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  1. Talon

    Jayd and Maggie

    Due to the poor health a Jayd has been in...I am worried....Maggie has been unreachable...if anyone ...kitty kitty....knows anything, please let me know..❤️
  2. Talon

    Grey in the hospital

    Hi everyone, some of you may remember, my son has a Congo African grey, he’s a big guy. Ollie is his name. There was an accident yesterday and his foot was pinned by the weight of a heavy door. My son called me and sent me pics of the cut, which was difficult to see. It didn’t look to bad. Fast forward to last night at 9pm, my ex husband called and asked if they should drive him to the emergency hospital Tufts 2 hours away, I said I could say I hadn’t seen Ollie, so I went over and it’s bad..my first guess is he will lose his foot. I lent my car to my son who drove to the hospital last night. They admittedly Ollie to put him on pain meds and keep him comfortable until the Zoology team gets in today. The girl there told my son he had a compund fracture, the bone was sticking out, but it was probably too difficult to fix, it didn’t look good and he should probably be euthanized...to which my son told her to F#ck off. So we’re waiting until around 10 am to see the next step...please pray for Ollie..the bill for last night was $1500 to admit him... I can only imagine the cost of this, but you can't put a price on a loved family member. 😥
  3. Talon

    Christmas music

    Aww...I remember these songs. My parents used to play this album at Christmas. Thank you for sharing, brings back some wonderful memories for me..❤️
  4. Talon

    A young lady

    Happy Birthday Corky! May daddy bless you with lots of hugs, kisses and treats! Pic would be nice...hint hint...
  5. Talon

    Grey in the hospital

    Just an update : Ollie had his first checkup and bandage change. Here's today's pics! The cone of shame which he manages to chew has to be replaced weekly.. $35 for one.. 🙄
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    I’m leaning towards restricting membership, okayed by admins. This is getting difficult
  7. Talon

    Grey in the hospital

    Here’s a video of Ollie. He is expressing his distaste at the thought of putting the cone of shame back on him after a couple of minutes of relief! AD816E9F-C6C8-4149-97F3-61DA3B2F5722.mp4
  8. Talon

    Grey in the hospital

    Thank you
  9. Talon

    Grey in the hospital

    Here is Ollie’s modified cage. The woos is covered with soft towels and soft perches arranged for him to rest against. I baby sat him today, he just s sits and rests his beak on the perch. I fed him apple and brought his water bowl over for him to drink. He’s very quiet abs sleeps a lot...probably the meds...
  10. Talon

    Passing on your Grey

    I have a friend who takes in rescue parrots, mostly Macaws, but she has others. She takes in the ones that are unadoptable due to previous trauma that they dont ever get over. Some of them ( she has had them for many years) can' even be touched by her. She is a WONDERFUL parront. She dedicates her life to loving & caring for these parrots. Has made several bird rooms in here home where they are free to be, they have destroyed her doors, chewing holes in them, she has replaced many doors & frames , it's ongoing..., gives them the best possible life they could have considering . They mostly are parrots that were mentally & emotionally abused. She has no one, rescues don't want them because they can't be handled. After serious soul searching & talks with her avian vet over long periods of time, together they have decided (& it is in her will) that at the time of her death, the birds will be put to sleep so they don't suffer anymore from someone who couldn't possible take over her role. I know it sounds harsh...I personally have mixed feelings about this, my instinct it to say NO! that's terrible! But what is worse? putting them thru more emotional trauma from the only safe environment they have ever had, to yet another, who most likely won't want them under the conditions they are...& leave them locked up all the time because they are so difficult? Food for thought...
  11. Talon

    Grey in the hospital

    Well, Ollie had surgery yesterday. They said it took longer than expected. He has 2 pins in 2 different places on his leg & a bar. He has the cone of shame on so he wouldn't pick, but he destroyed it so they put a bigger one on him. He won' eat, so they are feeding him intravenously....He is on opioids & anti inflammatory meds. He will most likely keep the pins & bar in for about 2 months, then he goes back to have those things removed. My son can go get him around 4 pm today, the Tufts Hospital is about 2 hours away, so I personally wont see him until Friday. We hired a friend carpenter to make a ramp to his cage as Ollie likes to go in his cage by climbing himself at his will. He was clipped for the first 11 years of his life, he can fly now, but he is very big & heavy grey so it takes alot of effort & he's quite clumsy. He also made a full size shelf to fit the cage, which my son will pad so Ollie can get around from food bowl to water bowl etc. I will try & get a pic & post it. I will update then.
  12. Talon

    Grey in the hospital

    Me either! Although I don't encourage bad words..I was proud of my sons comeback to her! Even the vet said that was inappropriate & completely wrong to say. Hopefully that employee will get a talking to...you don't say that to someone until & unless a Dr has seen Ollie.
  13. Talon

    Grey in the hospital

    Thank you! The vet just called, they said they can fix the break, a bar with pins for several weeks, then eventually removal of it. She also said that if a Bird is going to break a bone, it will always be their foot, its the most delicate & easily broken bone on a bird. So surgery tomorrow, then home to recoup. the cost will be just over $2000, xrays, blood work ,sedation & the operation.
  14. Talon

    Debbie and thegars

    Hello & Welcome to our family! What a beauty she is! Thanks for the pics, we love them! Can't wait to hear more about her!!
  15. Talon

    Just want to say Hello

    Hello and a Welcome! What a beautiful flock you have! Can’t wait to hear more!
  16. Talon


    Oh. Maggie.... I'm so sad, but I understand your decision. God Bless and may Jay and you know how much you are loved by this family. As always, your in my prayers ❤️❤️
  17. Talon


    Maggie, my prayers and love to you both. Please give Jayd a hug from me..❤️ Remember we are always here for you..♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
  18. Talon


  19. I am pleased to announce we have a New Moderator for our Rescue Room! I have asked Katana600 to take on the task of Moderator. She has lots of experience with rescues, and will be a great asset. Her posts are always helpful and full of advice. Her patience, love and compassion for birds shows in all she posts. Please welcome Katana600, and Congratulations Dee! I know you will be awesome!! :cool:
  20. Talon

    Need advice

    Hi everyone’s, I got home from work tonight to a vm left on my house phone. A women I have bought bird things from who lives a few towns over had given my number to a another woman. This woman left a long message on my answering machine , her elderly parents are ill and are in a nursing home, nd have an approx. 25 year old African grey that is sitting alone in their trailer sits in its cage all day, they’ve had it for 15 years she said, they can’t care for it any longer and she feels sorry for it and has cats dogs and horses so it won’t fit into her household. She wants it to go to someone who has and understands birds. i have cats, dogs and well you know...Nilah...Talon and Rikki. We all know our place in the flock. I do work a lot of hours, some days my birds are in their cages 11 hours..but they get out of their cage time always when I get home until bed, and Sunday is theirs day to have all day out. I’ve aleays felt 3 are enough....but my heart breaks..and I’m torn what to do. He is a male, I have 3 females....I don’t want to disrupt the flock and household...do I just ignore the phone call? I’ve done that once before, but it was just a woman who was looking for a home, not the elderly parents and bird sitting there all day....just looking for feedback from my family here. i tend to make a quick decision based on my heartfelt sympathy for all animals...want to rescue them all...thus my 3 dogs, 2 cats and 3 birds 🙄 Thanks in advance!
  21. Talon


    Oh Maggie, I’m so sorry. Please keep me posted. You both are in my prayers. ♥️♥️
  22. Talon


    We are family, if your are a part of this family, then you forgive without judgement. No apologies necessary, Jayd. The past is the past and we all move forward in a positive light. I send my prayers and love to you both. Always in my thoughts ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  23. Talon


    Great! Thank you ileo! I’ve been here daily removing spam, no time left to post!
  24. Talon

    Hi new member

    Welcome to our family! Beautiful pics and beautiful greys! I look forward to hearing more about them!