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  1. How many feedings a day now? Maybe its time to cut out one feeding or depending on how good she eats on her own, cut down to one a day...?
  2. Adorable! Do you know which is your baby yet?
  3. Hi and welcome! Chappie is such a cutie pie! Is Chappie fully weaned?
  4. Love it! First time I saw this one TV i was in awwww!
  5. HI and welcome! I will be adding you on IG lol. Cant wait for the announcement when your baby is finally home. Have a name for the lil one?
  6. How is little Clara doing? Is it possible to post a pic of the chest? Wishing the best!
  7. Thank you for sharing this! Love the eagles. Unfortunately they are not around here. I live in Hawaii and when I visit the mainland, I am just intrigued and any flying bird thats up in the states and not here on the island hahah
  8. LOL Thanks for sharing, some of them is hilarious!
  9. Local celebrity status! lol WOuld love to see.
  10. I think one of them said they would like to come to Hawaii and stay with me hahahahah
  11. Sorry cat and dog owners but, this was too hilarious not to share.
  12. Maybe try calling the emergency vets and see what they suggest? Hope he gets better soon.
  13. Hi yall, What books do you all recommend for training and/or behavior for our greys? Thank you in advance and have a great weekend! I seen the sticky on books but decided to ask here. Thanks!
  14. Thanks you both. Surprisingly, every bit of veggie or fruit I give him he loves and gobbles it right up. I think this bird belonged to a very good owner. He is doing everything right so far. There is no wonder why he looks very healthy for being 27. I have had many people say wow, his feathers look GREAT for a goffin especially being 27. Thats why I still cant and dont believe he really is 27. I need to be creative and figure out what good toys or foraging/puzzle toys I can give him. I definitely dont want him getting bored. I am assuming he was a "velcro" bird because he immediately go up to
  15. Hi Johnny! So happy to hear he is doing great! He is so adorable too. My Beemo is getting so big as well. He is still on one feeding a day but hes a brat! Lol. He too likes any and all toys I give him. Thanks for the update and keep them coming.
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