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  1. Wing Clipping Help & Very Fearful Bird

    Thank you for the replies. Poppy is a Timneh. She came from Florida and I am in Washington state. Our other parrot is not out of Poppy’s sight. Their cages are about 10 feet from each other and are in plain sight of one another. Poppy scrambles up to my shoulder and I have not figured out how to prevent her from doing so. She will not stay where I set her. Our household is pretty calm. I can’t stand chaos and ruckus. Nobody does anything to invade Poppy’s space...they talk to her when she is in her cage but again, they do not handle her. I do. Nobody pokes at her. My kids are respectful of animals. She wants to be with me all the time but until I get these issues under control, I cannot have her out of her cage as much as she was before her wings grew back (all day). Poppy also freaks out if any man comes near her cage. Not my adult sons, other men. My stepdad approached her cage and she started screaming and flapping all over the place. A man who delivered something did the same and she had the same reaction. This is not an abused or neglected bird but you would think she was judging by her behavior.
  2. Hi everyone, it has been awhile since I have posted or visited. I posted before about Poppy being a very fearful bird. She has been like that since I got her at 14 weeks in 2016. She came from a very good breeder and I am home mostly every day so I know what goes on around her most of the time. I don't have bratty kids and the youngest is 9 and oldest at home is 21. He and my 16-year-old (2nd oldest at home) spend 98% of their time in their rooms downstairs. Everyone is afraid of Poppy except my 21-year-old and my 10-year-old is able to get her back on her cage with a perch (she hates when we try to get her with a perch and will attack it unless she is on the floor) if needed but he doesn't handle her beyond that. Neither does my 21-year-old. I am the only one who can actually hold her. The problem is, I have become afraid to. I can hold her but it is only a matter of time before the tiniest noise spooks her and she starts getting bitey with me. The other major issue I am having is not being able to get her wings clipped because I don't know how to even get her into a carrier or towel her without her absolutely freaking out. Her not having her wings clipped has become a big issue because when she is out of her cage and I am in the main part of the house where her cage is because she is constantly flying onto me. I cannot get anything done and I am not comfortable having a fearful bird on me all the time. I have had to resort to having one of the kids let her out when I and our Quaker Parrot are upstairs because she flies onto the Quaker's cage all the time. They have always been kept separate for safety reasons. I just don't know what to do. I have begun to feel like I am a very ill-equipped person to deal with this particular bird. I feel like I got in over my head. Any suggestions for how to get her into a carrier so I can take her to a vet to get her wings clipped? All other advice and input welcome as well.
  3. Chickens and Parrots

    It says that the medicated food is to help the chicks build up immunity to coccidiosis which is apparently everywhere in the environment so the medicated food acts as a preventative. Really, it just help them build resistance. They do offer a vaccine for coccidiosis so if chicks receive that, feeding the medicated feed will cancel out the vaccine effect. I did read that medicated feed is not necessary, especially if you have a small number of chicks as opposed to hundreds or thousands, in which case, they would be at greater risk because of a likely less clean environment.
  4. Chickens and Parrots

    That is what we got—Silkies:D Were your chickens vaccinated? I am assuming mine weren't since the guy I bought them from recommended I buy medicated feed for them
  5. Chickens and Parrots

    We just got 7 chicks yesterday that need to be kept in the house until they are older. Does anyone know what risks there may be to Olive and Poppy?
  6. Birds Like Dry Food More than Fresh

    Poppy will eat some but she loses interest quickly. I didn't think about removing the pellets:rolleyes: Poppy tosses some of hers also. She will dig and toss. Ah well...she does eat some. I just think it's funny how they just love their pellets. That is the quickest and easiest way to lure Poppy into her cage at night—her pellet dish.
  7. It's ok. Everyone has a right to their opinions and every person's situation is different. I have 7 other people in my home and we have a Boxer who is constantly being let outside through the sliding glass door which is directly across from Poppy's cage—she is in the living room and it is in the dining room. I cannot risk losing another bird to flying outside as we did with Olive. Thankfully we found her. My birds cannot get outside with their wings clipped so it is a necessity for my household. I did call yesterday and cancelled. There is no way I am going to put Poppy through that. She is 15-months-old now. We got her last August. For now, I don't know what I am going to do. I don't even know how to get her into a carrier to get it done at a vet...I suppose that would require toweling. The other issue is keeping my house cool when it's hot outside. We always keep the sliding glass door open all day but have been having to keep it shut since the birds gained their ability to fly again. Poppy is an okay flyer. She could definitely get somewhere if she needed to. Olive is a better flyer.
  8. Poppy and our Quaker Parrot, Olive both love their Roudybush pellets and the premium blend parrot mix from Dr's Foster and Smith. They love it more than their fresh food. It isn't uncommon to put a bowl of fresh food into Poppy's cage and look over at her just a minute or two later and see her hunched over her pellet bowl. Anyone else's birds prefer dry food over fresh? We do switch up their fresh food offerings often...
  9. Prayers please

    I am sorry I am just now reading all of this as I haven't been active in awhile except to post about Olive...so sorry to hear about Timber! How frustrating to not know what has caused such a drastic change. I am glad that he has improved and will pray he continues to.
  10. I just took Olive in to a local bird store to get her wings clipped but want Poppy's done in our home because she is far more jumpy and fearful. I spoke with the woman about how she will approach Poppy when she comes on Sunday as far as how she will physically get her to clip her wings and she told me she will bring her own towel and towel her in her cage and that there will be screaming (Poppy). I asked her if that wouldn't make her more fearful than she already is and she said I could be out of the room so that it wouldn't be associated with me. This just doesn't seem to be a proper approach to a fearful/timid bird and seems as if it would traumatize her. Poppy is very jumpy for some reason and seems to get overstimulated easily. She grunts in excitement sometimes just by my talking to her. When we walk through the house to go upstairs to my bedroom or another room, she often flies off of my hand because she is startled by seemingly nothing. I don't know why she is like this as our household is relatively calm and even calmer than some with less kids. My kids are not allowed to yell, run, or create any other type of chaos in the house. Any ideas for what I can do to help her be less fearful and what are your thoughts on this woman's method to getting Poppy to clip her wings? I am afraid Poppy will bite me if I try to get her to give to the woman and she has never been toweled. She also has not been in a carrier/crate since I picked her up from the airport so even trying to get her into one of those to take her to the vet to get her wings clipped would be pretty bad...
  11. Does anyone happen to have a medium Pak-o-bird hanging around collecting dust? We do you quite a bit of birdwatching and exploring outside and I would love to start taking Poppy instead of leaving her at home. Please message me if you have one for sale. Thank you
  12. Death of Dave007

    Wow...I am still new here but from the time I joined, I could see clearly that Dave was one of the staples of this forum. I was shocked to see the title for this thread and read the news. I will pray for peace and comfort for his family and flock.
  13. Poppy

    Ha! That's great LOL I love it! I had the cable turned off several years ago so unfortunately, Poppy and Olive are stuck listening to Qubo (the only all children's programming) all day. I actually kind of miss the Dora days. That was my 12-year-old's favorite show.
  14. Apparently, I am a dullard....

    Ha! This gave me a good laugh!!! Inara is comedy:D
  15. Poppy

    Just out of curiosity since Poppy doesn't talk much or let her preferences be known in any way (other than trying to stay on me when I need to put her down), how does Kya choose the channel he wants to watch? That's funny he mimics Spongebob's voice!