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  1. Hmm one of these days I'll get the hang of photo bucket
  2. http://i1382.photobucket.com/albums/ah248/slayv4petz/Mobile%20Uploads/image_02_zps40fec530.png Edit to add: Max isn't in picture because he wasn't feeling picture time oy vay
  3. Bluedawg! Never fret what people think! Most people don't have a Clue when it comes to our fids Edit to add, Their Loss not yours
  4. Omg!! That is hilarious!! Thanks for bringing this up, my first time reading this, thank god I just finished my coffee or I would have spewed it all over :Do Happy Thanksgiving to everyone
  5. Buddy aka Mad Max, Bonnie & Clyde Oops forgot to mention all cags
  6. Thanks for the heads up Talon, I'm super sensitive to certain smells, for me can trigger a migraine. I already deal with my allergies, don't need to add a migraine to the mix.
  7. Aww Congratulations on your new baby
  8. ROTF!! And is precisely why I *show up * for Holiday gatherings :rolleyes: If to much drama, I have to get home to feed my babies :cool:
  9. Lol! I never thought about doing that, great idea! Brat Birds
  10. My other fid Charlie and the indignant Livey eyeballing me because she doesn't want to share with anyone especially Charlie
  11. LOL! Clyde stole it from Bonnie, that's his *I'm busted* look Normally we don't leave meds laying around, I sat it down on table, so I could call it in, not thinking that they would see an opportunity to grab it. Quick little buggers Lesson learned lol
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