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  1. DawL, their cages aren't quite as close as in the picture, but they are next to each other. Penny, I've always loved Talon too! Nikko and her could be sisters :-). I'm so glad to hear that Talon finally accepted Ricky into the flock! It makes me hopeful that someday Nikko will quit lunging at poor Alexis. My mom thought that Nikko seemed more like her old self today, so maybe she's turning the corner and adjusting to not being "King Bird" anymore. But like you, I feel bad that I disrupted her little life :-( A couple stories: I've been calling Alexis "Alex Mack" (there used to be a show on Nickelodeon called The Secret Adventures of Alex Mack), my mom calls her "Ally Mack", and my dad calls her "Ally McBeal" (Alexis is very thin). Poor bird won't know what here name is! But then again, Nikko goes by a ton of nicknames, ie. Beaker, Beakie, Tweeters, Nikkie B., etc. I'm beginning to think we're all a bunch of weirdos here ;-). Secondly, Alexis's former owner didn't have her sleep in a cage, she put her in a small crate with a towel. She said she was told that it keeps them from getting arthritis in their feet. I place the crate on top of Alexis's cage at night, but put it in the hallway during the day (no other place to put it right now). Nikko is obsessed with that crate! She will crawl down off her house, waddle into the hallway, and explore that crate until I make her stop. Which got me to thinking, maybe it's not a great idea for Alexis to sleep in that crate once she hits maturity? Will she think it's a nest, and get all broody? Nikko has been broody all month long, so I can see why she's so interested in that crate. Which gave me another thought, maybe Nikko will be nicer to Alexis once breeding season is over. It seems like she's always more cantankerous when her hormones are going strong. So many of you have more then 2 birds. I don't know how you do it! These two keep me hopping :-)
  2. Forgot the update! Nikko still hates Alexis, and Alexis is a bit scared of Nikko. I now have to lock them in their houses when I'm not in the room, because Nikko climbs down off her house, waddles over to Alexis's house, climbs up and attacks :eek:. I think if Alexis stood up for herself (instead of flapping away in terror) Nikko would back down, but for now, she's not ready to assert herself. Before the "lockdown," these two have fooled me more then once. The first time I was napping on the bed, and when I opened my eyes, things didn't seem right. "Alexis" was on her house, but playing much more aggressively then normal. I became suspicious, but then "Alexis" pooped on the bedroom floor (something Nikko never does). I finally inspected them closer, and "Alexis" was really Nikko :cool:. Alexis was sitting on Nikko's house the whole time. Another time, I picked up "Alexis" and left the room, only to hear "Nikko"let out a loud screech. I thought, "Oh no, Nikko has already learned that annoying sound," but nope, they had switched houses again. Switched is actually a nice way of putting it. Nikko chases Alexis off her house, and since she has no where to go, she climbs up onto Nikko's house. That's come to end for now, because I won't leave them alone for even a second now. One last thing: Nikko will tolerate Alexis sitting on my lap, so long as Nikko gets the shoulder. Progress, I hope?
  3. I'm finally back! I've been meaning to post these pictures for 2 weeks, but those birds eat up all my time :cool:. A recent picture of Nikko: And the 2 girls on the first night (we've since shortened the legs on Alexis' cage so that they are the same height):
  4. Here is a close up of Alexis's interesting eye:
  5. Two things that I didn't expect: Alexis has been here only 3 days, and yet "asked" me to tickle her head today. She even let me scratch all around her neck! She still growls a little when I ask her to step up, but most of the time she steps up for me with no problem. Second, Nikko is jealous that Alexis is starting to bond with me. I didn't expect this since Nikko has always favored my mom. Tonight, my mom was holding Nikko (which I thought she would like) and I was holding Alexis. Nikko made such a fuss that I put Alexis down and picked up Nikko. She hustled up to my shoulder (something she rarely does), and sat there until I put them to bed. Alexis seemed a bit put out that Nikko hogged up all the attention, and didn't want to go to bed. Nikko, however, went to bed happy. Whew, 2 birds can be rather exhausting!
  6. Hi Judy! I will try to post a pic of Alexis tomorrow. She has a very interesting eye. It has little flecks of brown in the iris. Sure makes it easy to tell the two of them apart!
  7. I often think of you and Talon too! We got our TAGs around the same time (Nikko was 4 when I adopted her), so I could never forget Talon :-). I knew you had adopted a CAG, but didn't know about the amazon. You have quite a house full now! I do hope they'll be friends, as I've always wanted Nikko to have a companion. Today, Alexis snuck over to Nikko's cage while Nikko wasn't home (she was hanging out in the living room). Oh, Nikko would be furious if she knew Alexis had been nosing around HER stuff ;-). Alexis was doing a bit better today. She still makes a little growl when I pick her up, but not as much as day one. She's eating everything in sight, and seems likes she's getting comfortable with her new surroundings. Thanks for the tips Penny! I'm trying to make Nikko feel like the alpha bird, so hopefully she won't feel like she's been replaced. I had no idea she would be so irked about sharing her home with another TAG.
  8. I haven't been here in a long time! Old timers may remember me and my TAG Nikko. She is now 10 years old. Yesterday I brought home a 4 year old TAG named Alexis. Does anyone have advice about adding a 2nd bird to the home? So far, Nikko is a bit needy (fussing for attention more then usual). She seems intrigued by Alexis, but not necessarily in a good way (she tried to lunge at her, and made the high pitch peep she uses when she tries to go after the dog). Their cages are side by side out of necessity, but the vet says not to let them have any real contact until after Alexis's test results come back. Alexis is a little standoffish right now, and a bit nippy. She doesn't acknowledge Nikko much (even though Nikko is dancing all over the place right next door). She is a tiny thing! Only 246 grams (Nikko is 300). Her little legs are like sticks, and she looks like a vulture when she puts her head down. Hopefully everyone will settle down, but was just wondering if anyone has any helpful tips for a smooth transition. Thank you!
  9. LOL, I have been a bit MIA, haven't I Judy? This aviary is called The Alex Memorial African Grey Aviary. There are 22 CAGS and 4 TAGS in residence. But if you happen to see what looks like a green bird or two, your eyes aren't deceiving you. The Greys have been kind enough to let 2 Lilac-crowned Amazons join their flock. Here's a pictorial of Sampson the Grey vs. Paco the Lilac-crowned Amazon over a treasured nut: http://the-oasis.org/blog/2010/09/03/67/ I bet the Greys (and Amazons) were sad to see the winter paneling go up on their aviary. It blocks the view of all the pretty trees!
  10. It's feeding time as I post this, so check it out at Streaming Video Services From email I got today: The Oasis Sanctuary is proud to announce that our Live Web Cam is up and running in the African Grey Aviary. This is the first of two aviaries which will be covered live by our web cam system. Please go to www.the-oasis.org and click on the Live Web Cam link on the left side of the main page. That will take you to the web cam site. The Best times to watch the birds are after they have been fed when you can watch them eating, but from dawn to sunset every day it is FUN! After dark you may be able to see one or more birds sleeping.
  11. New update: Cross-post freely --- cross-post freely --- cross-post freely Dear Friends of The Oasis and of The East Coast Rescue The four birds coming to The Oasis are safe and sound at RuthAnn and Tom LaRue's home in Scottsdale. They arrived on Wednesday morning. I met the plane and brought them to the LaRue's, where they were immediately put in larger cages, given fresh water and fed wholesome food. They ate like champs and seemed very pleased and curious about their new surroundings. Baby the B&G alternated between mouthful's of food and playing with (her???) new toys! Yesterday the four were all seen by Oasis' Dr. Todd Driggers. We ran all sorts of tests up to and including DNA (except for the 'too whose lovely eyes confirmed that she was in fact she...) On exam, all by the Greenwing, Kenya, seem to be healthy (will know more in a week) byt Kenya has a little sinus infection currently be treated. We have received over 100 names in our Name the Nameless Parrot Contest. Thank you all! Some of the names are touching, others funny, some well researched as to language and country of origin for the birds... Once the birds are here and Staff has had s chance to get to know them a bit, they will sit down and make their decisions. It will undoubtedly be a tough decision!! (In case of tie, I will take the opportunity to be the tie breaker <G> There are advantages to this job LOL!) On another note... I want to thank you all for Voting for The Oasis in the Animal Rescue Site's contest. We have finally moved up a notch to number 5. If we can make it to #3 there will be more funds available for The Oasis Sanctuary's birds.... While we have already received $1000 for being number one in the state of Arizona, as you know, especially during these hard times, every bit helps!!! Go to www.the-oasis.org and scroll down a bit on our home page. There is a voting link there.... Again, we could not have done this without you all. Thank you so much!!! Syb -- Sybil Erden, Executive Director The Oasis Sanctuary www.the-oasis.org 520-212-4737 We can always use Volunteers...Do you have time to learn about Parrots? Come'on out!
  12. Here's the latest update! cross-post freely-----------cross-post freely--------------cross-post freely Dearest Friends of The Oasis..... I have wonderful news....The "East Coast Rescue" is coming to a close. The birds are safe, and all the reptiles and small-furries who could be taken out have been. So, now I can give you all more information... The pet shop was located in a small community in Virginia. The major work for this rescue was done by a small group of incredible people in that state, led my my newest Heroine, Laureli P. Most of the animals have found wonderful placements (there are still three snakes needing placement.) While Two Macaws, the Cockatoo and the Grey are coming to the sanctuary, I am delighted to state that all the finches are living in an aviary at a wild life rehabbers establishment, and the budgies have been fortunate to be finding loving local (east coast) homes. The furries and most of the reptiles have gone to Sanctuary or experienced homes. One of the macaws, Sammie, has stolen the heart of Laureli P. and will be living with her as her companion at her farm-sanctuary with her and her husband. Matt, from Project Perry, has taken a sick little cockatiel but also is available to help Laureli with learning more about large birds....I have told her I am always available to help with any questions etc as well. The four birds coming to The Oasis will be arriving in Arizona late this coming Tuesday night. I will be meeting the plane and driving them to RuthAnn and Tom's for quarantine and testing by our beloved Dr. Todd Driggers. We hope to have them at the facility a week or so thereafter. None of us can thank all of you enough. If not for the incredible outpouring of support and financial aide, none of this could have happened. Dozensa of critters are safe because of YOU. Take a bow !!! ------------------ Additional wonderful news.... Thanks to your votes, The Oasis SAnctuary was the weekly winner of $1000 in the PetFinder's Animal Rescue Site's Shelter contest. This will go a long way to helping the Birds of The Oasis and will purchase such necessities as food, medical care and more! We are #1 in Arizona....but, sadly we are only #6 in the country. The number One organization will win $20,000 and there is money for other "runners-ups" as well... Won't you help? Please tell your friends: VOTE EVERY DAY!!! The contest ends July 26. You just helped us win $1,000 for being a weekly winner! We can really use one of the top prizes but we've been stuck in 6th place for weeks. We need your daily vote to start moving up. Go to the link below, then do the following: Enter Shelter Name: Oasis Sanctuary State: AZ Click on Search (The Oasis Sanctuary in Benson AZ will come up - that's us!) Click on Vote Enter the animal that you see Click on Confirm Vote You can vote once a day, every day through July 26. On the left-hand side of the site, if you click on "Daily Click Reminders" and enter your email address, you'll receive a reminder every day so you won't forget to vote! Here is the link that will take you directly to the voting page: http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/clickToGive/shelterchallenge.faces?siteId=3&link=ctg_ars_shelterchallenge_from_freewaystohelp_sidetabs We have done so much thanks to all of you! Let's all get out and vote every day! It costs nothing and can help even more of our beloved birds! Thank you all again..... Syb -- Sybil Erden, Executive Director The Oasis Sanctuary www.the-oasis.org 520-212-4737 We can always use Volunteers...Do you have time to learn about Parrots? Come'on out!
  13. Have you taken Jake for a checkup? Not to be a fear monger or anything, but you never know if he was exposed to any sick birds or other yucky stuff while he was on the run. Glad the little guy is home B)!
  14. New update! The birds are now safe B): Cross post freely --- Cross post freely --- Cross post freely Dear Friends of The Oasis You all have done it!!! Just a brief note to let you know THE BIRDS ARE SAFE. Thanks to YOU and the funds you have sent these birds will get a life at long last. The birds have been were removed from danger and are in foster care as I write. (I am not at liberty to divulge where they are as folks are still trying to get some of the reptiles out.... I will certainly let you all know more as soon as I can.) Thank you thank you thank you all! Syb -- Sybil Erden, Executive Director The Oasis Sanctuary www.the-oasis.org 520-212-4737 We can always use Volunteers...Do you have time to learn about Parrots? Come'on out!
  15. I thought some of you might be interested in a current rescue situation going on with The Oasis bird sanctuary. Here are the first two emails I've received, and will update as these poor birdie's make their way toward their new home B): Part 1 cross post freely --- cross post freely --- cross post freely --- cross post freely Dear Friends of The Oasis... The Oasis Sanctuary needs your help to get a few birds out of a horrific situation. I am of the opinion that when a rescue is ongoing that only the people involved need to know where it is so that the birds don't "disappear"....Suffice to say that a BAD pet store back east has closed. I will be delighted to give you all more information once the birds have been moved to safety. Most of the animals were purchased, but there are several former breeder birds, in poor condition apparently, as well as some small finches and budgies, who need to be ransomed. One bird is an older plucked Macaw, another is a frightened former-breeder Grey. The remaining cockatoo had her buddy sold....She is terrified and alone! If The Oasis can raise the funds, we will accept these birds. We will get them the medical care they will need and insure that their lives will be far better than they have been so far!! We have raised some funds, but need to raise another $2K to ransom the all birds. We have a promise of $500 toward the Veterinary expenses and also need to raise funds for transportation. Every little bit will help. Please go to http://www.the-oasis.org/donatenow.php If you can use the Google button, we receive 100% of the donation and do not have to pay a fee.... Please notify me if you go on line and make a donation. That way I can tally the amount and make sure it is appropriately used to help these poor animals. Thank you in advance for your kindness and your help bringing these birds to safety!!! Sybil -- Sybil Erden, Executive Director The Oasis Sanctuary www.the-oasis.org 520-212-4737 We can always use Volunteers...Do you have time to learn about Parrots? Come'on out! Part 2 cross post freely --- cross post freely --- cross post freely --- cross post freely Dearest Friends of The Oasis.... I am thrilled to report that from the Google, Pay Pay and Pledged (mail in) donations, it looks as though we have enough money to get the poor birds out of hock!! PLEASE if you have not yet sent your checks to Charlotte, she is counting on them as part of the funds needed for the rescue!!! We are working with a wonderful local lady and some of her friends (will give you all names etc later.) The plan is to pick up the birds on Tuesday or Wednesday as soon as we can get the needed $3200 over-night-ed by FedEx to her...(The "bad guy" ended up wanting a bit more than we hoped for....but it worked out okay!) The Oasis will be purchasing airline-safe carriers and food for the birds... They will be seen by a Veterinarian for their "Health Certificates"... Then the birds will be sent to Phoenix Arizona via airline From there they will be put into Quarantine in the Foster home run by our beloved Tom and RuthAnn LaRue. They will be seen, have all their necessary testing done by our esteemed Avian Vet, Todd Driggers. All told this rescue will be running in the neighborhood of $9,000 including the medical costs (assuming the birds don't need any long-term ongoing medical care....) Unbelievably we have been able to raise this amount with donations and pledges in less than 36 hours!!! You all need to pat yourselves on your backs. At this time of dire economic difficulty, the $5 and $10 donations added up with the $20's and $50's....and the few larger donations to make this an incredibly successful and emotionally uplifting situation. I know that the reason this worked so well and so quickly is because the situation touched a lot of emotional nerves. ALL of us have a terrible pet store that we know about. ALL of us have wanted to do something for the birds who were stranded in these horrid situations. Well, now we know that due to YOU it can be done!! And will be done again... Thank you all. You are my heroes. Sybil -- Sybil Erden, Executive Director The Oasis Sanctuary www.the-oasis.org 520-212-4737 We can always use Volunteers...Do you have time to learn about Parrots? Come'on out! Post edited by: spookyhurst, at: 2009/06/10 08:06 Post edited by: spookyhurst, at: 2009/06/10 08:09<br><br>Post edited by: spookyhurst, at: 2009/06/14 07:15
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