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  1. Hopefully this works as I'm on my phone! Here's Piper! (Excuse my dirty feet...I was painting the deck barefoot that day!)
  2. Here's "my" bird Piper! ENTRY #8:
  3. Momma gave Nilah a bath in front of the glass door today:
  4. Welcome to our family ,I look forward to hearing more from you.
  5. We've had Rikki for 2 years. Mom asked me to put up some pictures of her, so here they are!
  6. When choosing a cage for your parrot, one must test out the cage for themselves. Is it strong? Will your bird fit comfortably? Its helpful to test it yourself, like my cousin and brother did. See for yourself? Obviously, this cage wasnt the right fit. (I'll post the other one once it finishes uploading...shows how they actually got in there.)
  7. Well if we left Matt at the store there would've been more room....:laugh:
  8. ~~~~~~~~~~~~PICTURES~~~~~~~ Melissa
  9. I'm sorry to hear about your horse. Its a really hard thing to go through. But you have done such a wonderful thing by taking her in as a rescue, I'm sure she is very appreciative. In my experience, the injection is the best option. Its much easier for me to know that they went peacefully, instead of by using the gun. While in some cases, when its the only option, it can be done right, and supposedly the horse doesnt feel any pain. This is a very hard decision to make. While I would choose the injection, i'm sure you'll do what's right. Good luck. Melissa
  10. The other day I noticed Rikki had made her own perch. She loves it! Its a wall mount plant hanger that we attached Talon's ball perch to. Rikki decided that being that high up is SO much fun! :lol: Have any of your birds invented their own perch? Post a picture of them on it! Melissa
  11. Ok ok, here's the pictures. He wasn't quite sure what to think about the camera. I think we've settled on Dominic, he seemed to like that the best. Enjoy When Talon was divebombing him, he just squatted down real low trying to hide. Thankfully she stopped after a while. Melissa
  12. Great entries caitb2007! Man, the person who came up with this idea is brilliant! :whistle: Cant wait to see more! Melissa
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