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  1. Oh that is so cute! I can’t believe your door look so good! One are all chewed on the tops. My greys manage to hold on me chew them
  2. I would leave it until,she loses interest. If you keep taking it away, she will most likely lay another one..I don’t have experience with this, but I have read this on many posts here. You could also try replacing it eventually with a fake egg that looks the same. Just some suggestions, hopefully others that have had this happen will chime in. Your doing right by increasing her calcium. Keep us posted, and welcome btw.
  3. Wow, we have humingbirds here, they love my hanging flowers on my porch. They're fun to watch..amazing creatures!
  4. I had the leg bands removed from my 3, no micro chips
  5. Welcome back! So happy to hear from you . I look forward to catching up more!
  6. IAs the others said, I would NEVER give supplements to my parrots without a vet recommending it because they need it. Just give him a variety of fruits, veggies & pellets.
  7. My 3 have rope perches, all kinds of wood perches . I try & give them a variety.
  8. There are plenty of places online. Where are you located, that would help narrow it down.
  9. He may be bored. Do you keep the tv 9n for him, my birds watch a parrot dvd all day while I’m working. They also have toy buckets with toy pieces, wood, balls etc wrapped individually in paper with the ends twisted for them to forage with, sometime I wrap treats in there also. Lots and lots of toys for him to tear apart and wood to chew up. It is hard once they start plucking it can become a habit. I have one that started plucking last ear and it’s because she is the lowest on the totem pole and doesn’t get enough attention..my other two sometimes bully her away from the table when we’re eating......it’s sad, but I do the best I can in giving her special alone time...😞
  10. Yes she is young, but my Amazon was the same age when she started as well. They seem to know when spring is regardless of where you live. Sounds like she’s excited by you. It’s ok if that’s the case..it’s just life with parrots!
  11. When she is with you does she do this all the time or just some times? If it is hormonal, she probably won’t do it in the winter, it is spring when their hormones kick in to gear.
  12. Welcome! Oohh..she has some red factor in her! That's pretty special. She may or may not keep that. Sometimes when they molt the grey will come in, some birds keep it, others lose it.
  13. It is hard to see on the video, but to me it sounds like she's excited by you..it's hormonal most likely since there are no other issues with her.
  14. Such a good reminder we need to hear . We get so busy in life, we forget the important things. never knowing if this is our last day
  15. Well it costs $$$ to keep things updated ...We can't expect Kevin to continue to pay the big bucks since he is not the owner..that's why donations to him will help in all the costs he has spent here to keep us going. If members can't afford it, that's fine, no worries, but encouragement or postive comments are better than.........
  16. I give my parrots straw toys and lots of toys with soft plastic, they love tearing them apart. I have never seen my parrots eat anything other than paper. I personally don't worry about it as they seem to leave everything in sheds on the floor. They have zero interest in flannel or cloth.. I have toy buckets I fill in their cages once a week. I fill them with (safe) broken toy pieces, wood, jingle balls etc. I take paper and wrap them individually and twist the ends. Fill their buckets with these things & they have fun chewing the paper off and destroying what they can. SOmetimes I put in cheap toothbrushes or clean popsicle sticks also
  17. Yes! Keven, Would you accept donations from us?
  18. Testing my pic size from here at work..:)
  19. Understood & agreed 100% !
  20. Love it ! Thank you Kevin for all your hard work!
  21. WOw that posted huge....WIll have to figure out how to downsize my pics & videos.
  22. My trash bird...:) 20210204_181251.mp4
  23. Yes, although I check regularly..it has been quiet.... I am great, my flock is even better! My amazon is now 12 years old and finally getting less hormonal than in the past.so that's a good thing for us! Talon is 15 years old Rikki 15 years old Nilah 12 years old
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