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  1. Can't seem to get the video to upload here....maybe if Kevin comes along he can help me..:/
  2. Hope she is doing ok now!
  3. I will need to get new cages one day..I think the cost of SS cages equals the $$ spent replacing metal cages over time ...no? Okay, I just looked..I am wrong! lol
  4. Oops, I didn't check the link...I have it on my home computer..I will fix the link when I get home (at work, playing hooky)
  5. To All Our Older Members: I know many of our members that contribute these days are newer members and aren't familiar with one of our earliest members. For those of us that have hung in there for all these years......you may remember when we first joined (after jumping ship from another bird forum), there were only 3 rooms here. As a group, we have increased the rooms to what we have today. The membership was more like a family back in the day when we were all so active..being here every day all through-out the day.....those were fun times! We became a family and shared lots of ups &
  6. Talon

    Vet question

    Just like my children, my parrots are never left alone with any stranger, even the vet. They understand and are comforted by you being there
  7. All 3 of mine came to me with clipped wings. I am a firm believer in allowing them the freedom to fly just like we have our legs, their wings are their legs...I have a tag that recently started plucking her legs and a little,of her chest. She is low on the totem pole and the others don’t allow her to get a lot of attention. She is the only one allowed out in the am while I get ready for work, and the last one to bed. I try and give her more attention, I know it’s stress related...but with work, my time is limited. Her place in the flock is a contributor to it I am sure. It saddens me..
  8. Talon

    Bird lights

    Really Ray? I never knew that. I do use uv lights, it’s the fixture I was concerned about.
  9. Talon

    Bird lights

    Best UV light for parrots? I have used Featherbrite for 13 years, in that time I have had to replace them about 5 times due to a burning of the wires that attach to the bulb socket burning So glad I noticed the smell when I was home and not at work....Suggestions please? I used a in light 1 time and Talon got her right eye sunburned because of it..
  10. I am very sorry this happened. My condolences. How devastated you must feel. Thank you for the warning so others may now know not to use these types of heaters.
  11. All 3 of mine were clipped when I got them. One at 6 weeks, one at 6 months and 1 at 1 1/2. I let all their wings grow out. My 6 week old flies effortlessly and always has. My 6 month old was taught to fly by my youngest son, she is an amazon & is heavy, she can fly well, but she is like a missile when she flies, you gotta duck or get hit! LOL. MY year and half one took almost a year to grow out, she learned to fly but but was difficult. She still forgets she can fly at times. They are now 15 years old & 11 years old. they never plucked due to flying. the 6 week old that is now 15
  12. Gosh 3 birds later, I’ve had talon since she was 6 weeks old...I think if I remember correctly ..her first words were “step up”..not 100% certain tho...
  13. LNCAG, I couldn’t agree more! ❤️
  14. Breeding is a difficult thing to do with parrots. I suggest you look thru the files here and research all the information you can, I myself I don’t care for breeders of any sort, I believe in rescue, but if you become a breeder knowledge and experience is key. Otherwise don’t attempt it. Just my opinion.
  15. I think you misread the intent Janet. I believe it is Off topic section...general chat?
  16. Is she eating and drinking normally? Is she pooping as normal also? Maybe a vet visit is needed, greys hide their illness until,it’s almost too late on many occasions.
  17. That's a great start! I have done clicker training with our dogs, but have not tried it with my parrots. I hope it works for you both & builds a bond. Keep us posted!
  18. Aww.. Cricket was such a beauty, both inside & out! You were both blessed to have each other. My NIlah also would spend her life on your shoulder, if I sit on the couch and bend my leg on the recliner, she will go to my knee since it's the highest point. She too chooses my left shoulder, She is very trusting when she is there, I do keep my face away from her just in case, but if I read her body language, ( Ray you know what I mean) I will know when its not time for her to bet there.
  19. Yes, Ray is correct. I had no amazon and not a ton of parrot experience when I got my amazon Nilah at 6 months on a whim. Luckily for me she’s a female and not as aggressive as the males. I learned very fast that no matter what, she was never to have the upper hand on me, so I stayed consistent and never backed down, She is very loving and affectionate, but you MUST learn to read their body language, yes I have been bitten on the hand or arm and boy it is a bite like no grey can give! We have a relationship that you just can’t have with a grey. I know her limits, and we both follow the
  20. Ouch, that looks painful. You are lucky to still have your eye.. I do allow my 3 on my xhoulders. However, I always keep my face away , unless Rikki signals do a kiss..but 99 % of the time, my face is turned away..you can never be too careful
  21. That would be a riot!!
  22. My 2 greys, both will be 15 years old later this year,act up and misbehave more than normal in the spring. But Nilah my amazon..that's a whole other ballgame...since she was 3 1/2, we have quite a time with her in the spring..I won't go into the details..but to say whe finds ways to "satisfy" herself anywhere..on the blanket, my shoulder your arm...it can be wuite embarrassing listening to her...she also gets more aggressive..All 3 of them will fight more over territory so I have to keep a watchful eye all thru spring when they are out. Nilah is 12 years old now, I do see signs of her being
  23. HAAHAHAHAHAAAA Chalk it up to old age ?? LOL Yes, I have used it and remember now~
  24. I used this lamp for 2 weeks, and Talon had a red burn around her eye from it, however it was a vet trip and eye drops for 7 days with no improvement, as the vet thought it was an infection...turned out it wasn’t , it was burned from the light and I kept it far above her...needless to say, I threw it out!
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