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    Thank you SterlingSL for your reply this helps...
  2. furley


    Hi all, I know that's its not good for are friends to eat mushrooms,and I don't give her any but should I be concerned as I was making spaggi sauce and she had a mushroom in her mouth and I got it but she did eat a little piece,before I got it from her. Thanks if anyone can help.....
  3. Thanks Acappella,and the rest,I here what you are saying and have gone into that taktic,but i also am trying this,when she makes the sound now I counter it with my flock call to her,as i have one that we do with each other,been doing this for 2 days with here now and when she does her bad sound and i counter it with good sound, and she does a good sound , i reword her with favorite treat, all ready she seems to not do as much so I well keep trying this.thank you so much for your response, and I well keep you posted on progress...
  4. My gray heard a fire detector go off and now she makes that noise and i have been trying to get her to stop, she only makes the noise 1 time but keeps repeating it. I tried to say stop it but know she makes the noise and then says stop it lololo,I know she is using it to get my attention,as she uses it when i leave the room, and knows I don't like it,I thought about using a spray bottle on her and give her a little shower every time she does it but I don't think that is right as that would be negative reinforcement,so can anyone give me suggestion on the best way to get her to slow down on that noise as it is a very hi pitch, and I am not sure how long I want to listen to it.lolo I am not sure how to go about a game plan to help with it. Thank you for any suggestions that might help.
  5. furley

    plastic stuff

    Just wondering, Sako loves to rip plastic apart but I am not sure if its a good idea to let here do that. I worrie that she might injest some or it be toxic to her. Any help on this. Thank you
  6. furley


    Thank you Dave007
  7. furley


    I eat yogurt with fruit and sako likes to eat the blubberys out of it,and a lot of times its covered with yogurt,just wondering if a little yogurt on its ok for sako and if so how much might be to much> Thanks if anyone can help on this matter. love and light all
  8. Hi friends,quick ?, went to friends house the other day and he has an infar red sauna,and he was sitting in it with his gray,said he brings him in there for a couple of mins at the start 2 max, then takes him out. I asked if he new if this was ok or not, and he didn't think it was bad.only in for a couple min max and only once in awhile,does anyone know if this can harm the bird cause I told him i well put it out to the bird group. Thanks if any one can help.
  9. furley

    Sleep paterns

    Hi people was wondering about sleep patterns for are grays. I work from 230 pm to 11pm, 3 days a week and till 9 on weekends. My gray has never been put in her cadge at nights and likes to sleep on her perch In my bed room when I get home from work,I usually have the light out by midnight. I leave lights on and music going when i go to work, and sometimes a movie playing so she has something on She has recently started picking her feathers on her neck and I am trying to help her stop doing it,was wondering if I need to get a better sleep schedules for her if I can, I spend as much time with her when I am home and she has it pretty good here,as I do not neglect her. I got a wood stove in here but also a good humidifier, so the humidity is good for her in here. I feel this picking is a stress thing so just wondering if she is getting enough sleep time in the dark, or does it really matter when they sleep? If anyone can way in on this for me I truly appreciate it . Thank you all so much for all your posts and all your love you give are birdy friends here. Love and Light Furly
  10. she seems like she is stressing out more then normal,she lives her by her self and I work 8 hours a day so she is by her self a lot ,she has it very good here, she does not get locked in her cadge at all she has the run of in side and out as i have built here an Avery that she can get to from inside,lots of toys and things, her diet seems to be good she has access to veggies fruit and pellets and seeds,she is about 4 years old now and the plucking seems to be getting worse around her neck,maybe I should get her to a vet to get checked or just wait abit not sure what to do as i dont like to see her pluck her self,any other suggestions or has any one else gone threw this. Thank you if anyone can weigh in on this to and thanks again greywings as I have started to give her hole walnuts and spraying,I try to give her palm oil to on some of her food but she doesn't really like it,and also i try to give her a product called sunshine factor but she doesn't like that ether. Love and Light all
  11. Hi People My Gray is starting to pick at her feathers on her neck and I would like to try to get her to stop before it gets bad. Any suggestions on what I can use to help with that,I heard aloe vera can be sprayed on it to help. When i rescued her the preveus owner said she has done it right from the start when he got her but it was not bad it seems to be getting worse lately,any suggestions? Thank you if anyone can help..
  12. Thank you everyone, sounds like a normal thing for her,I can respect that,I well use covert maneuvers to sneak around her.lololo, thanks again for the incite. Be well all....
  13. Just wondering if Sako is going threw a faze with her perch and cadge,as I know they will get protective and she has never shown aggressiveness before towards me but now when I go to put seeds and stuff in her forging tools she comes at me and try`s to bite me,Its like she saying hay this is my stuff back off lolo... and if I am not watching so jabs at me,I tell not to and settle down but if she can she well try to get me,Is this just a fazes because she never did this before and I do make sure she cant get me but I don't like this kind of behavior as if some one else try`s to approach her,I don't want this to happen as I am trying to get here to interact with all people, any suggestions on how to curve it or some incite to why well be apresheated here. Thank you. and also she has been with me only for about 7 months now and she is about 4 years old,she is generally a gentle bird. Love and Light all
  14. furley


    Hi Kimkim I have wood stove and burn all winter,and my bird is close to it, thinking of getting one of theses thanks for the llink,it looks good, never had one before and was thinking it would be good for Sakos heath threw the winter,I do have a big kettle on it all the time, but not sure if its enough,Quick ? I live on vancouver Island and I can get the AIR-O-SWISS 7144 Ultrasonic Humidifier with 2 Cartridges and 4-pk of EZ-Cal Cleaner from costco here I think its a different molder,but do you think it would be good to.thank you if you can help.
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