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  1. judygram

    crystal stones

    I'm so sorry you lost your grey and as no one here is a vet we are clueless as to why it happened.
  2. judygram

    A small scare

    I can see how that must have frightened Alfie for if he is anything like my Josey she has to always turn and look at that poop that just dropped but in Alfie's case it didn't drop away it clung to him, maybe he will be more aware of being in an awkward position to take a poop and stay in the more natural stance of a slight squat from standing. I know it wasn't funny at the time but when I read your post I did chuckle.
  3. judygram

    Hello feathered friend parents

    I think you did the right thing to make an appointment with an avian vet, looks like she is picking at that area and it could be infected, most times when birds pluck or pick at a certain area it means something there is bothering them and an avian vet will be able to determine what is going on. Hope it turns out to be something easy to deal with.
  4. judygram

    Concerned About Baby's Sleeping Position

    I think most greys do sleep perched but I have heard of some that will lay or sit down, if your vet says your baby is doing fine then she must be. I have often wondered why they wouldn't be more comfortable resting down instead of staying on a perch, she looks adorable.
  5. judygram

    Today we welcomed home Fynn!

    That is one precious baby grey, an adorable little stinker.
  6. judygram

    Black Balls Attached to Down Feathers

    I have never seen this before and have no idea what they are but they must be irritating to your quaker, maybe someone else has a clue.
  7. judygram

    Safe varnish for a playstand

    As I always say, when in doubt err on the side of safety, it could possibly be safe but who wants to risk their beloved companion's life on this one man's statement, besides it is probably going to be chewed on and possibly some ingested, so what it is not the best looking thing, your bird will put her own touches on it perhaps. If your bird plays on it and enjoys it then its the best looking item in the house IMO.
  8. judygram

    Bringing 5yr old CAG home

    Hello Crdavis and welcome to our family. Its good you have done research before bringing one of these awesome creatures into your home, it will help you in the coming weeks, months and years you share with this new companion. My advice is to open the cage door and allow your bird to come out on her own when she is ready, they like to do things on their terms and she may want to interact with the family right off the bat but if not let her decide if she wants to come out or off the cage. Greys are flock animals and want to be with their family, with you being part of the family. I would really like you to leave her wings unclipped, most of us here are of that opinion, birds were meant to fly and if you can manage keeping the doors and windows closed when she is out to prevent any escapes then she will be a happier bird. There is nothing like hearing the flap of wings when your bird is coming to find you or just enjoying the freedom of flight. The main thing is to just let her make the decisions on when she wants closer interaction with you and take it slow and easy for grey time is slow and it takes time and lots of patience on our part to not rush it with them, trust is earned and that can take a while.
  9. judygram

    Safe varnish for a playstand

    Why use varnish in the first place, its not needed on wood that is intended for birds to be standing on, the varnish could make it more slippery for your bird.
  10. judygram

    Today we welcomed home Fynn!

    Ah those baby eyes, they get me every time, looks like Fynn is going to be so loved in his new home.
  11. judygram

    Need Help and Feedback

    I made a reply to your first post so I won't repeat myself. She is just going thru a hormonal phase that will be over soon.
  12. judygram

    Hello and Question

    Hello Gil and welcome to our family. When your grey lays eggs I would leave them for her to sit on, for one reason if you take them away she will only lay more to replace them and that could leave her with a calcium deficiency, it is better to allow her to sit on them until she shows less interest in them. You can also replace them with fake ones that will not be broken or cause a stink that real ones might, you can easily find them, just google fake grey eggs. Greys can be moody when nesting and sitting on eggs but she should return to normal when the hormones settle down.
  13. judygram

    Grey started nipping

    This was created by Dan not Dave but its got all the info for the ages.
  14. judygram

    Grey started nipping

    Hello Kamz and welcome to our family. Its typical for a grey to be more bitey when they reach the twos but be sure you are not trying to get him to do something he doesn't want to do for that is their main way of telling you they don't like something so respect his choice of what he wants from you. Also remember these birds are not domesticated animals but wild so they use that beak as we might use our hand. Even the best of buddies can dislike something and react with a bite. You need to learn to read his body language to know when to leave well enough alone, greys display body stance and even the eyes tell of their emotions so be aware of what they are and how he reacts and you can learn to avoid most bites. Would love to see some pictures of Mika.
  15. judygram

    How to put grey in to box

    An avian vet knows how to towel and handle a bird for talon trimming, just allow them to do their job and then you "rescue" him from them when its all over, no harm no foul.