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  1. I want to ask every American to give thanks and remember those who gave their lives for our freedom, we cannot ever forget what they lost so we have the liberties we enjoy each and every day. As you go about your 3-day weekend with barbecues and picnics remember the sacrifices that were made for you to be able to do just that. All gave some but some gave all.
  2. Good words to live by
  3. judygram

    Potato Chips

    Salt can have a cumulative effect so if allowing one every couple of days could be dangerous in time, I would lay off letting her have that treat.
  4. judygram


    Kevin if most of the bites occur when you are putting your hands into his cage then it could be a case of cage aggression. Some greys think of their cage as their own private sanctuary, a safe place if you will that they don't like violated, why not try doing anything in his cage only when he is perched elsewhere in the house. Otherwise I am stumped as to why he is biting you now when he wasn't doing it over 6 months ago unless something has happened and that could be anything, something you might not even think would matter but in that little grey mind it is everything.
  5. I can't add much as you have already been given the best advice, take your time, be very patient as he settles into his new to him home and eventually you will find his true personality.
  6. Yes he is sorely missed and maybe by me more than any other individual on this forum, he truly was a blessing to those in need of greyt advice here and a true personal friend, I'm so glad he made all those stickys that we can refer back to when needed.
  7. I remember your Cricket and how close you two were with one another, the pain from her loss is still deep but you two had such a special relationship so keep those memories alive with fondness, she took a little piece of your heart with her when she made the journey across the Rainbow Bridge.
  8. I have been here over 12 years now and been thru lots of drama and happenings over the years, most of it good and some bad but you take it one day at a time. I have seen a lot of people leave, most of them silently and a few with much fanfare but this place continues to teach and inform those of us looking for answers in being the best parront to our greys we possibly can, they deserve no less.
  9. Escaped parrots have to find a way to deal with their unfortunate new found freedom and many have adapted to the environment so it doesn't surprise me in the least.
  10. He will repeat english words and phrases if that is what he is hearing from you but it is still early in the game for him to be saying a whole lot so give him time. They will practice a lot with sounds and he is learning how to make the sounds he hears so if he is going to be a talker then he will, be patient.
  11. Yes my grey loves cheese too and she gets a little bit from time to time, I think its the only thing she eats that she never drops a morsel of. Thanks for remembering our beloved Dave and Howardine, I don't think there are too many days I don't think about him and what a great help he was to all of us, he is sorely missed.
  12. He probably is a little upset with you as you were gone for a month, some greys react to absences like that, they are trying to let you know you did a bad thing in his eyes by leaving him but it won't last. It kind of sounds like you don't have much time to spend with him and that is not good for him, he needs to know you are there for him some every day. You may be expecting too much from him right now, I think you need to work on your relationship more to earn his trust. Greys are slow to trust and it takes plenty of time and lots of patience on your part as it won't happen overnight. Don't
  13. It is a step back but it won't last, just keep talking to her and don't touch until you get a signal from her that she is ok with it. Please consider leaving the wings unclipped as most of us here do not clip our birds wings.
  14. Katrina, I think you are right about the band, probably identifies the breeder. I chose to not have the band put on my grey as I had chosen her early enough, I don't think it matters much anymore like it used to and I will never have to worry it will cause her any pain or discomfort but I have it in my possession.
  15. She will practice those sounds until she gets them down perfectly, it takes a while for them to become a master at it, so be careful of what you wish for and be careful of what you say, no bad words but sometimes its the tone of what is said more so than what is actually said that sparks their interest in talking, mine can mimic my laugh.
  16. If you are still concerned the person to ask is your vet.
  17. What a cutie pie she is, adorable in her winter coat.
  18. I would always provide a separate cage for each bird for even though they both are greys they may not get along, chances are they won't and each bird will need a cage they can call their own, birds can be territorial about their cages especially greys. Its nice if they do get along and even if they do they still need separate cages for the reason I stated.
  19. Happy Belated Hatchday Corky, you are one spoiled bird, lucky thing.
  20. Ollie is being a good sport with his collar of shame but there is no shame and soon it will be a thing of the past, get better quickly.
  21. My grey readily eats Harrison's High Potency pellets so I provide them for her at all times. You can offer vegetables in various ways, sometimes they will eat one cooked and another one raw, or maybe one in little strips and another one mashed, experiment with various ones to see which she may prefer. Some make chop which is different kinds of vegetables with the addition of some grains and or rice and beans to make a mixture that when they eat one thing out of it they are actually getting some of the more beneficial portions, it is chopped up and mixed all together. Please do read thru v
  22. There are many reasons for this occurring including lack of calcium and metal toxicity, we are not vets here so my best guess is have her seen by an avian vet but in the meantime place her perches low and pad the bottom. Please let us know what you find out and I hope she is going to be fine.
  23. Yes he is, would love to see more of him if you could manage that.
  24. I didn't realize one of your sons had a grey but I hope Ollie does well in recovering from his injuries.
  25. I chose to not put the band on Josey as I have heard several stories of them getting the bands caught on something then injuring themselves, I have the band in my possession but do keep an eye out for any kind of redness or swelling on the banded leg.
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