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  1. Great thank you both for the info. I will take it very slow and give him space. I will just hand feed him treats and let him adjust at his own rate.
  2. So just a quick run down i adopted a Male Congo African grey from an adoption agency. He is 20 years old and he spent a short time at the adoption agency. His original owner passed away and i believe was an older women. I am a 34 year old male I have a good amount of experience with other birds but i am trying to get some advice from someone that has more expertise with African greys. I have had him for 2 weeks. He came with his own cage which is very spacious and has his original toys and perches. I have a large variety of zupreme food and fresh fruits and veggies i give him dail
  3. Thanks alot for the feed back guys and Dave007 i appreciate the info for the aloe and i will pick some up next time im at the store.
  4. Hi, my name is Seth I just adopted a 5 year old African grey Named Roux. I have had her for 7 months. She was some what neglected and completely terrified of her last owner and has a small plucking problem and she was on a full seed diet. Her poor wings where also butchered. They where cut so so short even past her flight feathers. I joined just to get more info and help making her as happy as i can. From what i can tell roux is a female and now i have her on a zupreem diet with whole nuts as treats and a mix of fresh peppers, bananas, carrots, and other assorted veggies. She really
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