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  1. If you have a wild caught grey then you really need to take it slow, this bird has been ripped from where it called home in the wild and now it is spending his days in a cage, that is a huge difference. As others have said grey time is slow time and that means weeks, months and maybe even years before you can gain his trust. When you sit nearby his cage don't ignore him as that hate to be ignored, talk to him, read a book to him in a soft voice, let him get used to you being around, believe me he will want to be by your side when he does learn to trust you. Take it slow and easy, when he allows you to be closer offer him a treat, something he loves. Please do read thru some of the threads to get more ideas and suggestions that worked for others with similar situations but don't get discouraged by the lack of visible progress as it is in baby steps, it will require great amounts of patience but trust me the reward will be ever so sweet no matter how long it takes.
  2. Help PHOEBE Stuck repeating......

    Greys will pick and choose what they like to repeat, sometimes its the way it is said that they like but there is not much you can do to discourage the repeating of certain words but ignore it and definitely do not laugh or give any reaction when the particular word or words are repeated as that will only encourage them to continue.
  3. I want to apologize

    First, I am sorry to hear of your Dad's passing, we wish we didn't have to say goodbye to our parents but that time comes and we deal with it the best way we can, lots of good memories will help ease the pain and I have lost both parents so I know what you are going thru. Second, I don't know what you need to apologize for, the only thing I can think of is because of the new format not many people sign in and post anymore, this forum used to bustle with activity but is fairly quiet now, I think it will eventually pick up when a few things settle down. You have done us a great service so forgetaboutit.
  4. Death of Dave007

    I can hardly believe its been a year since our beloved Dave passed away, such a huge loss for the forum and personally for me as I considered him a very good friend, he was such a big part of this forum and his knowledge and wisdom is sorely missed.
  5. Ready for his close up

    Someone loves the camera, handsome Alfie.
  6. Dehydrated Food

    No I feed them straight from the bag, they enjoy the crunchiness.
  7. Outdoor aviary is in progress!

    Amazing, simply amazing Steve.
  8. These nuts

    Well when you have that nice new addition to the house for the birds it needs more fids to enjoy it, lucky Huey.
  9. Just want to say, 'hi'!

    Welcome back to the forum, you have been busy in your absence and I see you are following in the footsteps of Steve and building an aviary for your fids to enjoy, such lucky birds.
  10. Dehydrated Food

    Drs. Foster Smiths site offers dried vegetables, I have purchased the mixed vegetables and the peas for my fids, they enjoy them. The mixed version has dried peppers in them too.
  11. GreycieMae's Sunroom-Aviary

    You have done a really nice job on this Steve and your fids will thank you each and every day they get to enjoy it.
  12. Help please (CAG 8 months old)

    James, you have not updated us on what you may have found out about Larry, what are his test results? The red factor feathers are nothing to be concerned about, my cag has a couple on her neck, she never had any before and most likely will molt out.
  13. What are your Christmas plans?

    My 2 kids with their spouses and the 3 grandkids will celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. I will fix a grand dinner for us all then we gather round the tree and exchange gifts, afterwards we eat cookies, eggnog and fruit salad while we sit around watching a Christmas movie. Its a tradition we started long before the kids grew up, its family time together and then they have their own Christmas at their houses the next morning. My hubby and I will go to their house to see what the grandchildren received from Santa.
  14. Help with Erratic and biting behaviors

    You cannot punish a grey to get good behavior, it just doesn't work that way. You need to gain their trust to be able to handle them and yes sometimes they will bite, especially the young ones as they are exploring their environment. The more you work with your bird and learn the body language you will find out what they like and dislike and that will serve you well in avoiding getting bitten.
  15. FOR SALE???

    Howardine, the site address is greyforums.net