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  1. Homemade Bird Toys

    My dad actually made all of my bird Dwight's toys
  2. any advice or tips

    Thanks,yeah he's a really great bird,he loves getting attention,I just gave him an apple the other day he loved it,he went straight for his peanuts first,he loves peanuts also,but he's just such a great bird.
  3. any advice or tips

    Thanks SterlingSL yes I did spend a lot of timw with him at my dad's house,I would always hear him taking up a storm at my dad's house,my dad wanted to give me Dwight because he really doesn't have the time to spend with him because he is always working and the same thing with his wife my step-mom so they both don't have the time to spend with him,and my dad could tell that Dwight wanted attention and wanted someone to pay attention to him and spend time with him,he really is a great bird,he was talking a little bit earlier this week,but he hasn't really been talking since then,just making noises that he has picked up on from living with my dad.
  4. hello everyone

    Thanks Giannine,my dad wanted to give me Dwight because he really doesn't have any time to spend with him because he's always working,and he wanted to give him to someone that he knew and that he knew would have the time to spend with him,he's a really great bird,he doesn't cause any problems or anything like that,he just needed someone that had time to spend with him.
  5. any advice or tips

    I just got my dad's african grey bird last weekend and I wanted to know how long do you think it will take for him to get used to his new sourondings?My dad had him for as long as I could remember,his name is Dwight and he's 17 yrs old,he hasn't really been talking a lot,he has just been making some noises,what do you think I can do to get him to talk more or does he just have to get used to being at a new place?He really is not a noisy bird thank goodness for that,but I just want him to like it at his new house and everything,any tips or advice would be helpful thank you in advance.I used to have an african grey years ago when I was in high school but she was just a baby when she died,she got very sick,I miss her so much her name was Snowy.
  6. hello everyone

    Hello everyone,I'm new on here I'm Tonya,I just got my dad's african grey last weekend