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  1. I think you misread the intent Janet. I believe it is Off topic section...general chat?
  2. Is she eating and drinking normally? Is she pooping as normal also? Maybe a vet visit is needed, greys hide their illness until,it’s almost too late on many occasions.
  3. That's a great start! I have done clicker training with our dogs, but have not tried it with my parrots. I hope it works for you both & builds a bond. Keep us posted!
  4. Aww.. Cricket was such a beauty, both inside & out! You were both blessed to have each other. My NIlah also would spend her life on your shoulder, if I sit on the couch and bend my leg on the recliner, she will go to my knee since it's the highest point. She too chooses my left shoulder, She is very trusting when she is there, I do keep my face away from her just in case, but if I read her body language, ( Ray you know what I mean) I will know when its not time for her to bet there.
  5. Yes, Ray is correct. I had no amazon and not a ton of parrot experience when I got my amazon Nilah at 6 months on a whim. Luckily for me she’s a female and not as aggressive as the males. I learned very fast that no matter what, she was never to have the upper hand on me, so I stayed consistent and never backed down, She is very loving and affectionate, but you MUST learn to read their body language, yes I have been bitten on the hand or arm and boy it is a bite like no grey can give! We have a relationship that you just can’t have with a grey. I know her limits, and we both follow the rules of our relationship that both of us have made..it works well. She hates other women and will attack them ,so she stays in her cage when I have guests, my sister is the only other allowed female, but that’s another story for another time. She is very much bonded and has the same relationship with my honey..he has lived with us for the past 2 years, and Nilah adores him and has established the same relationship with him as well. I love to hear about Cricket, so I am happy you feel you can now share. You had a relationship with Cricket like no one has with a n amazon, so please when you can share her beautiful memories ❤️
  6. Ouch, that looks painful. You are lucky to still have your eye.. I do allow my 3 on my xhoulders. However, I always keep my face away , unless Rikki signals do a kiss..but 99 % of the time, my face is turned away..you can never be too careful
  7. That would be a riot!!
  8. Talon

    Spring time

    My 2 greys, both will be 15 years old later this year,act up and misbehave more than normal in the spring. But Nilah my amazon..that's a whole other ballgame...since she was 3 1/2, we have quite a time with her in the spring..I won't go into the details..but to say whe finds ways to "satisfy" herself anywhere..on the blanket, my shoulder your arm...it can be wuite embarrassing listening to her...she also gets more aggressive..All 3 of them will fight more over territory so I have to keep a watchful eye all thru spring when they are out. Nilah is 12 years old now, I do see signs of her being horny (for lack of a better word) slowing down. I hope this means the end is in sight, as I remember Ray, I think, telling me they calm down around the age of 12 or so...???
  9. HAAHAHAHAHAAAA Chalk it up to old age ?? LOL Yes, I have used it and remember now~
  10. I used this lamp for 2 weeks, and Talon had a red burn around her eye from it, however it was a vet trip and eye drops for 7 days with no improvement, as the vet thought it was an infection...turned out it wasn’t , it was burned from the light and I kept it far above her...needless to say, I threw it out!
  11. Talon

    a newbee

    I have an amazon, a cag & a tag. They co-exist in my house. I would NEVER put 4 (2 of each) together in an aviary unattended by me. Too much can happen. I have seen fights with my 3, and if I was not there to intervene, most likely 1 would end up a bloody mess of worse.They are not to be trusted even tho 95% of the time they do fine together. My amazon & tag USED to play chase as a fun game flying thru my house....now my amazon can be bully and just chase my tag out of her space..for whatever reason, they don't care for each other. MY 3 have found their place in a flock of 3 thru trial and testing...my cag is the queen (although not spoiled or favored) next is my amazon lastly is my tag...maybe due to size? even tho my amazon is big, idk. They are all close in age and grew up together..but know and have their place..they don't like to share...Ages: tag 14, cag 14 and 1 month younger than my tag..my amazon 11 years old. I have had them all since they were very young.
  12. Wow! How trusting, my greys would eat my face if I tried that 🙄
  13. Love this! Get well soon!
  14. Due to my work schedule, I feed frozen veggies. I make a mixture of pasta, rice, quinoa, and various frozen veggies. Freeze it and have enough to give daily for about a month. They don't always like what I have chosen, but they will pick at it at the very least.
  15. I am still working so every day is normal here for my guys...... I am sure they would love me home more so they can get out. 😀
  16. I worry about it, but for my 21 year old son who has asthma that goes wild when he gets sick. He will be alone. I worry about getting it because I am a runner and don’t want to lose my lung capacity. However I am considered an essential worker and am still working every day. I just try to stay safe and stay away from others.
  17. Thank you! What a generous offer!
  18. Oh dear. Stay safe and I wish you a speedy recovery! Love the video!!!!!
  19. I am still working...but have stocked up on bird food, frozen veggies and to! Lol. Laying low otherwise, haven’t gone out for anything other than work and groceries. Out state everything is closed anyways, but we are playing it safe here.
  20. This is a wonderful thought provoking subject. 1. Do I feel sorry for my 3 parrots? Yes, almost every day.... 2. Do I feel guilty that I have to work and they stay in their cages all day until I get home in the evening? Yes, absolutely,..Terrible guilt.. But I keep telling myself that my 3 were bred in homes..they do not know the life their ancestors have. The old saying you don't miss what you don't have.. 3. Do I wish they could fly free and experience what their instincts tell them? Yes, a lot..however, they most likely would not survive in the wild, They don't know what "wild" is. So I do the best I can for them, they all have macaw size cages, filled with toys, and toy baskets with toys wrapped in paper so they can forage. I give them as much attention as I can. Feeding them as healthy as possible. My house looks like a giant bird cage, I have rope perches, boings, birds tree stands EVERYWHERE, So when they are out, they have every opportunity to fly wherever they chose. They mostly chose to be with me or my honey, eating dinner with us or watching tv on us, I long to be able to give them the kind of out of cage time I used to be able to (some days, all day) when my job was different, but now I am working full time, long hours, but Sat afternoon & I dedicate Sundays to their time. I go nowhere on Sundays as that is there time to be free out of their cages from morning to night. They only know life with me except for Rikki who was purchased by someone else in a pet store, they had her for 1 year until the man (Rikkis favorite, was too ill and the wife gave her to another couple. After 6 weeks they came on this forum and asked how to keep her quiet as she whistled too much and was too loud! Turns out they lived 2 hours away.. I made a sarcastic comment to them, and next thing I know, they brought her to me..her forever home) So like all of you, I do the best I can and try to not stress over the lives they have..after all thats all they know..<3 GREAT TOPIC!! Thanks to all who posted, it is really nice to hear others thoughts, after all we're not alone like we feel sometimes.
  21. Talon


    For me...life has changed..so just lack of time on my end..
  22. Your profile page will give you access to your past posts
  23. That’s a cool Idea! I don’t have any holiday traditions for my parrots, just spoil them as always. Lol
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