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  1. Alfie's Aviary

    That’s cool! So you are going to use it for your cats, and Alfie?
  2. No good...

    Can you repost? It doesn’t play
  3. Prayers Please...

    Handsome! You must be so proud! Thank him for his service and know he is in my prayers.
  4. Appearance

    Whoever told you don’t open the cage is just making the adjustment worse, it will reinforce his fear of humans, if he can’t fly, open the cage while you are around to supervise, he may sit for weeks with the door open, in time he’s going to get curios and may sit on the door. That’s a high first step. i understand the fear and thrashing he probably does of cleaning his cage...but it has to be done...even slow gentle movements by you, soft singing while you do it. And do just the bare necessities, clean the bottom grate and change the paper...let the other stuff go..as he learns that you won’t harm him, you will be able to do his perches. Patience, kindness, gentle humming or singing, and very slow movements so he can see you are not a threat. It will take time, but will work.
  5. Thanks Kevin, your the best!❤️
  6. Need tips and tricks!

    Oh my, she was adorable. I am so sorry for your loss. This is heartbreaking..😥
  7. GIT "R" DONE

    Yes, sadly, life does get in the way sometimes. I have had some sad pet tragedies in the last few weeks. A little on the depressed side, but I will get back here and contribute more in time. Love to everyone ❤️
  8. Wow what a great idea! Never thought to put tiles there..my birds live my cabinets. I buy the wooden houses for rabbits and put them on top of my cupboards, they mostly chew them.
  9. New CAG owner in Minneapolis

    Hello and Welcome to our family. What a beauty you have there. Thank you for,posting a pic! Looking forward to hearing more!
  10. Prayers Please...

    We appreciate the updates, of matter what they are. Prayers for you both. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  11. Fingers!!!!!

    Nilah like to use a spoon.
  12. What's in yor food bowl?

    Yes, I agree. No raw potatoes, no garlic, no onion, no avocado, no mushrooms, and no salt...although I do let them have some chips on occasion with sea salt. Sugar is a no no as well...but they get an occasional sweet snack... i didn’t know for a long time that unlike us humans, birds can never get rid of the salt and sugar we feed them, it just accumulates until the harm is done.😢
  13. What's in yor food bowl?

    My flock gets a bird feed mix all the time in their bowls,changed weekly. They also get a breakfast bowl on the days I work, blueberry waffles, bagels, either a cinnamon or apple toast or a hash brown, all are cut up into finger foods for the. They also get a snack bowl that usally has a veggie/rice/quinoa mix I make once a month & freeze for convenience, I usually add a piece of bread with butter, leftover chicken or sprinkle some cheese on top to entice. Once a week, they get junk food: cereal, peanuts, almonds, 2-3 tortilla chips, plus a min ice cream cone filled with yogurt. They also eat off my plate every dinner whatever I eat they must eat.
  14. Does he sense a sadness or grief? Just your mood or state of mind he can feel. It may make him feel unsure and he’s lashing out at that perhaps? Just a wild guess. Also, spring is around the corner and my parrots are ALL acting up..🤪
  15. Soon to be new owner

    I couldn’t agree more, they hate being isolated from the family, that could cause plucking, so be careful with that. Better to keep her in her cage in the family room to start so she gets used to the family and sounds of the home.
  16. Filled with stress. My neighbor...

    Gosh, that’s a terrible bunch of stress after all your planning and saving. I don’t have much to offer you’ve gotten such good advice. Definitely record the dogs, time of day and days of the week. It would seem to me you could comprise a schedule with her since you have to endure the dog barking...but you need proof first. Keep us posted, we will all run into this at one time or another I imagine. One day I would like to downsize into a condo, but I know I can’t, due to my Amazon...guess it’s a trailer in the woods somewhere
  17. Prayers Please...

    Prayers for you both. Be strong Jayd, we need you here more than you need us..love to you both. ❤️
  18. GreycieMae's Sunroom-Aviary

    I’m so jealous! It’s beautiful!
  19. What do you do during family dinner?

    I include my parrots with any meal I eat at home. They are free to walk over to my plate...it doesn’t bother me..sadly since I am working full time, I feel bad having them in their cages all day, so I’m not about to keep them away from me when I home
  20. I want to apologize

    Kevin, I am so very sorry for the sudden loss of your father. As you know, I lost mine 1 year ago, and it does make you see life with different eyes. Always know he is watching over you and I am sure incredibly proud of you and all you do for others. As as for this site, you know how I feel about all the work you did to save us. I disagree with Judy, this site was quiet before the change and it has been picking up little by little. People are busier these days with so many other social media sites..so we aren’t always the first choice, but since you have made us so mobile friendly, hopefully members will start to take advantage of that and post more! If anyone was upset...the shame on them! God Bless ❤️
  21. Prayers Please...

    My thoughts, prayers and love ❤️ to you both. This is so heartbreaking...Jayd has such a wealth of information and always keeps our minds going thinking about what’s best for our fids. Thank you Maggie for all you do and continued to do for Jayd, you are a true angel
  22. A blatant plea for sympathy

    Have you looked into LDN for your other health related issues? I have been researching CBD oil for pain in humans, as my dog is on it for pain with excellent results. My chiropractor gave me exercises to do to ward off siactica..I do them faithfully and they really do help. I wish you the best and please keep us posted.
  23. Old Fids.

    Wow, beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing with us, I love all the pictures! My prayers for a quick return.❤️
  24. Security cameras

    Are you looking for security from thieves, or a camera that lets you watch your birds or both? I have Dlink to check on my birds, but ADT for my house with a camera as well.
  25. Death of Dave007

    Thank you Jayd ...Dave was a very good friend to me as well as irreplaceable member here. It’s still pains me every day to know he’s not here to lean on for advice and all the right answers. This thread also brings up bad memories for me...the hurt and sadness and grief was beyond words for me here, and shame on the member who personally chastised and attacked me repeatedly for not openly grieving here on a public forum. 😡