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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with us LNCAG. Also, welcome to the Forum! It seems they all talk a ton when we are out of sight. Dayo will talk often though as we settle down in the living room and he sits on his T Stand next to us watching TV and eating seeds/pellets. He will laugh very loudly at times as he watches TV and finds something amusing.
  2. It's hard to say at what age greys stop or no longer have the ability to breed. I cannot find any scientific facts on the web concerning this. I do know the Breeder we got Dayo from had a pair of Greys in their 30's at the time. That was 9, almost 10 years ago now. They are still breeding that pair. Hope this helps.
  3. IMHO, this forum is unique and has always had the ability and right people here to take a new grey owner by the hand in each stage of their learning curve to the very experienced grey owner that knows all the basics but has questions on behavior, health, diet etc. that they wish to bounce off other grey or other parrot owners. I am on FB constantly and find amusing with the various videos and posts by friends that I follow. With that said, none of the Grey or other Parrot groups hold a candle to this Forum and the valuable insight, knowledge and caring members it contains. It has become very slow here, but that does not indicate it is no longer relevant. It is not as flashy and entertaining as FB, but it is a treasure trove of knowledge and great advice. When i do see grey owners on FB asking about information, I point them here.
  4. No updates in 2 months now. I am going in to withdrawals.
  5. What a terrible thing to have happen to you! The cage almost sounds as if it was used. Unless it sat around in a high humidity environment and had all the spots you describe just is not normal. All my cages have been shipped and they were packaged well. It seems as you say, Ebay may not be the best place to purchase a cage from. So sorry you are going through this.
  6. I think I missed the intent of this thread. Is it referring to aromas produced by essential oils? If so, disregard my initial post>
  7. I am unsure if adding any oils to a Parrots feathers such as an African Grey that has a preen gland they use to coat their feathers should be done. The preen gland oils provide waterproofing, manufacturing vitamin D precursors, keeping their skin, feathers and beak supple, and performing an antibacterial function. I personally would not use any essential oils on my Grey. For Parrots that do not have preen glands, I would consult an Avian Vet. They make it in the wild just fine without intervention by humans and essential oils. Just my thoughts on this.
  8. Since you had an Avian Vet do a top to bottom check up, I personally believe you can refrain from the 30 Day quarantine.
  9. LOL! I must say KYA has good Educational TV taste.
  10. I hope it works out. I have no doubt they could not find a better home for a Grey!
  11. LOL! You need to get back in your place SLAVE! Hilarious conversation!
  12. What a valiant effort you have put in to Rosie! My take on this as others have said is that she has done better with you than past homes and plucking is something MANY owners deal with. With that said, an abused Grey or any other bird may never recover and become trusting. However, they do become used to the environment they are now in. They know how the new owners act, their surroundings and most importantly have received no abuse other than having to be toweled which is a "Must Do" in some situations. Thinking someone else may do better with her than you is not true. In my opinion it would reset her to to the state you found her in many years ago in a new place, new owner and scared to death. The main thing to remember is why you took her in. She was abused, needed help and a home that would do their best to make her feel at home, in a stable environment and safe. Just know that you have made a big difference in a Greys life that had been a living hell. Remember, we are responsible for life for what we have tamed. Hang in there, we are all always here anytime you want some support.
  13. That is impressive. You should start a spreadsheet and list them. I did that until it hit 500+ and stopped due to deciding why bother... LOL it would never end over time. Once they pick up such a dialogue you will find they can pick up and use a new word in one day and use it in context, which I believe at your point that is already happening.
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