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  1. Noblods taken first step is nutrition and flees/mites as i work as a tree surgeon its a possibility
  2. Any Light Experts here need advice? Been told by vet that we need to get our Rio some UV lights, been looking around and found some GROW lights :D seem to be a cheaper alternative if it suits, my question is would that work for a parrot or is that not the same thing. Omega CFL 300W Bulb Euro Shade Reflector Grow Light Kit Hydroponics Literally half price and from what I understand kind of same thing? if not stronger?
  3. Got him to the VET :) Emotionally vet says he's all good happy birdie. Recommended some nutritious food, uv lamp and gave me some drops to rule out mites... drops seems to help he's got down feathers growing on spots after applying drops so fingers crossed.
  4. Unfortunately we have NO avian vet arround. Literaly nothing within 60 miles radius. thats why im here poking for anything that can help him
  5. Help I think our african grey Rio is starting to mutilate himself. He started to nibble his feathers and now looks like this. Is this depression related mutilation or nutrient deficiency. He also stopped eating all vegetables we give him he just drops them. Before he would fly to us if he sees us peeling potato and eat it all. Would also eat bananas grenadines carrots pretty much any fruit and veg we would give him. Mid summer he stopped eating them we just thought it was a phase. He also became verry uninterested with anything we try and do with him Nothing
  6. He hates getting sprayed on. Big no no with him 😂 Usually he just has a shower where he can go on and off the stream of water. Sometimes gets to exited and too wet to the point of not being able to fly VID_46760723_213929_318.mp4
  7. Shower 1 to 4 times a week depending on him. What is spritzer bath
  8. Hello All We have a almost 6year old Grey named Rio. He talk he squawks and makes all kinds of sounds. Usually a happy fellow except for this new scruffy feathers he got. Maybe its just a big moult... but for some reason I feel its something else. Basically he has got feathers that look half bitten off. He also started kinda being more aggressive with his cleaning. I have attached a video and some pics to show the feathers. https://youtu.be/CHSRrPBaIbI Any help would be appreciated
  9. Thanks for the info will work on it and he will be all right
  10. Hello so we went for a holiday for 3 weeks and left Rio in care of two of our friends that he is familiar with. Everything went OK ( as in the biggest fear of plucking did not happen ) |But from day one after us coming back Rio has picked me? as a bonded person? and every time I take him he does this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ii57hZ88mok He pants,wheezes makes weird noises and keeps trying to regurgitate something but never does ( usually just eats it himself :D ) Before he was ok with both of us taking him petting him etc. now only I can take him and my wife
  11. Hello Again Lucy is still with us for now and... We got a question What does this mean? Are they fighting or are they in love or is it their way of getting to know each other.? They would do this sometimes and then one of them would just fly off... However they do eat together... as in from the same perch from two different bowls... Can someone Translate? Thanks in advance
  12. The decision has been made... well sort of... we have told the owners to try and sell Lucy and find her a right home... as we cannot afford her at the moment and the 200% of attention, well if we ever have children it will be very difficult on the parrots ... but we are leaving it up to fate as if they will not sell her we will buy her within a few months when we can afford her. (at the mean time she is staying with us by the way ) and here is the video of RIO Don't judge
  13. Oh no no no no no I don't get offended I meant "ouch" (my ears are in pain) And regarding to this screeching well previous to the new parrot Rio used to call us and use his FULL vocabulary of mimicking sounds to get our attention. Especially in the mornings when he would be hungry. Now I suppose because of the new parrot he has got a reason to his his own language Well I did hear a lot of good advice , now the decisions time we will think about it and most likely keep the second parrot LUCY with us
  14. Here is the video of rio shrieking And yes he did started doing that after we got the other parrot and he also learner to mimic her. And rhis is not the loudest he can go Rio screeching: http://youtu.be/l0hJlNdT4So
  15. Ouch... Another question since we brought other parrot to the house... Rio is driving us (and I suspect our neighbours) CRAZY... as all he does all day long in his cage or out is screams and shouts in high pitched noises. (instead of the usual blabing about in our human language) Is this directly affected by the new parrot and if we keep the other parrot will he eventually calm down? God my ears are bleeding Here is a video of them both sitting on my knees calmly watching each other... Rio is the one who is Stretching. The other parrots name is Lue but just recently We made a DNA
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