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    Oh my goodness, Poppy is precious!!!!
  2. Peachaburra


    Paris is my 3 year old budgie. I adopted him from someone off Craigslist in November of last year. I adopted him because my other budgie's friend had passed away, and was lonely. They became very good friends, but my other budgie passed away in February. He is a single budgie now (although I'm keeping my eyes out for another single budgie needing a home), but he has befriended my conure, Peatree. They enjoy spending supervised time together. Paris doesn't really like me, but he will step up and sit with me. He is a cutie!
  3. Thought I would also post pictures and a little bit about my three beautiful Green Cheek Conure girls! Peatree is an 8 year old Pineapple Green Cheek Conure. I adopted her from someone off Craigslist in December 2010, and she was my first 'bigger' bird (I only had 2 budgies before I got her). She is a total momma's girl, and we adore each other! She is such a silly girl! She loves to dance, and has her own song that I made up for her. This is from her Hatchday, with her birdie bread cake! Honey is a 5 year old Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure, and Presley (Pressie) is a
  4. A few pics of Jester Bean, my 18 years old Citron Crested Cockatoo. He is a grumpy boy, but I adore him!
  5. Hi Isaac! You are so handsome!
  6. Here are some pictures of my handsome grey man! He is my baby.
  7. I'm only a teenager, but I do worry about what would happen to my babies is something were to happen to me. I plan on filling a binder with information about all of them. Their likes, dislikes, habits, favorite foods, favorite toys, things they are afraid of, things they can't have, ect, ect.... I would also love to find a God Parent for each one, and let them get to know their God Parent in advance. I know where my cockatoo would go if something were to happen, but not the others. I can't imagine euthanizing an animal for any reason other then if they were physically suffering. Especially
  8. Hey there!! Maddy here. I've posted here a few times, but I'd like to become more active on this forum, and thought I would start by giving you an update on my lovely Grey Bird. Last March, I brought home a 20 year old Grey who I thought was going to be aggressive. He had not been out of his cage or handled in over five years. The first night I brought him home, he asked me for a head scratch. So aggressive. :rolleyes: Over the weeks, I befriended him. Grey Bird loved for me to come over to his cage and talk to him, loved for me to be near him, and loved for me to scratch his head. He even
  9. I have three Green Cheek Conures, and they do not do the pre-flight thing, but my Grey and Cockatoo both do it when they want me to come over and/or pick them up.
  10. Hello everybody! I posted here back in March about taking in a Grey who I thought was going to be aggressive. Some people encouraged me, and some thought that I would not be able to handle him, because I had never owned a Grey before. While checking my computer bookmarks today, I came across this forum again, so decided I would post again and give you all an update on my Grey Bird. It has been almost 7 months since GB came to live with me. When he got here in March, he had not been out of his cage or handled in five or more years. He was unsure, but very sweet. He was not aggressive AT AL
  11. We picked Grey Bird up yesterday afternoon. We talked and sang to him during the car ride. He was stressed in the beginning, but after he calmed down, he whistled a bit. When we got home, he happily walked into his cage from the travel crate, and as he did this he happily spoke. He seemed very happy to go back in his cage. Grey Bird is cage bound, but he does not seem to be "aggressive". Even when we reached in to towel him, he didn't try to bite or attack, just run away. He has taken grapes and a nut very gently from my hand. But the best thing, as I was going to give him a grape, he
  12. This is Jester Bean, my 17 year old Citron Crested Cockatoo. He is a rescue bird, I adopted him from my friend's parrot rescue back in 2013. He had two other homes before coming to the rescue, he lived for about 5 years with a woman, and was then given to a couple. He lived with the couple for 11 years. At some point, their brother in law came to live with them, and Jester bonded to him. When the brother in law moved out, Jester was angry with the couple, and they locked him in a small wire cage with no proper toys for two years before giving him to the rescue. After being given to the rescue,
  13. I don't know all the details of it, and I don't want to say anything that is false, but the accident did not physically hurt or handicap him.... Thank you everyone. (:
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