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  1. judygram

    New grey

    Hello Isha and welcome to our family, looking forward to hearing lots more about this new baby grey you got coming, pictures are always welcomed.
  2. judygram

    Unusual behaviour

    I'd say it is nesting behavior, he is trying to get it under him to sit on it, this is the time of year that hormones are raging or he could be trying to mate with it, in any case I'd take it away for now and maybe let him have it later on this year. You don't want him getting all hot and bothered and then he might take out his frustrations on you, it is cute to watch.
  3. judygram

    New Keto dish

    Ah a little parrot stew, not too filling for there is only so much meat on those bones, just don't forget the carrots and onions.
  4. judygram

    Hi To All

    Hello Congo and welcome to our family. The others have given you some excellent advice, as said grey time is slow so take it easy and be very patient with him as he settles into his new home. As you learn his body language you can avoid most bites but even the best of us will get one occasionally so don't let it bother you, most of the time its our fault.
  5. judygram

    Did I go too big?!

    Like the others have said the bigger the better, they need plenty of room to be able to open the wings and flap without touching the bars. I second the addition of a nice heavy duty bell, no grey should have to go without a bell, they will ring that thing and play fight with it, even take out their frustrations on it, a definite must for a grey. You can also check the baby section of stores for toys for your bird, lots of them are safe for birds but sometimes just ordinary items in a home make good toys, sometimes just a box will keep them busy for a while.
  6. judygram

    We could be rescuing a grey today

    No but who knows what the future holds, he may turn out to be such a sweetheart you couldn't bear to part with him, like Steve said, at least he is out of that hell hole.
  7. judygram

    Escaping Greys

    I too have noticed that it seems to be a lot of escaped birds lately and many of those seem to be in the UK and for exactly the reason you state, more open windows due to the heat wave. I also have screen doors and screened windows but my windows are rarely open as its too hot in the summer, must run a/c as I can't take the heat like I used to. Our children are gone so we have no little ones running in and out but for those who do they must be vigilant about those doors when the birds are out and about in the house.
  8. judygram

    We could be rescuing a grey today

    So glad to hear this grey has been rescued, poor thing having to exist in conditions like that, he will be so much better with proper food, some toys, clean cage and tender loving care. Can't wait to see what he looks like in a few weeks.
  9. Its possible he has developed a hand phobia, some birds just do not like hands so offer an arm for him to step up on and see if the reaction is the same. I don't usually wear nail polish so if on occasion I do wear some my grey doesn't like it at all, she thinks its something out to kill her. Its good you are very patient with him and it can take longer than 4.5 months for him to fully trust you as grey time is slow time. As for the wing trim, how can someone think that clipping only one side is a proper trim, the way you describe your bird was butchered plain and simple and that person should never touch your bird or any bird again, I'd be mad as hell if it happened to my bird, that person would be "butchered" if you get my drift.
  10. judygram

    My new grey ruby

    Most greys do not like being touched unless its by their chosen ones, for instance my grey will not allow me to rub her neck but will allow my husband to do almost anything with her for she has chosen him as her favorite person so you may have to settle for not getting to touch her much. She is biting because she is telling you she doesn't like what you are doing, you can't force her to do anything she doesn't want to do but you can learn to read her body language to avoid most bites. Not biting hard is giving you warnings but if you persist she may deliver one you will remember. The wings will grow back and she may already know how to fly if allowed to fledge when she was younger but time will tell, allow them to grow back and leave them that way for they are birds and meant to fly.
  11. judygram

    My new grey ruby

    Once they lose the dark baby eyes and they become the mature ones like she has its hard to determine age but its a good guess, she is lovely. You can keep her happy by taking care of her every whim, give her a good diet, a big cage with lots of toys and loads of time out of cage to spend with you and your family. You can find lots of threads here in various rooms on what to feed and not feed, ideas for toys that may be from common things in your house because you don't have to spend a fortune to entertain a grey, sometimes a simple box will keep them busy for a while. Looking forward to hearing and seeing a lot more from Ruby.
  12. judygram


    Usually when they regurgitate food as a sign of affection they don't usually bring up only water and if she is not eating then its time to see an avian vet. The one you mention does not sound like they are very reliable so see if you can find a reputable one even if you have to travel some to get there. Her not eating is not a good sign so please get her some help asap and let us know what you find out.
  13. judygram

    New Grey dad!

    Hello Alex and welcome to our family. It appears he is in love with you, he is showing his desire to mate with you and that should be discouraged as it will only frustrate him, when he gets like that ignore him for a few minutes and do not touch him beyond the head.
  14. judygram


    Hello Lil and welcome to our family. Try to read thru as many of the threads here for lots of helpful advise. If you have specific questions do not hesitate to ask. Do you have any other birds? Is this your first grey?
  15. judygram

    Feather condition

    The first thing I would do is schedule an avian vet visit for sometimes when a bird starts plucking it means something is amiss, there could be an infection or inflammation in that area. Then if everything checks out ok then look to see what if anything has changed in his environment, it could be something so slight for greys do not like change. Whatever you do don't let it bother you or allow him to see you upset about the plucking for they pick up on our emotions.