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  1. Save testing

  2. I just love love love Dayo! Those last videos you posted of him rocking out dancing are just movie worthy. He is such a character!

  3. Hi Inara, just viewing your profile and sending a friend request. :)


    - Dan

  4. Hi Dan This is cathyjr Not Betsy I lost my password and I Tried and tried to get the website to reset it it wouldnt send me a email, So I put my husbands Info in and Reregisterd as Betsy , Would you check into it ? Thanks so Much.

  5. Thank you for your close attention to my training journal. You have given me more confidence in working with Oscar and the "permission" to be honest when I make a mistake with his training. You are invaluable. I always look forward to your posts and responses.

  6. Dan,Your a good and wise person...Jay d and Maggie

  7. Dan, Thank You!!!

  8. Hello, Just wanted to say I hope your all doing well, hope your wife is feeling better! I don't seem to have any time for Facebook. Your friend's Jay d and Maggie

  9. Hi boss, I've been trying to contact Avian cognition, each time I send a email I get a error message "No Yahoo Account"? Help......Jayd

  10. Dan Just a quick word to say thank you for all you do on the forum and for always being there in good times and bad for everyone. You are a wonderful person sheila xxx

  11. Hey Professor, we are all so very lucky to have you as a moderator of the forum. You are always here with great information and advice. You are simply the Best! Janet

  12. Dan you's da man, thank you for all your help and advice which was forthcoming from day 1. You are the voice of reason - always polite (though sometimes that must be difficult lol) and part of my forum family. I hope that you will always be around. x

  13. A new title, for a new forum - and what a SUPER MODERATOR you are, in all terms and means of the word! You are there to give sound, straightforward, straight talking advice - which is something I strongly admire you for. Definitely one in my "quick dial" list! Thanks for being here x

  14. Dan, a wonderful friend. I admire how you devote yourself to your flock and give them the best possible life. I can always rely on you to give us the latest in research, offer advice or a hug when needed, and to join in the fun! I enjoy seeing Dayo in video, keep them coming! Thanks Dan for all you do to keep us informed and always thinking, "what can we do to better our birds life!" :)

  15. Thank you! I again apologize for the misunderstanding. The photos from the King Spock post were actually from pictures taken when he was 7 mos old. There is a new thread in Grey Lounge with photos and an update on his condition.