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  1. This is a good one too!!
  2. Guess I've got a little fatty @ 488 grams!!
  3. I too have caught it on the face, twice now. Both my fault but damn did it hurt.
  4. How big is the cage he is in? That could be adding to the plucking. Mine is a plucker and she needs a million things to do and will still pluck.
  5. I think this is what she is talking about.
  6. My uncle had a green parrot that would make the sound of the front door knob and squeaking hinges.
  7. Okay, so this is what i have found that Garcia loves to chew on. At the grocerie store i buy a bag of the muti-color plastic straws that are supposed to be used for shakes/smoothies. I take the straws and cut them in half poke a hole in the middle of each straw and run kite string through the holes. Then squish them all down and tie it off, leaving some extra string to tie to a clip. She will go at that thing for 30min or more. She loves it and it only cost me about $1.50 to make something that lasts about 3weeks. I was trying to make something kinda like this. http://imgur.com/S2HJQU8 This is what it looks like. Here is what it looks like. http://imgur.com/WX60fYnhttp://imgur.com/WX60fYn
  8. Garcia does this and it is DISGUSTING, she sounds like an old man hacking up half a lung. Also she does a Whislte that can burst your ear drums, when she wants your attention.
  9. As someone who took in an 18 yr CAG, who had a shity care taker for too long. Its going to take a while for Chicken to warm up. I've had Garcia for about a year and a half now and with tons of talking and love she is finally starting to let down her wall. But she still has her moments were she will be super nervous and gets bitey or doesn't want to have anything too do with me. Then the the rest of the time she won't leave me alone with the talking, Lol. I love her and so do my wife and kids and i know she is being taken care of better than ever, I've never seen her happier.
  10. Lol, I tried telling my wife the same thing but she was not having it.
  11. Thank you for your input. Garcia seems to be WAY more comfortable at home than she was at work with me. The kids talk to her non stop and she is talking a lot more than she ever has. My wife says she can tell she gets a little stressed when I leave for work but eventually she clams down and returns to her old self. We are going to be getting more things for her to chew on and play with. Just found out how Expensive some of the store bought things are so we are looking into the homemade avenue.
  12. Yes they are "slowly" coming back. Lol
  13. So far I have just left her as is, but we will be taking her to the vet next week to get a check up. I am going to ask about the sock buddy then. The only thing that i will have trouble with is getting it back on if she gets it off or tears it up, she not big on being touched anywhere on her body.
  14. After a year of begging my wife and getting our place and kids ready, I have FINALLY been able to bring Garcia home with me to her new forever home!!!! Some of you may know our story and some may not. Here is a link to my very 1st post. http://www.greyforums.net/forums/showthread.php?201304-New-To-Bird-Care-and-Have-lots-of-Questions!!! I want to thank everyone who has reached out with their suggestions and kind support. This is an awesome forum with a lot of extreamly knowledgeable people and breeders.
  15. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!!!! I would not like to get bit by him..... My friend has a Macaw, her beak is not as long only cause he has it trimmed. All pics i have seen of the Hyacinth have HUGE beaks.
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