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  1. judygram

    Baby, it's cold outside!

    What a cutie pie she is, adorable in her winter coat.
  2. judygram

    Two Greys, One cage???

    I would always provide a separate cage for each bird for even though they both are greys they may not get along, chances are they won't and each bird will need a cage they can call their own, birds can be territorial about their cages especially greys. Its nice if they do get along and even if they do they still need separate cages for the reason I stated.
  3. judygram

    A young lady

    Happy Belated Hatchday Corky, you are one spoiled bird, lucky thing.
  4. judygram

    Grey in the hospital

    Ollie is being a good sport with his collar of shame but there is no shame and soon it will be a thing of the past, get better quickly.
  5. judygram

    Falling off perch at night while sleeping

    My grey readily eats Harrison's High Potency pellets so I provide them for her at all times. You can offer vegetables in various ways, sometimes they will eat one cooked and another one raw, or maybe one in little strips and another one mashed, experiment with various ones to see which she may prefer. Some make chop which is different kinds of vegetables with the addition of some grains and or rice and beans to make a mixture that when they eat one thing out of it they are actually getting some of the more beneficial portions, it is chopped up and mixed all together. Please do read thru various threads here for lots of ideas of what you can offer her but yes an all seed diet is very unhealthy, do not be discouraged if she doesn't eat her vegetables at first, sometimes it takes a while if they haven't had them in a long while but one day she might actually eat some and find she enjoys it.
  6. judygram

    Falling off perch at night while sleeping

    There are many reasons for this occurring including lack of calcium and metal toxicity, we are not vets here so my best guess is have her seen by an avian vet but in the meantime place her perches low and pad the bottom. Please let us know what you find out and I hope she is going to be fine.
  7. judygram

    Sukei Update

    Yes he is, would love to see more of him if you could manage that.
  8. judygram

    Grey in the hospital

    I didn't realize one of your sons had a grey but I hope Ollie does well in recovering from his injuries.
  9. judygram

    Pink leg feather

    I chose to not put the band on Josey as I have heard several stories of them getting the bands caught on something then injuring themselves, I have the band in my possession but do keep an eye out for any kind of redness or swelling on the banded leg.
  10. Hello Tali and welcome to our family. You have an adorable baby grey, I love those dark eyes they have and you will be more able to tell about possible bites when those eyes change to light rings around the pupil as they reveal a lot about their intentions. Even though she gets along with your cat I would supervise all time they spend together for it only takes a second for something bad to happen and cat saliva can be fatal for a grey so don't take chances.
  11. judygram

    New and just started

    If your bird is having seizures make sure you have her under an avian vet's care, that said it will just take time for her to become comfortable in her new to her home. It is understandable she is nervous and is wary of you but that will change but it may take lots of time and patience on your part to allow her to go at her own pace, this could take weeks, months or even years but it will be well worth it. A grey's trust has to be earned and since she has been without the love and attention she deserves it will be slow to come.
  12. judygram

    Pink leg feather

    Chances are it will molt out but then you never know, my 12 year old grey never had any red factor feathers until this year when she grew a couple on her neck, they are still there but likely will molt out, I wouldn't worry about it.
  13. judygram

    Just want to say Hello

    Hello Bob and welcome to our family. I also have a sun conure along with my grey but it looks like you have double the fun and raising babies to boot. Looks like you have an outside aviary for your feathered friends, a lovely set up for them. You will learn a lot from this forum and most of the information you will need is among the many threads in various rooms so look them over for advice and if you have any specific questions feel free to ask.
  14. judygram


    Gosh I hope so, I usually come on to get rid of the spam that just seems to show up every day and I am leaving on Thursday for a cruise so someone else will have to deal with it so maybe there won't be any more of it, hope it helps.
  15. Had he ever done this before? Is he bonded to you? Something caused him to pluck out his tail feathers and you will have to figure out why but why not take him in to see your avian vet to rule out anything physical, he could have some inflammation that irritated him as sometimes it indicates an underlying infection.