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  1. Hi Nancy, I think you misunderstood me ... I'm new to the hobby and this is our first grey for us its new :-D Et
  2. Hi, My name is Etienne and i'm new to this hobby :-D. 2 weeks ago we got a grey in our family. We still don't know the sex of the grey so last Friday we took it for DNA testing. Now we are awaiting results :-D. I was sold a bird that should have round about 9 months but apparently it has more years then that. Some people are telling me that it could have round about 1.5 - 2 years according to the color of his eyes. The Grey also has some stress apparently because it was picking its feathers. Another thing that the guy who sold me the grey told me that its molting after a year of age. Now the vet subscribed biotin half a tablet daily for 30 days. I'm attaching some pics of his eyes and his condition maybe you could help me determine his age and what i could do to help him. Also we were thinking to get him a companion because during the day my wife and myself wouldn't be at home and we don't want him to get board. Do you think that eventually they would breed? Thanks, Et
  3. tet024

    Pellet Food

    Hi, Thanks for your reply? Yesterday I bought him http://www.gmbreeders.com/#!fruity-parrots--parakeets/c44s When you say good seeds can you please specify? I read that sunflowwer seeds are very bad... infact thats the most favorite thing that he mostly likes. This bird isn't that keen on vegies / fruit. Banana he hates it just spilts is out, apples in bits them constantly just to destroy it not eat it, corn on the cob just ignores it. The only thing that i've seen him eat was carrots.
  4. Hi All, Last week we just got a new grey and we are new to the hobby. Apparently I was sold a stressed out grey because he was plucking his feathers. When I was told this I was going to return the grey to the shop but after 2 days we got effected to it and we didn't want it to go to someone else and not taking care of it. I should have been hand raised but it was aggressive at first biting us etc Now after alot of patience the grey finally has faith in us and he isn't afraid of us any longer. I have a couple of questions which i would like to ask. 1. I was told that the grey was 6 - 9 months old but when i showed it to a breeder he told me he is much older then that. I have a pic of his eye maybe you could help me determine his age range. 2. The grey i plucking out feathers, and i was told that it could be stressed. It was already plucking feathers when I got it and i'm afraid that it could become worse. The VET should be coming next Tuesday but as I explained on the phone he told me to give it half a tablet of Biotin the thing is that i dind't manage to find at the petpharmacy they should be getting next week. Till next week I found this product federkur which also has Biotin in it and I'm giving it to him. Yesterday I took it for a DNA test to check out if its a male of female. Now I was thinking to getting another grey for him as a company. If I get another would you think that they eventually breed thought the years? Thanks, Et
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    Pellet Food

    After a week of trying hard to switch my grey from seeds to pellet food i finally managed to succeed :-D. I'm currently giving it P15 but i was told that it could make the parrot aggressive. What do you think about harrison feeds and gmbreeder feeds? Any Suggestions? Thanks, Et
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