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  1. Junior is my 14 year old CAG I have had since he was a baby. He is a very sweet bird, and is very bonded to me. He likes my wife, and will tolerate other people also. I am a busy physician and and always trying to keep him busy, and spend as much time with him as I can. He is a plucker. I hope that over time I can get some tips to keep Junior engaged and help him to less feather picking. Thank you
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    thanks. he has a cage indoors next to a window through which sun does shine. perhaps i will try to have him outside for a little while as you suggest. i will need to get a smaller cage and get him used to it first
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    I have a 3 yo CAG whose name is junior. He has been plucking for the past 8 months. I took him to an avian vet who is published in plucking problems, and she diagnosed inflammatory skin disorder. The plucking seemed to get better with atarax. He is on daily supplements from the vet. I had him on haloperidol for a period of time. He gets pelleted food and fresh vegies or fruit every day. He gets human food at dinner. He gets attention in morning and evening, though I am at work during the day. I have a caique which is 2 years old that he gets along with but has a separate cage. He is very bonde
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    thank you that is very helpful
  5. Im not sure if my 14 mo CAG is molting or loosing feathers for some other reason. He is definitely loosing feathers, mostly down. He has a little bald spot on his neck. The neck generally is not as full as it was. He seems to have pin feathers underneath on his head when I look. I do not see him actually plucking, though he preens. His behavior is otherwise not changed. He did escape a couple of weeks ago and spent about 24 hours outside before i found him. He still seems to like to get pet and rubbed, if anything more so.
  6. my cag is 14 mo now and he is very sweet with me, but generally not anyone else. my girlfriend is very patient with him and tries to talk to him and such, but he likes to bite her and fairly hard. What is the best way to approach this problem?
  7. thank you everyone for your kind words. i actually did do quite a bit of research before i bought my CAG. i was hoping the bird would come up differently because i hand fed him myself from an early age. To some degree it has worked because he does not bite me and he likes to spend time with me. He has been a friendly again the past couple of weeks. he must have been going through a phase. i realize i have inflammed some people, and perhaps i wrote the last post at a time i was a bit frustrated with my pet. however the responses i received were little short of violent so i will take myself off
  8. My CAG is 7mo now. He likes to hang out w me and at times he likes to be pet. I'm kinda a touchy feely guy and i hand raised him myself to try to ensure he would bond and he has but he does not like to be touched all the time. Thinking about getting another bird that will, sorry to say. Perhaps get a caique and if junior doesnt shape up he may need to find a new home. sorry
  9. My grey is actually very affectionate now. He is almost fully weaned, and he seems very attached to me. He steps up and steps down already. He is very comfortable in the house, and doesn't seem scared of much. He likes my girlfriend OK. I am thinking about another bird now because my work days are long-10-12 hours away from home 5 days a week. He seems OK for the time being-he kinda gets excited when I get home. Over time, I fear he may get quite bored. At this point my reason is for considering another bird is not for me but for him. The whole 2 cage thing would defeat the purpose. He grew up
  10. Thanks all for the responses and it sounds like the baby is pretty normal and may become more outgoing with age. I am aware of the notion of not selling unweaned birds. It is probably not good widespread practice. However, I read three books on handraising birds, I studied bird anatomy, I fed him under supervision of the breeder multiple times, and I take him back to the breeder now and again. Not conventional, but my hope is that he will be more likely to be touchable as an adult.
  11. I brought home my 8 wk CAG, now 9 1/2 weeks. He is weaning, but I still hand feed him 2-3x per day. Due to vacation, etc he has been spending a few days w me and a few w breeder. He eats well and is growing. He likes to be pet and held, but other than that he is not very playful or active. He chews on things, but likes to sleep for a while after meals. He gets scared easily, particularly when out of his cage but is comforted by being held. Does this sound like normal behavior?Again I keep comparing to his cage mate the caique who was very active and curious.
  12. I bought a large cage and if I had two birds they would be room mates-not gonna have 2 cages. Also I would want them to like each other. Hopefully they would get along.
  13. I guess there are different potential relationships between the birds. I a probably will take the grey. My girlfriend is influencing me that way. Breeder said if I get the caique now they grow up together they'll get along. Get him later larger grey will kill it. He said would need to bring both birds out together otherwise get jealous. I appreciate your input any more thoughts?
  14. I have been visiting with my 7 wk old CAG at the breeders and he's grown quite fond of me. He likes to be held, and i don't think anyone spends as much of that time with him so i think he likes it. I feed him and such. I was thinking about taking his cage mate also who is about the same age. They seem to like each other. The other is a white bellied caique, the runt of the litter. My CAG is the firt born and an only so breeder says he's gonna be big. As a busy physician with no one else at home I think it might be good for them to play with each other the way they do now while I'm at work. How
  15. Thank you everyone once again. A little worried about the post over here on the left with someone saying the greys often do not let you touch them after they are adults. Is that universal? I've heard amazons get hormonal. In fact, I have heard of several owners who had to give them away after sexual maturity. I thought the greys were a bit more even keeled. If you continue to give them attention, will they not like to be pet like most other animals?
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