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  1. I am pleased to announce we have a New Moderator for our Rescue Room! I have asked Katana600 to take on the task of Moderator. She has lots of experience with rescues, and will be a great asset. Her posts are always helpful and full of advice. Her patience, love and compassion for birds shows in all she posts. Please welcome Katana600, and Congratulations Dee! I know you will be awesome!! :cool:
  2. Talon

    Need advice

    Hi everyone’s, I got home from work tonight to a vm left on my house phone. A women I have bought bird things from who lives a few towns over had given my number to a another woman. This woman left a long message on my answering machine , her elderly parents are ill and are in a nursing home, nd have an approx. 25 year old African grey that is sitting alone in their trailer sits in its cage all day, they’ve had it for 15 years she said, they can’t care for it any longer and she feels sorry for it and has cats dogs and horses so it won’t fit into her household. She wants it to go to someone who has and understands birds. i have cats, dogs and well you know...Nilah...Talon and Rikki. We all know our place in the flock. I do work a lot of hours, some days my birds are in their cages 11 hours..but they get out of their cage time always when I get home until bed, and Sunday is theirs day to have all day out. I’ve aleays felt 3 are enough....but my heart breaks..and I’m torn what to do. He is a male, I have 3 females....I don’t want to disrupt the flock and household...do I just ignore the phone call? I’ve done that once before, but it was just a woman who was looking for a home, not the elderly parents and bird sitting there all day....just looking for feedback from my family here. i tend to make a quick decision based on my heartfelt sympathy for all animals...want to rescue them all...thus my 3 dogs, 2 cats and 3 birds 🙄 Thanks in advance!
  3. Talon


    Oh Maggie, I’m so sorry. Please keep me posted. You both are in my prayers. ♥️♥️
  4. Talon


    We are family, if your are a part of this family, then you forgive without judgement. No apologies necessary, Jayd. The past is the past and we all move forward in a positive light. I send my prayers and love to you both. Always in my thoughts ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    Great! Thank you ileo! I’ve been here daily removing spam, no time left to post!
  6. Talon

    Hi new member

    Welcome to our family! Beautiful pics and beautiful greys! I look forward to hearing more about them!
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    Oh yes, we have had horses for 25 years...I know exactly the scenario you right about...witnessed it several times. I find horses and greys are very very much alike in their behavior, their reactions, etc. No two other species are more alike.
  8. Oh my! Just saw this thread. I am so sorry for her...prayers and best wishes for her. Please keep us posted. ♥️
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    Due to my work schedule. I buy a variety of frozen veggies and greens, cook rice, quinoa and pasta, mix it all together, freeze it in small portions for daily use. It’s easy and quick to give them in their “snack” bowl.
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    Greys never forget people in their lives. I have read so ma y stories of grey. Ding reunited with their first owners after many many years....they’ll always remember....just like dogs and horses do!
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    Welcome! We luv pics! Can’t wait to hear more...what’s your greys name?
  12. Talon

    Grey ingested dime size amount of marijuana

    Sleeping it off is the best thing for him, but you should at least call a vet and ask, it’s a large amount considering his size
  13. Talon


    Please. Welcome back!
  14. Talon

    Need advice

    Thanks everyone for the advice. I sent the info to a woman I work for who owns a pet store, she knew a woman who has had birds until they passed away and wanted an African grey, she passed the info on and said it sounds hopeful, still waiting to hear. I did offer to foster or help in any way, but I ha ent hears anything more..
  15. Talon

    Need advice

    What do you think introducing a male to 3 females would do if anything? Should that be a concern? Ideally I would foster him & hopefully find him a forever home, but I don't know whether to offer or just let it go.
  16. Talon

    Passing on your Grey

    This is difficult for me, I had a plan, but now that my kids are older, they and it has changed. Nilah is my biggest concern, she is bonded to me, doesn’t like other females...but at the moment, all my birds will go to my daughter to do with as she sees best for them. She knows them, understands them and has a heart like mine. She will do right by them. 😥
  17. Talon


    Such a fascinating topic!! Talon, say “thirsty bird “ when she wants a drink. Nilah who never leaves me alone....she’s a huge shoulder bird...makes a gurgling sound whenever I go to the bathroom 😝, or run water anywhere. Rikki sau “good morning” when she first see me in the morning. When I have to put Talon in her cage before I-go to work, she says. “Be back soon okay?” Something I’ve aleays said to here before I was working full time and I would put her in her cage when I’d go out.. She always say, “Hello”in her politest voice when my phone rings..
  18. Talon

    How is Jayd???

    Yes, I have heard from Maggie, Jayd is not doing well and at this point has decided he wants to spend his remaining time home. Without going into details, both of them are sleep deprived and it is difficult for him to post, but Maggie is hoping she can get a post on here from him soon...please pray for them both...❤️
  19. Talon

    How is Jayd???

    Yes, me too. I messaged them both several days ago..., but haven’t gotten a response..
  20. Talon

    Today we welcomed home Fynn!

    So pretty !
  21. This thread last posts is 5 years old....
  22. Talon


    Wonderful news! Thank you for looking out for her! We can all relax now. 😀
  23. Talon


    Oh Maggie, I am so sorry for you both. Prayers for you and especially Jay that times quickly heals him. Love you both. ❤️
  24. Talon

    Accident at the house today

    Omg! I LOVE that!!! So clever!