  1. What Does This Mean?

    Oh that's adorable!
  2. Why I love GreyForums

    Another reason why Greyforums is better..and Facebook sucks...too many prima donners...imo
  3. Murphy Flock, 9 and counting.

    I'm very sorry for your terrible loss. It really is nice to hear from you, I enjoy the updates, nutmy, you have a lot on your plate, hopefully things will calm down a bit.
  4. No WAY!!!

  5. Vada

    Vada has been home 2 weeks, what a joy! She's the sweetest girl ever!! I'm very lucky. The birds startle her when they fly off, but she has learned very quickly that they are a "no" and "off limits"....but I watch constantly when they are out. Nilah still perches on my hand while Vada cuddles on the couch at night. ❤️
  6. Things to think about

    Such a talented man who touched so many lives....😢
  7. Test Post

  8. GreycieMae's Sunroom-Aviary

    So jealous!. It's gonna be beautiful!
  9. Alfie

  10. Luvparrots

    Great pics!
  11. Talon Rikki Nilah

  12. Vada

    From my cell phone, This is Vada, she a rescue from a kill shelter in Alabama, she's coming to me next Saturday night 😍
  13. Sukei Chatter

    Aww.. love that voice!!! So adorable!♥️♥️
  14. Love you wallpaper!

  15. FYI. (Long but a must read)

    For those of you that don't seem to understand the reasons behind our new format....let me clear things up. First off, we have been having severe security issues with the forum for a long time now. We have been battling hackers, malware, viruses etc. Many times the forum has been down in the last few years due to hackers getting in and wreaking havoc. The private message system has not worked on many occasions. The front page stopped working, posting videos and pictures has become almost impossible. Things would just disappear. I was continually contacting the tech guys asking for them to fix this or that, letting them know we were down and inaccessible. Even GOOGLE didn't want you in Greyforums..when GOOGLE gives you a deceptive warning, it's for good reason, not just because... Members may not be aware, but Greyforums doesn't make a dime by paying the money it does to keep this forum up and running. It is strictly run by voulunteers helping out here. So getting the tech support we needed which cost $$, well, we were not a priority when you don't generate income. It was only a matter of a short time, before our forum was inoperable due to the malicious activity in the background because we lacked a secure site to say the least . It wasn't a matter of IF that happened, it was a matter of WHEN that happened, and all content would be lost forever. WE here at GREYFORUMS, are LUCKY enough to have a member who wanted to pay it forward....to THANK members .....to show his HEARTFELT GRATITUDE for all the advice and support he was given in trying to bring his grey into the US. Fighting the red tape and difficulties for years, which I can't even comprehend, but that is a greyt father, a dedicated grey owner. Yes, I am talking about KevinD, Sukie's dad. That's one lucky grey I might add. Kevin came to our rescue as well, he spent countless months trying to save Greyforums and continually being turned down. I am grateful for his relentlessness, he didn't give up on Sukie, and he didn't give up on Greyforums. And it would have been real easy to go somewhere else where another grey forum was in place that worked properly. He spent countless hours, and days cleaning out the viruses and garbage that has accumulated in the back end. Then begins the process of setting up a new server, new hosting site, a new server etc. when did he do this? On his nights and weekends when he wasn't at his full time job. Taking time asway from his grey to help us. He would answer my many emails and phone calls in an instant. ALWAYS putting us, this GREYFORUM family ahead of his own time. And not to mention the $$ he has spent on this site, making sure we had what we needed to move forward making it secure and giving us a mobile site which is something we have never had. I will I'll be forever indebted to him for his kindness and generosity. There aren't many people who are so giving in the works these days. Most want something in return, but not Kevin. is the forum different? Of course it is. That's what we wanted, a new look. Many of you don't know, but we went thru a huge format change many years ago as well. It seemed foreign at first, but in time as you learned things, you loved it and found it quite easy. This will be the same process. Due to the severity of the damage that was done to the site, it will take time to get everything up and running perfectly, things need to be added, tweaked etc. I would hope you would hang in there and be PATIENT with the process and the people trying to help. It angers me to see rude comments in the chat box complaining like this is a paid site where we are entitled to perfection. So I ask all members to be PATIENT. We will get everything working in time. Perfection doesn't happen over night I too work full time and then some. So writing a tutorial is something I am working on and hope to post over the weekend. So, hang in there, don't worry about people finding us, there is a redirect. If your still getting a deceptive warning, Clean out your cache, your history and delete your old bookmark. GOOGLE us, and find the page you want and bookmark it. And mostly, be THANKFUL to Kevin that there is a GREYFORUMS