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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Please keep your chin up and know that Spy is in a better place. RIP.
  2. Hi guys and gals, I hope everyone's week is going well. So first things first, as I mentioned in the beginning of this thread, I really want Charlie to be on an awesome diet. Please bare in mind that I am the worlds most inexperienced cook/chef. I am a great gardener and love growing fruits and veggies but cooking them I cannot do. I do not know how to use a knife (there are so many kinds of knives, whyyy!!!) to cut food up or use other kitchen tools. In college, I survived on Ramen Noodles, Taco Bell, granola bars, tons of peanut butter and protein shakes. I can make a sandwich if that counts. It is pathetic, I know.......please do not stone me. Anyway, back to Charlie diet. The last few weeks I have been cutting up fresh organic carrots, sweet potatoes, okra, peas, green beans, cauliflower, cabbage, banana and mangos. When i cut veggies, it looks like a 2 year old cut it. It cannot chop, mince or cut small cubes yet. It is so frustrating. But yeah, I cut everything up and throw everything in a bowl. I drizzled a little bit of Red Palm Oil and Coconut Oil on veggies/fruits. Then I warm it up and mixed everything up and started offering it to him every morning along with pellets in the different bowl. To my surprise, he was very curious about the veggies I offered but hates the pellets. He would waste a lot the first few days but he would definitely taste everything. Good sign right?? He seems to really like carrots and yams. Loves peas, but hates green beans, mangos and banana....he would fling it on the walls and make a mess. So I removed then for now until I can figure out what else to add. Don't laugh, but here is a pic of what I cut up for him everyday so far. Just carrots, yams, peas, cauliflower and Red Palm/Coco Oil. Should I remove/add anything else? Is this a good nutritional mix or should I try different ingredients. What do your greys seem to like more??? windows 7 screenshot And here is buddy boy eating his breakfast (wish he would try his Harrisons though): imag Speaking of pellets....I understand that most grey owners like to feed wholesome fresh foods as a main diet with pellets as a supplementation. I like that idea but due to my work nature, I do not think it is something I can manage since I do travel internationally for work. He likes his seed mix but a little too much so I rather him be on pellets and veggies instead of seed mix and veggies. I am aiming for 50/50 pellets/fresh foods. I really wanted to get him on Harrisons, but he absolutely will not eat it. If I take away his seeds and veggies in the morning, he will eat 2-3 medium sized Zupreem Fruit Blend AS LONG AS it is soaked in water...but with the colors and dyes, I do not want him on the fruity pebbled blend. I read color and dyes can cause renal failure and kidney problems....so no, Charlie is not getting Fruit Blend. At that point, I did know which pellet to go with...so I did something I learned in college. Ask for free stuff. I literally emailed all the bird food companies I could think of and ask politely for samples and happily sent them pictures. Some said yes and some never responded. I received samples from the following: -Lafabers (very generous amounts of food with variety in a huge box full of nutriberries, avi-cakes and other great treats) -Harrisons (they sent me some Power Treats and a fine size pellet instead of the course of the High Potency) -Roudybush (16 ounces of Maintenance) -FM Brown (super nice people, send me rice based pellets with tons of treats) -Hagens (10 oz of Tropical non colored Pellets) So I tried the Fine Harrisons first....he still hates it. Will not touch it. He loves the Nutriberries and Avicakes but I want to serve those as treats only. He loves the FM Brown treats and its is actually healthy with brazil nuts, almonds and dried fruits and he really seems to like them. Finally, this morning, I took away the Harrisons and gave him Roudybush...and believe me, he went and started trying them out...I am so happy! So I think I am going to go with what is working so far. Does anyone else have any experience with Roudybush and Greys? I am just glad because I finally feel like I am making some progress on Charlies food habits after failing for so long. I just hope I can keep it up. Otherwise, Charlie seems to be doing good. I do find the odd plucked feather every so often but it seems less and he is looking more feather than he ever has in his life. It probably won't last and honestly...it ok. As long as he is happy with his flock. Speaking of flocks...here is the rest of my flock if anyone is interested: 1: My conures Mango (sun) and Tango (gold capped)...they are a strong bonded pair and love to play and entertain...I love these clowns. how do you print screen 2: I have a Indian Ringneck who I did not plan on getting. I was at the flea market looking for cheap tools and found a booth with this little guy sitting in a box with a bunch of Green Cheek Conures. When I looked closer, I saw his crop had a hole with food coming out. They guys selling him did not even realize his crop was burned. When I brought it to his attention, he did not seem alarmed or worried at all but did day he would take him to the vet... For some reason, my gut told me he was not being honest and did not care about these birds. I looked at the ringneck and he looked at me...and telepathically told me..."save me"....so I did. He is about 4 months old and his name is Alex...he has lost 35% of his crop and is a lot smaller than most ringnecks...about 100 grams. But I will try to give him what he needs to live a normal life with confidence..I spend over $2000 on vet bills and surgery and he starting to finally make a recovery...and he seems to think Charlie is his big brother!! Always following Charlie around and copying what he does. I love this little guys because he is a tough little fighter with a huge heart and a will to live. free photo hosting Anyway...I know I talk/type alot and get off track easily...but my mind races when I think of my flock...I really do treasure them all...thanks for reading my update and please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions on anything. You guys are great, have a good day!!!
  3. There is something really special about Isaac, he is such a handsome boy. I can relate to you on dealing with certain issues with Isaac as I am going through some of the same stuff. Greys are in my opinion, are the most magnificent creature on this planet. They make us fall in love and teach us about life along the way. Our greys really are our best friends in life. Luckily, it seems you are doing a great job as his paront! How old is he?
  4. Thanks guys, Charlie loves it when I read him your comments. He is happy to have some fans and friends. @Inara, He was actually trying to give TAG a kiss through the screen by tapping his beak on your avatar, haha!! @Acapella, he does seem more confident lately, like more open to new things. @Nancy & @Sterling, thank you! Yes he is a cutie. On a more serious note, Charlie and I had a serious man to man conversation today...Lets see how it went in the video below. [video=youtube;9ctXF7LVn-g]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ctXF7LVn-g
  5. Wow that is one heck of a move...NYC to Bali, must be nice. You guys expats now or something? Anyway, you should check out birdbreeder.com, I know they ship but do not know if international shipping would be ethical or safe for the bird. If I were you...I would look around the village farm lands. Those guys usually have birds from what I remember and they may be willing to work with you.
  6. Actually, this is something I have been really digging into lately...indoor lighting I mean. I really wish I could build an aviary outdoors but I just do not have time to do it. So I wanted to set up my guy with a indoor light that provides full spectrum lighting and UV rays. From some past lighting experiments with plants, I was always amazed at how plants reacted to artificial photosynthesis. Now I know it is not the same thing with parrots but I always was curious as to how to effectively/efficiently set up lighting indoors. There are so many products out there that advertise those spiral CFL bulbs. Although they have the correct spectrum with the UV rays...their actual penetration is not so strong. Same goes for tube phosphorus bulbs. I am not saying it doesn't benefit birds, but personally it makes me wonder how much benefit they actually provide. I am trying to learn more about better light source for avians such as LEDs and HIDs...but the heat and intensity needs to be in check. Its something I am still poking around and will share if I set something up. Sorry to the OP, I have a tendency to get off track. But I think any light source than none indoors will be beneficial. You should try it and see if you see any changes in mood and plumage.
  7. Hello and welcome to the new parents and to Ava!!! This is a great place for some info and everyone of soooo very nice. If you love greys and want to learn too give them proper care, this forum is a MUST. But with that said, it seems you guys are off to a great start already!!! Please share some pictures of Ava...lets see the little girly! Oh and also KUDOS to you 2 for adopting an older grey in need versus scooping up a cute little baby like a lot of folks. There are so many displaced birds out there in need of a good home that it makes me want to cry. But then when I read stories such as yours, it gives me "some" hope that not all older parrots are lost and forgotten... Again, welcome!!!
  8. I noticed I didn't post any baby pics of Sir Charles...so here is baby Charlie when he was 8 weeks old!! free image host And here is drying off from todays ICE ALOE SHOWER...which he doesn't seem to hate as much anymore. free adult image hosting
  9. Hi Greytness, No I didn't get any call or anything. I just saw it in the area labeled "shipping notes" when I placed my order online. Let me know if you get you order in time. Hopefully I don't have to wait.
  10. LOL, I found it when I was looking for Clay supplements for African Grey on Google. I literally typed "clay for african greys" and this was one of the first links to pop up.
  11. Hi, Yeah the website is kinda funky...But I have no issues with Chrome. I ordered some but they are on serious backorder...like 4-6 weeks or so from what I can remember... They have an autoship option so you don't run out of food but waiting so long to get the first batch just so Charlie can try it is kind of a pain... As per the ingredients, it seems like an excellent mix to try and honestly I am surprised other grey owners have not tried this. I was hoping for some opinons from previous users. I guess I will have to wait a couple of months till I can try/review... In the meantime, I guess I'll go pick up all the Harrison bits that Charlie like to play football with.
  12. Wow...I bet it brings chills everytime the senegal says "Dont F------ Shoot!".
  13. Have you guys seen this food for African Greys? Does anyone have experience with it? It seems like a great mix for them as it replicated what they would eat in the wild. It even has clay and bee pollen in it which I like. Plus it has all kind of organic herbs and even sprouted sunflower seeds which has to be less fatty then unsprouted. I am interested in it because I am working on Charlies diet but wanted to get everyones take on it. Plus the Harrisons transition is not going so well. Here is some info from there website. free image hosting capture And here are the ingredients list, which look rather appealing to me as a Parront... It is on backorder but I am willing to wait and give it a try if it is a good diet to try. What are your opinions?? Thanks for your time!
  14. I got the mister from the Amazon link and it came in today! I order it less than 2 days ago. I am super impressed. I used it today with the Aloe Vera, bottled water and ICE CUBES... Bathing went a lot smoother than normal and my little guy seems to prefer the icy water.
  15. Hi Giannine, I am noticing that with toys, the bigger ones can be a bit of shock or scary if not properly introduced. Most toys I get for my grey are smaller than him. Maybe half his body size. I do have some bigger stuff for him but he needs to warm up to them. I do the same thing as Sterling, I read the comments to see who is getting what for who...good luck toy shopping. I know these are exciting times for a you as a new grey owner!!! Oh and foot toys are awesome for baby greys! Its so funny when they try to pick things up and it keeps falling. Try to make your own foot toys. They are super easy and fun to do. Not to mention, cost effective!
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